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Does by Only Receiving Education Make a Person Literate?

by Nov 2, 2015Homework Help

The topic that is said here is quite a debatable issue. Not that it is a topic that is raised very recently or is a new issue. It is a concept that we had been willing to know like forever.

Primarily education, at least the basics which include some mathematics, science and languages are basic matters taught for survival in the society. Basically you need to know how to read or write in order to be just called literate. Well, this is easily obtainable. But what takes years of hard work is proper education with whole round development where you achieve the term “literacy” for yourself.

Generally speaking, people often confuse the literal meaning with the actual meaning of literacy. Certainly if you see traditionally literacy is the term given to the ability of a person who can read and write. The ability to use a language to communicate ideas and views, work with numbers primarily, understand images and identify along with understanding of symbols of a culture to which he/she belongs.

But in a wider perspective if you see, then there is more to it. Literacy is the lifelong development of intellectual processes that gradually develop in one during its life cycle. The way a person perceives its ay of defining things and the culture that he or she encouraged within is what the lifelong development of literacy actually consists of.

Literacy nowadays is available through a variety of sources. Or it is better to say education. Nowadays you can learn about new things every day. Or it is safe to say that literacy is achieved through continuous effort of your entire life. Your development of personality, the way you see things, attitude towards various aspects of life is a development that happens throughout the lifetime.

Well, basically if we are to talk about the traditional aspect of literacy where it revolves around facts of learning of subjects that is taught in schools or universities. Nowadays various new ways have crept inside in order to help you learn.

1. Help through a large variety of reference books.

2. Help through WORLD WIDE WEB. This rather covers a major part of advancement of learning technologies that have been adapted. Nowadays you will find companies like us taking up endeavors to help you out through your queries and homework problem that you have. We will provide you complete assistance on subjects in order to fully answer properly your doubts.

3. For example, let us take for example that you are a PhD student. It is often observed that PhD students or students from doctoral programs often face a lot of trouble when they are trying to deal with the programs. Firstly they a huge line of assignments that they have to do, homework to complete plus a dissertation that requires proper study and total presentation of your learning through the documents.
Well, this is definitely a tricky business. What these companies will do is that they will give you advice on subjects you need and guide you through the process. And to add more there are opportunities where you can provide them with details and ask to do the work for you!Certainly these are newer forms of help that is available to you in this time.

4. Informative descriptions through videos or descriptive web pages that have qualities to male you learn or answer your queries quote clearly.

5. Also, with the new techniques in technologies there are applications that are available on smart operating systems as it is called like android, iPhone or windows. Here what you have are Applications that are developed in a user friendly way so that users could find answers to their solutions easily and always keep up with the assistance that they require.Smart phone applications have real given newer and higher levels of technological development that is for the benefit of mankind.Now even a kid, who is 3 years old, is capable of handling these smart phones!

6. Write your queries to experts or people who you trust with your problem. You can simply write to them the queries in about like a minute and get replied also instantly when possible. These are enough convenient to reach proper given that when these was beyond imagination even in the beginning of the 20th century!

But in spite of all this, it is just not all. There are still illiterate people in mostly developing countries. Even in today’s world there are countries where people consider the birth of a women child to bring bad luck. Girl fetus still murdered in the womb. It is the same world where we are talking about making more development with techno and send men to Mars, whereas here a girl child is treated so differently. You may wonder that is female education still underdeveloped in developing countries? Well, then you will not be the only one who will be thinking like this.  We talk about going to explore the space but cannot deal with domestic problems where a woman is beaten to death almost due to the birth of a girl child. Have we done enough?

Should we really call ourselves literate?

Literacy does not come in a wider aspect that easy. Certainly people in countries where women are treated so differently and have so many issues with their life that are so critical may not or should not call themselves literate.

This perspective should change where the very existence of men women equality is questioned. Just the ability to read and write with skills to deal with numbers along with capabilities to deal with language well does not make one literate. True education is achieved when you can give back something to the society and just not be selfish.

If the educated people of the society even after receiving quality education behave so stupid, then who is the one to be blamed?

Let us all join hands to make the world a better place to live.