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Aren’t Students Doing Their Assignments? Take up the Challenge

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

Children are not doing their homework this is a common complain of parents. This is not only the problem faced by parents but teacher also face the same problem. You can see teacher always complaining about their student don’t work on their assignment or don’t want to work on their assignment. Everyone have issues with homework. For student it is frustrating, for parent it is a headache and for teacher it is a crucial aspect of learning.

It can be annoying for a teacher because it takes place outside of their presence. Once they send back their student there is not that they can do for them to work on it. At that time they are on their own and teacher can be just a faintest echo of voice that keep on imploring them to do their homework.

Additionally, they have to do many things. They have a lot on their schedule such as music lessons, soccer practice, family responsibilities and more rather than doing their homework. There must be many other obstacles standing between their assignment and them. They are unable to get any place or time for concentrating on their homework. May be they have a chaotic life at home, a noisy neighbor, a barking  dog next door, they don’t have anyone to look after their basic needs and many more.

However, the challenges can be discouraging you but with the correct approach you can overcome it. What you need to do is just go through this discussion carefully this will help you in overcoming all these obstacles and help you in find the solution for the problem. Even it will help you in changing the attitude of your student towards their homework and think about How to Make Yourself Finish Your Homework When You Don’t Want to Do It.

Homework must be just for practice

To motivate your students to do their homework, it is important that they must know what they are capable of doing. You must make sure that they are capable of doing what of have assigned to them. They are required to prove themselves that they can finish it on their own without your help. You must make sure that they must practice what you have already taught them in class to understand it completely. This is not at all fair to them, if you assign something that they don’t fully comprehend off.

Even if you want them to get motivated for finishing future assignment, you must keep in mind that homework is about –

  • Practice
  • Success
  • Building confidence

Repetition is not a bad thing when it comes to learning. This plays an essential part in learning. It frees them to think creatively, deepens the grooves and helps in making connections and associations.

Homework should be independent

You can find many teachers complaining that even after finishing an assignment and going through it properly some of the students don’t understand the topic. Almost in every circumstance this is because of the culture of dependence that prevails in the classroom. It is important that you make sure that they work independently on their assignment.

Independent practice is very necessary for the learning and improvement of the student’s academic life. Let them do it on their own so, that they can learn it more practically without anyone’s help. This will be a great way of learning as well as remembering for a long time. This will also help them in being independent and work without their teacher or anyone else’s help.

As a teacher, you have to understand that over the involvement of yours can make your student depend on your help. You must let them work on their own. You must know that if they are stuck somewhere they will ask you for help or they will look for some online professional help that is easily available now a day.

Homework must be given for regular practice

Homework must be given on regular basis. You must assign them a nightly homework, not one that is for a week. It is important that student practice what they have learned that very day in the class. It will help them in preparing for the more challenging task and also in solidifying what they have learned.

Moreover, the weekly assignment can lack their temptation for finishing their work on time. They will set it aside till the last moment, or they will just copy it from their friend to finish it on time. None of these cases is helpful for their academic improvement. They will not learn what they need to.

Homework that is required to be done each night will –

  • Improve academic discipline
  • Incur a sense of responsibility
  • Makes homework a less frightening thing
  • Makes it a more harmonious exercise

This way they don’t be able to turn down their assignment.

Homework must be checked regularly

Accountability is not just a prearranged consequence.  For some people, it can also be a personal accounting to make them respect and look up to. It is essential to check the homework of your students in front of them as a first schedule in the morning.

This is a very powerful approach. Especially if you have one principle and your leadership presence is improving by the day. This will make them anxious toward their assignment. At the same time, they will find out that you are sincerely looking for what they are doing.  It will be better if you check it individually. It will help them to know what they have mistaken and where they made a mistake.