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Presenting the Top Reasons for Learning English Language!

By Michelle Johnson
2 Nov, 2015
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English has become an increasingly popular language spoken all over the earth. There are many reasons apart from this why young and old people are turning their attention to learn this language.

1. Studies: At school or university!

Many educational institutions around the world require the students seeking admission to have a basic knowledge of English. Even they offer some crash courses so that before attending major classes in English, students weak in this language should be able to atleast read and understand what is being taught in the class.

2. Improving current or future job prospects.

In this century of globalization, English has been accepted as the universal language to converse. Thus working in multinational companies, a person should be having proficient knowledge of English otherwise he or she will be unable to talk to the English speaking clients. This could be a disaster as if employees cannot understand the speech of clients, solving their problem is a far away.

Thus more and more employees are now turning their attention towards learning good English. This can lead to their increase in salary or promotion. Even if we see the other scenario, employers often recruit candidates who converse better in English than who might be more deserving but are not proficient in speaking in this language.English Homework Help services will help a student who is looking for a job to improve his English. We are well versed with the problems of such students as they deal with thousands of them in a year. Our dedicated and specialized teams will look into minute details and pin point the areas which need improvement.

3. Internet, social networking sites, and media!

As a matter of fact, around 55% of all the written content you shall get to read on the internet is in English language. This automatically means, if an individual can read this language then he or she will obviously have more access to all those information than the other internet users who does not know English well.

This rise in the popularity of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social sites, learning and knowing English has become more of a necessity. For finding the best restaurant, or nearest ATM or a bookstore in a block one can simply access the internet and “Google it”.

Writers, politicians, actors, directors, doctors and other professionals are using internet to discuss about topics, give their opinion or answer queries of common people.

4. Communication with more and more people!

It has become an unwritten rule of the thumb that if you speak in English proficiently, you will be able to communicate with many people. You can meet people, talk to them and become friends wherever you go; be it at your workplace, online websites or at holiday destinations.

For speaking in proper English, one needs to know, “What is the best way to improve my English vocabulary?”and strictly follow the mentioned steps.

5. Travel and happiness!

Know what is the secret in bridging a gap of culture and language? English is. When a person travels to different place for work or just vacation, she is supposed to meet so many people from different part of the world. Even if you earnestly want to talk to them and share your culture, how are you supposed to do that if you do not have a common medium of conversation? Think of times where a person is in a problem in a foreign land and needs to seek help. How should it done if the individual cannot converse with people of that place?

There is a simple solution to all these problems. Learn to converse in a common language which is spoken and understood all over the world and get rid of the gap created.

6. For Music!

Strange? It is true though. There is a huge amount of good music in English. Music composed in English has gained worldwide appreciation and popularity. Often people learn English to understand the meaning of the songs they often hear because of the sweet melody! A lot of talented American and British lyricists, composers, and singers have made English music so rich in quality and famous across the globe.

There is another side of this. Some people listen to English music, especially slow sad songs or country genres for acquiring a better vocabulary in English. Music often unties people all across the world. Perhaps English language and music are two modes of communication which are understood in most of the countries and their citizens!

7. Maintain social status!

This is a very common experience which everyone has at some point of time has faced. If a person who is highly qualified but is unable to converse fluently in English talks to people in a crowd where someone else who is not so educated but can speak fluently in English; people seem to give more respect and importance to the second person. This is not right, but however this is the attitude of common masses. Speaking this specific language is highly regarded in society and sought after!

Often even you will find people who think highly of you even without knowing you; just because they have heard your conversation in English!

8. TV series and films!

There is a huge craze all over the planet for Hollywood! Anything with a Hollywood stamp on it instantly becomes popular. These craze have reasons behind it. Most of the talented actors are English speaking and maximum of the Oscar winning movies are scripted in English. Though many movies come dubbed or with subtitles; but one will not get the complete feel of the movie if it is not watched in the language the movie is written.

Thus many fans and followers all over the world learn English language just to understand songs, movies, and TV series in a better way!

9. Letters and other official documents

Many people can speak in English because grammatical errors are often not considered during a conversation. The problems arise when things come to pen and paper. Writing down a formal letter or other official documents requires a sound knowledge over English grammar and vocabulary. One needs to know formats in order to write down a formal letter. In such cases learning English language with correct grammar and its usage can prove to be life savior!

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