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Does Studying Biology on a Regular Basis Make You Unhappy? Relate It with Daily Life!

by Sep 17, 2016Biology

‘’Who wants to study every detail about animals and plants? I detest it!!’’ Have you been getting similar reactions from your child back at home? Well, as a parent this reaction is quite expected, as a teacher it can be quite shocking! For a teacher who has been trying to make this subject increasingly interesting, it can get quite disheartening to know that students are not accepting the subject in all its beauty.
As some of my students gave me such a reaction, it was this that instigated me in finding out options that could help students in making biology an interesting subject. Though, speaking on a general note, my experience in teaching biology for all the years down the line has been quite an experience in itself, yet, even today this lack of interest to a great extent bothers me. It is courtesy to this reason that I actually decided on relating aspects of biology with real life situations!
Biology: Its natural aspects and understandings:
Biology or the science that defines living beings and aspects related to it. Well, we have always known and understood aspects that are related to it. However, how many times did we actually bother to check out what and how those natural aspects are related?
Though there have been a number of processes that made sure that proper proof could be provided in regards to its presence in real world, however, not a real step was taken in that regards. As a teacher, on my part, too with such huge number of duties, it was quite difficult to actually deal with such practical examples.
Being the story of one and all, it has become quite difficult in actualising what is being read by students. It is courtesy to these reasons that students have started losing interest in this subject.
Finding out alternatives to understand this subject at a deeper level:
After having a deep conversation with a parent, whose child was having bad grades in biology I understood as to where the major issue laid and how certain changes would help in bringing back that vibe on the subject.
It is keeping those aspects in mind that I suggest certain steps that would help in ensuring greater viability for students and a development of daily understanding of this subject. So, in case your child back at home is simply not bothered about studying biology, you can surely try out these tips to make it catchier!
Relating biological aspects with daily life:

  • Try out practical examples:

You do know that when white tulips are placed in blue coloured water, they turn a shade of blue after a certain point of time. There is a process of transpiration followed by change in colour scheme scientific phenomenon that is associated with it. However, in maximum cases, I have simply taught students that they are to learn this process and know the terms to pass their examination with high marks. How about bringing a difference in this perspective?
It is to bring about this love for the subject that one day I decided on taking a bunch of tulips in my biology class and leaving it in the blue coloured water for a couple of days. It was quite surprising as how my students started taking regular note of this and when the tulips completely turned blue, they informed me.
Post this incident, their understanding of the subject and that concept specifically improved manifold, and hence, as a teacher it was quite a proud moment for me. Why don’t you try this technique out at home? This could surely work wonders!

  • Online teaching modes:

Though there may be a question as to how and where online teaching modes come into play when relation with daily life is concerned.Well, the reach of internet has increased manifold and various videos on each of these subjects have been uploaded that could be of great use.
There are a number of professional sites, from where I have personally taken help from to explain to kids any specific theme or fundamental concept. In a number of my classes, I have made use of these videos along with concept discussion to drive home my point.
Since, biology as a subject is best understood by complete viewing, hence, these videos explain each and every phenomenon and scientific experiment in a detailed manner. With these videos being played I have surely seen a rising interest in students regarding this subject, and a much better level of understanding of each concept.
Thus, as a teacher trying out this new technique, I can definitely suggest it for parents who are looking forward to making their child more interested in this subject called biology.
You can take this process a step ahead with Ways to make completion of homework a learning process? Where in students can get a new perspective of completing their homework and learning biology in a new way.

  • Usage of figures:

Well, biology and usage of figures surely go hand in hand and this is another very important aspect that I have discovered as a teacher. In real life, for every student, visual understanding of real life-related subjects as biology are very important. So, why not use figures like me?
Well, for every little concept, I started using figures to explain my students as to what and how they could be relatedwith each other, and where they can use these diagrams. Making use of such diagrams to a great way found positive effects with my students, as they responded with their own knowledge, thereby making this study of biology not only a real life process but also an interesting process.
Well, these could be some of the very important aspects that need to be taken into consideration in case you too are in doubt regarding how to instil certain real life situations in a subject as biology.
Some of the do’s and don’ts regarding this subject:
Since as a subject, biology is extremely interesting, hence, it is important that to make it more interesting to students certain aspects are taken into consideration.

  • The first thing that has to be kept in mind while studying this subject understands of certain terminologies. Since, specific terms have been given to certain scientific phenomena hence, it is best that students are well explained those aspects in a clear manner. As a teacher, I take special efforts to connect those terms with other phenomena that have helped them to a great extent. You too can try out these techniques.
  • Another very important aspect that has to be kept in mind while studying of this subject is bringing in student’s point of view regarding a particular phenomenon. This to a great extent helps in complete understanding of the topic that is being discussed.
  • However, forceful explanation of concepts or superficial understanding can do a great harm to students and should be avoided at all costs. Rather, ample time should be given to them to familiarise themselves with that subject.

I had tried these techniques on my students, and they have provided great results for me. So, you too can check out these techniques and make sure to note the changes that are there. In case you have any suggestion in regards to this topic, you can get back to us. We are awaiting your call!