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Have You Taken up English at Your University Major Subject? Know the Ideal Ways to Deal with It!

by Sep 17, 2016English

‘’ The English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it!’’- Jonathan Culver
From early childhood, English was a language that was a favourite for my little kid. Be it reading of novels in this language, or even carrying out grammatical works, most importantly, at every examination, however small class tests it may be or board exams, her marks was surely the best in this subject.
This naturally paved the way for taking up English as a Major subject in the University level. However, the major issue arose here! That girl who so loved every associated aspect of the subject, had actually started avoiding that subject! Initially though it came as a shock to me to find her grades falling so low, however, much later did I understand the difference of learning a subject and reading it for joy!
Understanding the problems:
As a language, English is extremely progressive in the sense that it is changing at every standard. A number of aspects are getting added to it and making it more entangled in comparison to other subjects. It is here that crux of the problem arises and that is what made my little girl avoid this subject of her choice to such a great extent.
As a majoring subject at the University level, there are many facets of the subject that needs to be taken into consideration. Rather than mere knowing of the novel or poetry, and basic understanding of characters, there is a detailed analysis that has to be done in this context.
Well, who likes detailed analysis and deeper understanding of concepts? But the fact remains that without understanding of deeper concepts, no subject can be studied in a proper manner.
What major problems are faced by English students at University level?
Since, my own little kid started neglecting her choicest subject, made me delve deeper into the problems that are associated with this subject at higher standards.

  • Deeper understanding of concepts:

What was high school and college English studies all about? Merely reading the text, knowing what it deals with and how to place those characters in a proper way are the only aspects that are taken into consideration.
However, at the University level, each and every character needs to be taken at an individual level, and deal with them. Also, deeper analyses of the arenas against which these characters are placed are to be taken into consideration. This is a very important factor that can be quite a hindrance for most of the students and needs a proper guidance.

  • Placement of situations:

How many times did you face a novel wherein options were there to place it in a different context? Well, that is the primary aspect of University level English. Each and every literary piece needs to be placed in a different context, and then understood character functioning.
Thus, on the whole, the complete subject is to be viewed from a new perspective. Under such state of affairs, it is imperative that students widen their perspective and understand other facets of this subject.

  • Completion of projects:

How many times did you have to complete literary projects? Well, very less while in high school and college! So was my little girl. It is this sudden jump in the number of assignments that to a great extent have resulted in their lack of interest in that specific subject. It is high time that these issues need to be addressed in the correct manner.
Since, majoring in a subject, especially English, is quite an issue hence, it is extremely important that these issues are dealt with in a proper and corrective manner. A detailed analysis with one of the top educationists of my knowledge, led me to suggest certain tips that to a great extent would help in making this subject equally interesting for students even at the university level.
Ways to deal with English as a subject at University level:
It is only when I saw that my girl was getting back to liking her choicest subject again, made me believe that these tips to a great extent, helps in ensuring that this subject is understood in a proper manner and pave out ways for further studies and research in this domain.

  • Help from online sources:

In present times, this is surely the most important and rather the best way to deal with a subject as English. As this subject is extremely progressive in nature, hence, it is important that one should consistently keep themselves updated with details of that subject.
Since, professional web provides a student a number of points of view, a wide variety of topics on a single subject or concept, it is imperative that students will take an interest in this domain. Also, University standards knowledge of English requires certain specific quotes and details that are to be found via online modes.
This mode definitely brought a new angle to my child’s study process, and would surely help you as well! As a matter of fact, there are a number of professional sites available for help!

  • Connecting different points from different subjects:

Could you ever think that geography and history of a place could be related to its literary compositions? In case you didn’t know that, it is important that you do check it out. University standards of knowing a subject has to be much deeper and connective.
It is only when these connections are taken into consideration, that an organic subject as English gets its true recognition. Not just that, this connection makes students check out the subject from a different perspective, thereby ensuring that they get a new lease into that subject.
So what are you wondering at? This cross connection to a great extent has helped my girl to regain her lost interest in the subject, and would surely help you as well.  In case you are having a problem in completing your homework or you are not able to gain materially from it, you can surely check out Ways to make completion of homework a learning process? That would help you in gaining knowledge while completing your regulatory duty!

  • Starting group studies:

Though an old method, yet it surely works to a great extent. since University students have a specific set of mind, and being English students, they are surely the widely read ones, hence, a joint study can be of great help as ideas get exchanged and one gets a new perspective regarding that topic.
I insisted that my daughter started taking up this practise, as well as participate in debates to make sure that her understanding of University standards of English became more competitive in nature. This in the long run turned extremely beneficial as I saw a marked change in her attitude towards the subject, rekindling of her old love and passion for that subject was found again.
Understanding mentalities of University students:
Since, University life is one phase wherein students have already set up their minds and thereby they have a certain specific train of thought. In this context, it is best that more and more competitive atmosphere is created for them, especially while dealing with a subject as English.
I have personally seen this kind of atmosphere extremely beneficial and would surely suggest it to University level English students. Do you have any other idea? Why don’t we mail us? We would love to hear from you!