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Ways to Make Completion of Homework a Learning Process?

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Help

‘’ Dear homework, I detest your very existence, but every day I have a date with you!’’
Have you been poetically influenced to a great extent to think this? Well, when you have a long boring poem or an essay to write down you too would feel in the same way! As a fresher at one of the top graduate colleges of the nation, I was extremely excited to start off my days of fun. School and high school, however, interesting that they might have been the charm of college life was completely different, and I was desperately looking forward towards it. However, I was in for a rude shock when the teacher announced in class that regular homework would be given to us to monitor our progress.
Phew! My hopes and ambitions of enjoying college life went right down the drain! In the hope of hoping for a lovely academic life, I was again to meet my constant date for years, homework, and that too on quite a regular basis.
Path to journey from heartbreak to enjoyment:
There have been numerous occasions; wherein I have managed to cheat while doing my homework. Copying it from others to giving false reasons for non-completion of work, this had become quite a regular affair for me. However, now this could not be carried on since, college level homework are two completely different ball-game. Hence, options had to be found to ensure that my grades were not affected back at college.
Well, when the body suffers, medicines have to be taken however, distasteful they might be. Quite similarly, in case one has to complete a particular work on a daily basis, it is best that one tries to enjoy it! That is exactly what I tried and to a certain extent I succeeded.
I decided to turn my disgust into a likable object, a daily affair into a learning process. Though the journey wasn’t smooth enough to start with, but definitely, it was quite an achievement to begin it. Here are some of the tips that I followed and surely to a great extent this has proved to be advantageous for me. You too can try these out and be in an advantageous position.
Tips to make homework a way to learn details of that subject:
Since, homework is generally associated with a specific chapter on that topic, or a particular topic, hence detailed study is not possible. But when in college, chances are high that topics that are given for preparation of homework pertain to a greater aspect of that topic. In such a scenario, just like me you too can get a wider perspective.

  • Learning from other sources:

Reading the full text is something that has been suggested by one and all, and has been done to death by students as well. I tried reading other people’s points of view on a general note and then check out that topic in terms of that.
These points of observation are not taken as reference points, rather are simply viewed as what other people have to say regarding that topic. Once this is done, then again this chapter is read and finally based on that, a certain topic is detailed.
Thus, on the whole, you can surely benefit by getting both individual feelings and what others have to say. Clearly, completing homework in this manner has become a learning process on my part.

  • Checking out online materials:

Are you aware of the variety of online materials that are available for students to understand and deal with a subject from various perspectives? I did have a rough idea, but was not aware of its presence to such a great extent. Well, these sources to a great extent helped me complete my homework as well as understand a specific topic in a specific manner.
These materials being a compilation of various though processes and reference material, surely made my learning process a better one, and with their specific notes on individual topics, I could very well wrap up my homework. Courtesy to these professional sites, my completion of homework process became a learning process in the long run.

  • Group studies:

This was a general idea that was supported by one and all. I decided to make a group on WhatsApp as well as on Facebook apart from general library discussions. Back home, I along with my other group mates used to decide on a specific time to sit down for our homework.
A topic was taken and we put in our comments regarding that and exchanged them. In this way, more and more comments started being exchanged and finally a point would be reached that could actuallybe used for completion of that day’s homework.
Most importantly, this exchange of ideas would result in my learning of the techniques in detail and therefore ensure that I was better evolved to deal with that specific topic in later times.

  • Trying to connect with other subjects:

This was a new idea that suddenly cropped to my mind. Connecting of subjects was a game that I enjoyed as soon as I started off. It is quite a noticeable aspect that every subject has certain other related subjects that evolve at par with this.
In such a scenario, by connecting various subjects together, you could actually get the reason as to how and why that particular occurrence had taken place. Most importantly, this cross connection helped in completion of homework for a number of subjects on a simultaneous basis.
Clearly, this has become one of the most important aspects of making sure that my homework completion process transcends from mere time-bound process to an actual learning process. Thus, as a college student, I can surely state that I have evolved to a great extent in terms of learning of various topics that are associated with a subject that I am majoring with.
A satisfied student:
As a new entrant into college, I was definitely cribbing as to how I would manage to major in my chosen subject with such great amount of pressure of homework completion and other aspects.  Also, never wanting to miss out on my fun in college life, such homework assignments had to a great extent taken away the fun aspect from my life.
However, with this new process of learning as well as completing work on time, I have definitely started to get a new high in my academic life. Now that I come to think of it, those past homework mishaps do seem funny to me.
How about your suggestions?
Are you too suffering from such a precarious situation? Well, you can surely try out these steps and make sure to become quite a satisfied student like me! Do you have any suggestions? Pour out your heart to us and together we could find some newer methods of study! Hurry!