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Online Essay Writing: The Means to Enhance English

by Sep 27, 2016English

‘A pen is mightier than a sword.’
This proverb has proved its worth every time. I feel there is no better alternative than writing in case you are willing to improve your communication skill. Yes, of course, speaking is the most widely used mode tocommunicate, but you can be a great orator only if you are a good writer.
Nowadays, everyone is willing to improve their communication and speaking skills, but only few can master it.
To make things easier and quicker to learn, you can find several online essay writing websites whichhelp in improving your writing and speaking power in English. You must think how is it possible? Fair enough question, have you ever seen someone who writes well, but cannot speak properly? I guess the answer is no, at least I haven’t encountered anyone as such. But the opposite often happens. This is the reason why everyone should opt for the option of writing online essays to strengthen their communication skills by all means.Good English requires the perfect balance of writing- reading- speaking.
8 ways how online essay supports improvement in English
Now, that I have stated the relation between online essay writing and how it helps to improve, with the following points let me establish my statement:

  1. Learn new words

Once you start writing online, you will easily be able to figure out if the writing is being repetitive. I always use synonyms and with that my stock of words increased tremendously. This is why I suggest others to apply the same method and amplify your vocabulary.

  1. Stronger spelling

If you are practicing writing online, spell checks are more visible and can be spotted easily. This way you can strengthen your spelling.

  1. Less silly mistakes

Most of the times when we write something and revise the same, we tend to skip our own written faults. Chances are much less when we review our paper online. This is another way to improve our English skills tremendously.

  1. Appropriate usage of grammar

Grammar is the base for strong English and believes me most of the people lag there. Why? Because when we speak, often out faults are not considered and it is easy to express without gestures. But when we are writing, framing sentences, punctuations, parts of speech and everything else is taken into consideration. This helps in boosting our English skills tremendously.

  1. More technical writing

Often while talking in English, our tonality does half of our work, but while writing it’s not the same. This is when we start using Figure of Speech. I started using sarcasm and metaphor while speaking once I knew the appropriate way to write them. Now everyone feels that I have a great sense of humor!

  1. Better presentation skill

Online essay writing gives us the way to understand when to change aparagraph or add a comma to pause a little, etc. We should do the same while speaking in English. If we keep on talking in the same manner, it gets extremely monotonous and people tend to lose their interest.

  1. Enhanced speaking power

With all those new words we can learn from online writing, we also start using them while speaking. The punctuation add makes our speaking more poised; we speak incorrect sentences and proper grammar.

  1. Increased reading habit

Once we start writing, we need to gather more information for which we start reading more. I grew a habit of reading books in a similar manner and now it’s my hobby and favorite pastime too.
You can also master your English skills in a similar way. It has been surveyed that out of 10, 8 people have benefited from online essay writing. If you are willing to do the same, check out online homework help services. They guide you in the most appropriate way and help you learn faster. If you are willing to know the way to improve your grade with proper English, read how can good English help you in fetching more marks?
Different kinds of essay
First of all, let me tell you about the different types of thetheme in essays which we usually read or write and their features.

  1. Narrative theme:

In this type of essays you need to write in a way which is more like telling a story true or fiction. Mostly, narrative essays are written in thefirst person and include writing about theevent, incidents, emotional state, anexperience that changed your way of thinking, etc. Examples: A trip to a hill station; Day out with my brother; my best friend, how I started participating in sports and much more.

  1. Descriptive theme:

It is all about how you describe the matter on which you have to write. Most of the time an excruciating detail is needed to be given to creating a proper imagery. This requires usage of the sensory details appropriately. For example: My school; an old tree in the orchard; picture reading.

  • Argumentative theme:

This requires answering the question ‘Why’ and then reasons to support your answer. This canbe written in two ways either you support the topic, or you write against it. Like, should private homework be given to children or not; the age for issuing driving license should be 15years; etc.

  1. Defining theme:

Mostly when we write on definitive essays, the topics are more prone to abstract nouns. This is the reason why it can be written from any perspective and gives the liberty to add apersonal touch. Example: Teenage love, themeaning of having a joint family, etc.

  1. Expository theme:

This kind of writing requires a lot of facts and data to prove a point. They are more about proving information on theparticular matter. For example: How to get good grades; knowing these 9 secrets will make your homework with time-management look amazing, etc.

  1. Creative theme:

This is my favorite type of essay topic where I can pen down my imagination and mold it in any way. All you need to do is engage the reader with your skills and talent of creation. Example: Imagine you live in a fairyland, what would you do there?
Now that you know all about essays, you can also choose which type you want to write and which one will be more beneficial for you. The best part about online essay writing is that you can check your writing immediately and correct yourself. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you be a pro in English with the means of online essay writing.