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Top 10 Advantages of Doing Chemistry Assignments Sooner

by Sep 17, 2016Chemistry

Assignment is the most common and important term in the field of education. It is a significant part in student’s academic life. Different educational work such as academic research work, different educational project, several models on a particular topic etc. which are given to a student by their teacher or institute are known as assignment or homework.
It improves once writing skill, increases problem solving ability, innovation power, develops ideas and concept about the subject, prepares themselves for the exams and competitions, builds a strong confidence to face all the hurdles in the way and advances them one step forward to a brighter future.
So no doubt, assignments are inevitable in student’s life and a student’s life is incomplete without them. So students must realise significance of doing their assignments.
Little bit about chemistry
Chemistry is a science subject and has a vast expanse. It has made a profound impact on the society.  It is intimately linked to the well being of human kind. The rate of advancement in chemistry is so high that curriculum developers continuously look for strategies to cope up with these advancements.
Students also need to be inspired about knowing this advent of different parts of chemistry so that they can make the fundamental contribution in this field and become a leader of future.
Chemistry has different branches and several categories and subcategories. Students must know these properly for doing their assignments.
They are enlisted bellow:
Physical chemistry
It deals with the physical properties of chemicals such as

  • Solid state
  • Solutions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Surface chemistry

Inorganic chemistry
It deals with simple inorganic compounds viz.

  • Chemical kinetics
  • S, p, d, f block chemistry
  • Radiation chemistry
  • Coordination compounds

Organic chemistry
It mainly deals with complex carbon compounds which form basic structures for biological entities. Some examples are:

  • Chemistry of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes
  • Haloalkanes, Grignard reactions,
  • Alcohol, phenol, ether
  • Aldehyde, ketone, carboxylic acid

This branch is not so very different from the last branch. However, it deals more with those organic compounds which are directly part of biology, like:

  • DNA
  • Ribose
  • Urea
  • Creatine

So, student may understand now the vast perimeter of the subject and they must be more attentive and careful while doing their assignments on this enormous syllabus. Try to complete your job in advance; it is really advantageous for all.
To help you to understand, 10 advantages of doing chemistry assignment beforehand are listed here:
1] Can do a better job
Assignments are generally given immediate after a lesson is finished in the class so if one starts immediately, the lessons that are learned in the class will be still fresh in the mind.

  • So an immediate start helps to recollect the required information from your memory.
  • You have enough time in your hand to spend even if your assignment is lengthy.

2] Get time for correction
If one can complete the assignment before timethen they can get sufficient time to revise and recheck so

  • You can rectify your mistakes and faults.
  • Can submit a full proof assignment before time.
  • It helps to score well and to achieve a better grade.

3] Get time to take help
Tough assignmentsare often so tricky that they require touches of experts. You cannot get expert advice always ready near your location. It requires spending some energy and time to get some wise help. So, it is better always to keep some time for those.
Hence an early start should be right for your chemistry assignment early and then go looking for experts’ advice. If nessecery you may take experts’ advice from several professional help websites.
4] No worries about missing deadlines
Deadlines are very important in case of assignments and projects. The maximum allotted time provided to a student for completing and submitting their work is known as deadline. It is a quite infamous term amongst students. Getting their assignments ready within a given deadline has always been a challenge for each and every student and a matter of utter worry for many of them, becauseif they fail their deadline the grades will be affected.
Whatever they do, if their assignment is not yet complete, this fear of missing deadline always haunts them at the back of their mind. If you complete your chemistry homework long before your deadline then:

  • No need to worry anymore for missing deadlines for your assignment.
  • Can purely concentrate on any other work that you want to do, and can do it without any fear in mind.

5] No uncertainty
Nobody can predict the future. You cannot tell what incident is waiting for you tomorrow. So, if you keep postponing your assignmentsthere is uncertainty whether you can actually submit it in time. If there is some problem later or if you get into a situation where you fail to do your homework, then it will be a real troublefor you.
Also, chemistry is a huge subject as said before. You cannot hope to somehow manage to do it in a quick manner, that too in a bad situation.
6] Can focus on other jobs
It is evident that a student neither has only one subject, chemistry as topic of their assignment, nor do they have no work other than studying. So, they need to manage time for all these jobs too.
So if you have completed the chemistry assignment before time.

  • You can concentrate in other subjects and projects.
  • Aggregate score can be better.
  • Can spend more time in extracurricular activities.

7] Spend more leisure
Assignments are usually given to the students in their vacation. Towards student vacation is a time for enjoyment. They have lots of plan for enjoying the vacation, but the tension of meeting the deadline haunts them badly. Hence, they cannot enjoy theirleisure properly.
Hence, you will be benefited to complete your chemistry assignmentsbeforehand and can enjoy,

  • An outing with the friends for shopping or watching movies.
  • A pleasure trip to some fabulous spot.
  • Parties and get together.

8] Can give more time for your family
If your family required your support you must do that, but you will not be able to support them if you do not have sufficient time. Your family also hesitate to ask for a help if you are quite busy with your assignments. But, if you get yourself free from homework early, then:

  • You will get plenty of time after that to spend with your family members.
  • Have a bit of chit-chat with them.
  • Play family games.
  • You can also go to long drives or family picnics.

9] Satisfaction
Mental satisfaction is a very important thing in one’s life.It refreshes your mind and boosts it up with more energy for the next job.So keeping your mind satisfied is a very important issue. If you have your chemistry assignmentready beforehand,

  • Then your mind will be relaxed and satisfied.
  • You will be able to get more energy to do other jobs.
  • You will feel free all the time.
  • After your vacation or holidays are over you can have a fresh and new start.

10] Stress Free
Stress is very bad for health. It arises when a person worries too much about something. If long tricky assignments especially those of chemistry are left for later, naturally there will be stress and fear of not being able to complete it in time. But, if you complete your homework as soon as it is given, you will have nothing to worry about and can avoid stress in this regard.
Perhaps now you can understand why you should try to do chemistry assignments earlier. Not onlychemistry, this theory applied to most of the homework. Like, if you are studying accountancy you should definitely Learn facts why you should do Accounts homework carefully. Thus, you can get better in doing homework.