There are so many ways to improve English vocabulary. Given below are just a few but important one necessary to follow.

1. Stay motivated: know why you are doing it!

Do you know why you want to improve your English vocabulary? It might seem too obvious but presence of a motivation or a reason helps to learn anything faster. It can be an upcoming international English exam or an upcoming debate at your college. It can be anything, but it has to be something for keeping up the motivation in a long run as one cannot improve vocabulary overnight.

2. Speak to yourself!

Mugging up new words and phrases will not improve vocabulary unless one shall try to implement those into speech. So if you have no one around to talk to, talk to yourself. It might feel a little weird but there is no harm in speaking to oneself. You can keep on practicing every new word and phrases learnt and also discover ways to implement them in sentences. It shall also boost confidence and keep the new vocabulary fresh in the mind.

3. Look around for a partner!

One should find a partner who can be of a great help while improving vocabulary. What is the main point of improving vocabulary? One needs to use new words whenever necessary. So having a partner is a better way of doing it because both can talk to each other, point out mistakes and also help in learning in a quicker way.

Doing this with a partner will push both of you to try a little harder as if your partner outdo  you, you shall feel a competitive force acting on you which is pushing you to try a little more.

4. Behave like a child:

This doesn’t mean one shall have o play around, make faces, throw tantrums or get food in the hair. Jokes apart, what I am trying to convey is, children are fast and better learners. Know why is it so? Because neither they are afraid of committing mistakes, nor do they sky away from asking questions to satisfy their curiosity. As a result they become inherent fast learners!

Researchers have found that there is not much of a link between age and learning. It is perhaps other things adults give priority which reduce their ability to learn fast with dedication. Adults often think mistakes to be a taboo and something they should avoid, whereas one learns the best not by doing the correct things, but by committing mistakes. We have to let go all our inhibitions and try to improve vocabulary.

5. Keep your goal fixed!

It may so happen that getting a partner who is also your best friend can lead you to discuss topics irrelevant to the goal set. So stop gossiping and come back to topic at hand. Make a study and English vocabulary related conversation from the beginning which shall prevent drifting away into other topics. Stay focused and use the time in a proper way.

6. Set out for a vocabulary adventure!

Generally every individual speaks in his or her own way by staying in a comfort zone. This is something a person has to get rid of while improving vocabulary. Leave the comfort zone and set out for all new ventures in English language. Speak all phrases and words you have never known and used before.

There will be many difficulties along the path, but one has to overcome all of them. Say, some words will be very difficult to pronounce correctly, while others will have a complicated spelling to learn. English Assignment Help can be received from experience team of us. We have online website, where a student can register and be a member of the homework help family. For enquiring about any kind of confusion at any time of the day, a student can call us and get his doubt cleared by highly qualified and professional mentors. Willingness is a very strong weapon, learn to use it wisely!

7. Enjoy the fun element in it!

Learning new words along with its meanings can be a fun journey. One shall discover so many synonyms existed for one specific word. The journey will be enjoyable only if one has the right frame of mind to get along with the mood of the journey. Think of it as a creative art and vocabulary as colors and phrases as brushes! One can only paint a superb picture if she has all the desired colors available and just the colors shall not be sufficient; brushes are also required to apply them on canvas. Thus by-hearing only new words will be of no use unless you use them in sentences.

8. Listen attentively!

Learn to listen. It is a very essential step. While improving vocabulary only knowing new word shall make no sense, if one doesn’t know how to pronounce them. So, learn the phonetics. Listen to recording or your English teacher very attentively! You must learn to listen and give attention to minute details before trying to speak!

9. Ready? Get, set and dive in!

It feels like you have already made the pledge to improve and increase your vocabulary as much as you can! Many people can give you plentiful of advices about the steps you need to take for best approach. But no matter how many things you do, it is crucial to stay in daily practice.

Heard something like, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’? Improving vocabulary is something similar to this saying.

10. Read, write and read!

Perhaps including the most difficult part as a last point shall reduce the stress a bit. Yes, one needs to read a lot. Read grammar textbooks, dictionaries, magazines, novels, newspaper and anything at hand for improving vocabulary. One should also write down all the new words and phrases learnt during the day, all the end of the day and then revise it the very next day. This should be a routine procedure.

For gaining motivation as discussed in the very first point, a student should read, “Presenting the top reasons for learning English language!”and these reasons shall be the spur to their hard toil.

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