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3 Things You Can Do to Alleviate the Back-To-School Burden on Homeless Families

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Today poverty has made homeless to innumerable families and innocent victims are struggling due to change in economic condition. It is once said by Plato, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” The severe effects on the lives of people mostly children restrict them from entering into school which can develop a difference in social emotional balance and lower cognitive skills.
Whenever the children start late in life; it is obvious that they would stay behind. Children experiencing poverty are more at risk and they would struggle in the early stage of life and may fall behind academically.
Among homeless children, there are also students who come up with learning disabilities and also students found who have emotional and behavioural problems.
Reasons to become homeless
There are different reasons why children run away from home. The adolescent period makes them rebellion and defiance. I have taken the initiative of teaching people about homeless children. Once the donation and volunteering of time starts, there is a high possibility of gaining good amount of knowledge about homeless. It becomes absolute necessary to spread the word and also inform individuals what have been learned.

  • In spite of the families becoming homeless, the children still stays dependent on parents to offer support. Parents do not have place to turn for help and the stress can be highly tremendous.
  • Day-to-day is survival is very much difficult. Older children can become responsible to carry out financial woes and undertake the hardship.

Importance of educators
Homeless children would encounter different barriers related to education, in spite of legislative support and contribution towards improving the situation. The most important requirement is residency for homeless people which appear to be a significant barrier and life turns out to be miserable without a residence. Often found that parents enrolling children to school district which is the temporary place of stay, admissions seems to be impossible as they are not the residents of district.
The educators can give it a thought of coming up with educational program that can maintain stability among students. It is found from a state education agency that the frequent needs of homeless children are:

  • Tutoring
  • Necessary school materials and clothing
  • After school or summer programs to deliver basic needs such as food and shelter or recreation
  • Necessary transportation

In some cases, it is found that restrictive shelter policies suggest that adolescent males would force the parents to send their children to stay with friends or relatives.
Ways to help homeless people
Being a part of the community, it is the duty and responsibility for every individual to show the path of light to homeless families. During back-to-school season, you can do the 3 most important things that can bring smile in the face of homeless people:

  1. Give time and attention

Everybody loves to get attention and when we are talking about homeless and needy families then, it is certain that they are in most need of it. Offering sufficient time and attention to children and other people can develop their confidence and also give them strength to fight back through poverty. If possible you can consider of delivering them with lessons and share your talents. This can make homeless kids knowledgeable and build up interest in studies.
Become a volunteer and reach the community! Get completely involved in community and perform necessary work which can finally help them.

  1. Tutoring homeless children

It is said, “Life is mostly froth and bubble. Two things stand like stone. Kindness in another’s trouble, Courage in your own.” Tutoring the homeless children can also be a great option which you can give a thought. Simply giving attention to children can make them realize that they have achieved more than what money can buy. You can think of starting own tutor volunteer corporation at the local shelter. Spend some little time with these children and you can make a difference!
The online professional websites can be helpful to students if you want to deliver knowledge on basic concepts on any subject. With proper guidance and tutoring on academic subject, it is possible to develop their knowledge base which can be of great help in future.

  1. Giving donation for help

Donation can be a great way to help homeless families. You can collect money from the general public and think of using for positive work. Either you can hand over the cash to needy and homeless children or think of supporting children with valuable materials. You can buy them necessary resources that can be helpful for studies and to live their life. The money can be utilized for buying them shoes or items which can enable them to fulfil basic needs.
Most of the schools would come up with a supply list that is provided to parents so that necessary items can be purchased for children. Through donating of gift cards to homeless kids can ensure that to have necessary items in hand. The separate clothing or office supply stores can be of great help to homeless families and enable them to make necessary purchase.
Problems encountered by children
Homelessness can certainly take children away from their schools and classmates. Homeless children may experience various problems:

  • There is lack of transportation from their shelters to school
  • Fulfilling daily demands of looking for basics such as food and shelter
  • Lack of academic records create obstacles for children to register in school

It becomes really vital to improve living arrangements for homeless that can give opportunity to enrol in new school to children. Homeless children can manage their schools, but there are some discouraging barriers which can restrict them from academic success. Homeless children are actually having four times average rate of delayed development.
“Never be so busy, as not to think of others” –Mother Teresa
You can also consider of taking the kids on a trip. There are many children who might not know what it is all about so take them trip and make sure that it becomes fun filled activity. You can offer volunteer and take some children to local zoo or other places of entertainment.