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Homework with Time-Management Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

by Sep 27, 2016Management

We all have heard the phrase that “Time and Tide wait for no man.” As a child, my parents constantly used to tell me that I should know how to value time and why should we not waste it. Now managing time is imperative for academicians. I feel that no one should spend an entire day with textbooks in front to their face.

It is very difficult to concentrate onstudies and homework is the epitome of boredom. Have you ever faced a situation when your friends are inviting you to a party or asking you to join for a match and you are not able to go? These are the worst times for students. Neither they can go nor can they concentrate on their studies. This is the reason why you should know how to manage time.

Do you want to know how you can do a work in less time without hampering your writing standard? If yes, read the following.

9 tips to do homework with time-management

Spending more time on a task or the level of difficulty of the work determines our enthusiasm to complete thejob, which usually runs low. Now think if we knew the trick to doing a job in less time but with higher efficiency? I can give you the secret of doing this:

  1. Stop being ‘Messy Bessy’

Before you start anything, you need to be more organized. Imagine if you are baking a cake, easing up the process you prefer keeping all the ingredients handy. This isexactly what you need to do when you sit for doing your homework.

  1. Try the ‘To-Do list’

Before you sit with your assignments, always prepare a timetable. It might sound a bit childish, but it helps a lot. You can’t do everything in one day. Utilize all the 6days in a week and keep one day just for fun and entertainment.

  • Divide your work into different days.
  • Set your priorities.
  • Use your term calendar as the reference and set your work according to that.
  • Keep you timetable a bit flexible so that if something unexpected comes up, you can manage your time in that manner.
  1. Practice makes a man perfect

I don’t think I need to explain this. You need to study every day to avoid lagging back. It is always better to do your work every day instead of doing all of it at a time. No good comes from ‘short-cut.’

  1. Avoid Hamlet moment

I am referring to the dilemma that a student usually faces. Party or Study, what to choose? The party is one-night fun and study is a lifetime way of a brighter future. What weighs more? Now, I’m not asking you to be a dorky person, once in a while partying is fun. You can even party every week but for that keep your work prepared and done from beforehand.  If you can answer questions in class, it doesn’t make you a ‘nerd’ but the ‘smart one.’

  1. Decide if you are a ‘late to bed’ or ‘early to rise’person?

When I was in high school, I always used to finish my work the night before of submission date. I never managed to score well and my grades started deteriorating. So what I decided one day that I’ll study every day in the evening and then used to go out or meet my friends or attend asocial gathering. I could stay up till taking but couldn’t wake up early, so I made it a point to finish my work at night.

This is what even you all need to do. If you go to bed early then wake up before and start with your studies or vice-versa. But whatever be it, do not skip doing your work. Always remember Little by little it forms a heap and I am certain about the fact that ‘heap of work’ is not the something you are looking forward to in your academics.

  1. Set a goal

Always know what you have to do and achieve your goal. Do you know how setting goal helps?

  • It transforms aninsuperable mountain of work into striding
  • You will get a clearer idea about your proprieties.
  • It boosts up your confidence and determination
  • If you want to develop a healthy habit of studying, this is the ultimate way of doing so.
  1. Buffering is always not good

Do you lose interest when your internet is slow and takes a lot of time to buffer the video? Your brain works in a similar manner. If you are doing a bit of work and then taking a break now and then the following happens:

  • You tend to lose concentration
  • The flow of your work breaks
  • The quality of your homework goes down
  • You will not be able to finish your work on time
  • Homework will seem nothing but a burden to you
  1. Sleep properly

Wheneverare you planning to study or do your work, don’t you feel that goddess of slumber looks at you then only? This happens because firstly, you find the work to be boring and secondly, your body gets tired after school.

A student requires minimum 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily to let the brain function properly. So try and skip late night texting, calling chatting or surfing internet, instead help yourself with a proper sleep.

  1. “Work should be Play”

First of all get the idea out of your head that homework is boring. It is not that annoying once you start doing it properly. Start taking work as an exciting challenge and not as anuninteresting errand.

The researchwas done in America with 577 students, 263boys and 314 girls. The research was that they were given homework daily for a month and how many of them did the work:

39% students finished their home assignment ‘daily’

32% ‘sometimes’ did their work

21% was found ‘often’ to finish their homework

6% ‘rarely’ did it

2% ‘never’

Now when they were questioned‘why they don’t do their homework daily?’, the first thing they said was “It takes a lot of time.” This is the reason why you should always organize your work and get your time managed properly. You can know more about the ways to help your child to do their work with How to solve homework problems faced by your child in simple ways?

There is another major reason why students don’t like homework is due to the problems they face. Those problems can easily be overcome with a proper guide or mentor. Of course, after school, they don’t want to enroll themselves in other tutor classes. There is an alternative to this; you can take online homework help services. They assist you appropriately as they have their team of professionals for every subject.

This way you can save your time and can get your work done at times. So with these 9 tips start doing your homework now!