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What Are the Creative Ways to Do the Mathematics Homework?

by Sep 27, 2016Mathematics

What’s the subject you have sincerely hated since childhood? Well, go and ask any student, anywhere on the planet, and you will get the same answer- Mathematics! I still remember an incident from my childhood when I asked my dad to change my school since I was scoring poor marks in the subject. No matter how hard teachers try to make this subject interesting for their students, no one likes doing Math.
What’s the immediate reaction when you sit down to solve your Math Homework and you suddenly get stuck in a difficult problem? I think I can guess it- ‘‘I can’t. I am not doing it anymore. I am sorry.’’
Well, you should remember that escaping from difficult situations won’t help you in the long run. A subject like Mathematics will always stay along with you in your career. Thus, you need to find out ways through which you can make it interesting. If you are a parent reading this post, then it’s your duty to find out ways through which your child starts liking math problems. Instead of giving your children the answers to remember, prefer giving them problems to solve.
There are various ways in which you can ‘divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasibleand take necessary steps to resolve them’. Remember that even the hardest puzzles have got the solution if you have the right approach.
Ways to do your math homework faster:
With the complexities and difficulties involved in the subject, it often gets tedious to do math homework. Thus, students need to know various ways through which they can do the math homework faster-

  1. Make a proper routine

You need to set a routine for yourself so that you can do the homework effortlessly as per time. Take the help of a timer to calculate how much time you are taking in solving a particular sum. The more consistent you are in your work; more will be your efficiency in solving the math homework.

  1. Divide your work

Whenever your teachers assign a lengthy homework, it is better to divide the homework. Work out the homework in partners. Sit in a study group and then divide the work into sections so that you can distribute it among your classmates. Once you complete the work, exchange your sheets to check the answers.

  1. Keep some water handy

Solving math homework requires lot of brain involvement. It is always better to keep your brain hydrated and full by having water at small intervals. Whenever you get stuck in a sum, have a glass of water.

  1. Take small breaks

To have proper concentration during long study hours, ensure that you take small breaks. Once you complete a section, take a small break of 5-10 minutes. Go for a walk or listen to soft music during this interval.

  1. Set yourself targets

Setting targets will help you to achieve the ultimate success. While doing a lengthy homework, divide your work into sections and keep certain targets for yourself. This will help you to stay motivated throughout the homework process.

  1. Reward yourself

Once you complete a target successfully or get the correct answer for a difficult sum, treat yourself by gifting a reward. This can be a small snack or candies. A peppermint candy can help you to stimulate your mind. You can even have a mint gum which will help to boost the brain.

  1. Have the right attitude

A positive attitude will help you to approach a sum positively which will be important in solving a sum faster. However, if you develop an attitude that this sum is very difficult to solve, you will actually never be able to do it.
Treat your homework with fun:
Solving math homework gets easy when students find it to be funny. You can help your child stay tuned to the homework by applying any of these funny strategies-

  1. Create an attractive study place

Our work quality depends a lot on the environment we are in. By making the area where your child studies a bit attractive, you can encourage him to do the work efficiently. Give the place a cool look with things your child likes and enjoys. Teenagers can have the look which gives them a grown-up feeling so that they start taking things seriously.

  1. Stay tuned with a board

You can have a board near your study table. This will help you to keep a track of your present status. You can paste a list of the formulas you need to remember on the board which will help you to be efficient in math. You can have some encouraging quotes and messages which will help you to stay motivated. Have a copy of your A+ mark sheets on the board so that it acts as an inspiration to do better.

  1. Play a brain-game

Before you sit down to study; consider playing a brain-game. This will help you in getting the brain activated. You can consider solving a Sudoku before you start with your Mathematics homework.
Some practical examples to be efficient in your Mathematics homework-
It becomes easy to understand something through practical examples. In the same way, you can apply mathematics in your day to day activities to have a better understanding. Some of these examples are-

  1. Calculate mentally how much money you should leave as a tip in a restaurant

In most of the restaurants these days, it is mandatory to offer tips to the waiters who served you. Once your meal gets over, you need to calculate the tip mentally. It is generally estimated that you should offer a tip of 15-20% of your meal. Now, you can derive the 15-20% of the meal by calculating the one-tenth amount of the meal.

  1. Counting the change after a purchase

It is true that with the invention of computer, you need not calculate your due amount mentally. But still you can calculate the balance due mentally to check if you have got the correct change or not.

  1. Banking

All of us have bank accounts. To keep a track of the transactions, we need to evaluate the money that is debited or credited to the account. Without a proper track on your financial transactions, you may turn bankrupt, any day!

  1. Planning and outing

Whenever you plan a trip with friends and family, you need to calculate an approx estimate of the total amount of money you need to spend on this. From calculating the total ticket fare to the estimation of the hotel fare, you need to have command over mathematics.
Thus, with proper tricks and strategies you can make your mathematics homework easy to solve as you need math in every spheres of life.