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Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Homework with Time-Management Look Amazing

by Sep 27, 2016Homework Help

Do you wish to know the way with which you can do your homework without investing much time? Let me be a genie and grant your wish. When I was in school, the word homework used to make me equally agitated as you feel now.  So I tried to find out the ways in which I can do it faster. Slowly I realized time-management is the only way to do so.
If we can incorporate time management in doing homework, we can finish our job in no time. Wait till I give you the tricks to do so.
Time-management is paramount in an academician’s life
Are you aware of the importance of time management in a student’s life? Let me tell you why it is needed:

  • No one likes to spend their entire day with books. But if you know how to schedule your day, you can easily find time for other activities.
  • You can party without any worries. After you come back from a party, you don’t have to sit with books or finish your assignments.
  • You will never miss your deadline.
  • Make a good impression in front of your teachers or professors.
  • If you know the secret of time-management, your assignment quality will always be good.
  • Last but not the least you can bribe your parents with your efficiency and avoid punishment once in a while (This a 100% effective way. I have tried this and it actually works).

Student Engagement Insights Survey in Spring 2015, did a research on 3000 students time management habit where they noticed that 53% of the students said ‘Yes’ they have aproblem in managing time. For this reason, they were given some tips to improve their condition. Do you know what the result was? 88% of the students benefited from the new method of studying end each of the GPA increase by 4.5%.
Now, let me enlighten you with the same tips and the tricks
9 secrets to do homework faster
I am sure with these you can fix and manage your schedule for studies and entertainment. It is very important to keep at least one day in a week when all you should do is have fun, rest, meet friends or spend time with the special one.

  1. Don’t try being Jack of all trades

Mark my words; you can never do everything at the same time. This is the reason why you should do the following:

  • Fix your priorities
  • Make a time table
  • Do one subject at a time
  • Know what you are writing (‘Ctrl C + Ctrl V’ is an old trick which fails most of the time)
  1. Bunking is not a good option

I never used to feel like attending those classes where the professors used to be cranky or if I found the subject to be difficult. This way I failed in my 1st semester. It was not the best feeling. So, I gathered all my motivation and started attending as many classes as possible. Within a month I saw that my grades were improving as I was able to understand the subject.
Same with everyone, to understand something you need to be present there. This way you can also finish your home tasks easily and by spending less time.
What happens when you bunk classes:

  • Your concept and fundamentals of the subject are shaky
  • You will have more and more problems in doing your assignment
  • Doing badly in exam comes handy with bunking class
  • You will never be able to develop interest in studies
  • The worst thing is that you will have to waste a lot of time behind your homework
  1. Baits are dangerous

Don’t let other thoughts built up in your mind. This is the foremost reason why you lose concentration. Study and party time should not get mixed up. Just answer me something, do you think about books while you are out for having fun? If not then you should not even share your study time with other thoughts.
Know how to avoid distractions:

  • Keep your phone away
  • Don’t sit with video games or X-Box
  • Avoid checking clichéd things online, like which celebrity is dating whom, which site is giving online sale, watching UFC episodes. Trust me you can do it all once you are done with your work.
  1. Have a goal

Setting a goal and achieving it is the best thing to do. You will not only save a lot of time but at the same time, you will also develop a healthy competitive spirit.
Steps to help you set a goal:

  • Organize your work properly. Sit with everything you need so that you don’t have to get up now and then to get something.
  • Make a timetable concerning your school or University exam schedule.
  • Start with smaller goals. Make a To-Do list and tick the works you finish in a day.
  • Lure yourself with aprize at achieving the goal.
  1. Don’t be lazy

Being lazy is the worst curse in life. I know for some reasonsloth is our favorite ‘pastime,’ but it’s time we walk past it.
Lean few tricks to shred away laziness:

  • Sit with a clock in front of you.
  • Don’t take buffer time. This slows the pace of your study and homework.
  • Always use study table, thebed makes you lazier.
  • Get a good sleep daily to avoid being drowsy all day long.
  1. Group studies

Friends are not there just for partying, going for trips, sleepovers or to be your wingman. You should organize group studies and do exactly what the phrase means.
How it helps:

  • You can share more ideas
  • Help each other in understanding
  • Divide the work among yourselves so you need to put less effort in completing your assignment
  • It’s more encouraging to study with friends
  1. Turn ‘doing task’ into your ‘’

Do your studies daily. Don’t make a mountain by piling up your work for the last moment. This not only reduces the quality of your work, but it also brings down your enthusiasm to complete your homework.
You can make it a habit in the following ways:

  • Study daily. This way you don’t have to do a lot at one time.
  • Research about your topic or subject and read interesting facts about it.
  • Don’t let study anxiety overpower you.
  • Start reading good books or comics to increase your reading habit.
  1. Skip boozing on school days

We don’t use phrases unnecessarily. There is a reason why we use the term ‘wasted,’ it’s a strict no to drinking on school or weekdays before you finish your work. Why? Imagine when you are perfectly sober, you don’t like writing your paper and of course after few drinks writing apaper will be the last thing on your mind.

  1. Take professional help

If you are having aproblem doing your homework, one of the mostly seen reason is that you are facing some hurdles doing it. It is important to get over those problems so that you don’t the problems don’t stop you from completing your task.
Different professional help to opt:

  • You can take extra class from your subject professor
  • The other option is getting private tutor
  • Ask your parents to assist you properly
  • The other thing that you can do is that take help from online homework help services. They not only guide but also help in doing your work. You can understand more clearly then how to write your assignments properly.

Apart from this, if you are still looking for ticks to complete your homework faster, you can learn all about it with Know how to complete your homework in less than 20 minutes! Now is the time to you put less effort but produce better. Be a star student at school with all these secrets.