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How to Draw a Balance Between Your Academic Career and Co Curricular Activities?

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

In today’s competitive world where the atmosphere is completely academic centric, it is really important for parents and students, alike, to understand the role of co curricular activities in the life of a student. Where academic qualifications make you intelligent, co curricular activities go on to chisel that intelligence and shape you into a confident human being, one who knows what he or she is worth. The confidence that co curricular activities bestow you with is something that mere academic excellence can never help you with.

I completely understand the student’s need to study harder because of the growing competition and recession going on in the world as a whole but will your not taking part in co-curricular activities make it any better?

Of course, it won’t and that is where the difference lies. You have to understand that co curricular activities are extremely vital and their position is something that academics can never take over. Co-curricular activities can be of every kind. They’re more like your hobbies elaborated.

Importance of co curricular activities individually

Co curricular activities are such relief measures that not only give you a break from the dull monotonous studies that have pressurized you enough, but also go on to make you excel in your outside interests as well which are definitely not going to go in vain because be in College applications or Job applications, the certificates of the co curricular activities are extremely valuable and very much beneficial for your future.

While your colleagues might just be rejected for a specific job because of their lack of certificates in spite of having a few marks more than you, you might be selected because of your ability to manage both academics and co curricular activities which people purposely go on to patently ignore.

There are numerous kinds of co-curricular activities but I’ll tell you about the benefits of some in order to give you an idea about how these can go on to shape you as an individual.

  • Sports

Now, sports are a co curricular activity that everybody seems to be interested in. Sports have various genres so it’s obvious that everybody gets to play their favorite sport. However, sports are discouraged by parents more times than one because of the students’ growing passion for sports rather than academics. What one then does not realize is that sports are not just a hobby for all. We all have different interests and aims in life and for those of who are good at academics but want different things from life, sports can be their dream career.

Also, if nobody is interested in making sports their career, it does teach the students of sportsmanship which academics clearly cannot. Not only do students realize the importance of accepting both failure and success gracefully but also become better people by learning to work as a team and learn the importance of following the rules and regulations.

  • Debate and Extempore

Now, for those of who have a flare in English and are voracious readers, Debate and Extempore might come across as a piece of cake and they have the ability to make you think and chisel your intelligence. They increase your versatility and make you deft to talk about just about everything that there is. Debate teaches you to not believe everything that you’re taught blindly and that it is okay for you to have different views and fight for your opinion.

Extempore again teaches you to have knowledge about everything because then you can talk about anything and fit in, in any crowd that there is.

  • Music and dance

Now, Music and dance have various divisions among themselves. Keeping them aside, music and dance teaches you the virtue of hard work and patience. All co curricular activities including music and dance teach you the importance of learning to accept both success and failure. Also, where singing makes you passionate and politer than you previously were, dancing can go on to make you more graceful and confident than ever.

  • Art

The word itself reveals something dreamy about it. And art is definitely something like that. To dwell on your imagination and make pictures of your thoughts is something that not everybody is good at. If you’re good at art, don’t even think of backing off because of your academic emergencies. Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci would never be what they were if they put a full stop to their passion because of academic emergencies. Art helps you discover yourself in a whole new way and gives a vent to your emotions. Art is the most patient form of distilling your anger.

  • Creative writing

Next, if you’re good at writing stuff, then you should always practice and indulge in writing something or the other. Your story writing clubs at school are not made to make people like you waste their talent. Creative writing makes your writing flawless and your ability to tackle any academic situation with ease.

If you can write well, you must be good at making things up and beating around the bush and this definitely does come in handy if you are stuck in some answer and can’t remember what you were going to write.

Now, with the importance of few of the co curricular activities having been said, you must realize what role each of these can play in your life. Co curricular activities will make you happier than academics ever could and that is extremely important.

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How to strike a balance between academic career and co curricular activities?

Now, with all of my explanation on the importance of co curricular activities, I am in no way undermining the value of education in life but what you must realize is that education is not limited to academics only. Here are a few steps following which you can strike a balance between academics and co curricular activities.

  1. Take part in co curricular activities in between studies
  • Since academics and co curricular activities are both extremely vital for your future, you mustn’t undermine the value of either.
  • You can study all you want but in between studying, your breaks should be filled with the co curricular activities.
  • This way not only will you be able to relax but also do something productive.
  1. Choose the co curricular activities that you’re passionate about
  • If you’re passionate about writing or music or dance or art or any other forms of co curricular activities, you must choose that particular activity to work on.
  • If you choose to fill the time gaps with the activities that you like, you will not only be able to work on your academics faster and more efficiently but also get to do the thing that you actually love.
  1. Help the co curricular activities shape you into better people but not at the cost of studies
  • Unless you’re absolutely sure that your co curricular activities will help you land up somewhere productive in life, never compromise your academics for co curricular.
  • Strike a balance between both by allotting time for both.
  • Make sure you don’t deviate from your academics in the process of excelling in co curricular and vice versa.