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Use Synonyms, Antonyms and Homophones in Your Daily Life and Enhance Your Language Learning

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solutions

Everybody must have heard of the terms antonyms, synonyms and homophones. Let us look at their meanings and how these terms help us to enhance our language learning skills.
Meaning of synonyms
Synonym actually means a word or a phrase that means exactly or is almost same in its meaning as the other word or the phrase. It means you can interchangeably use these terms in your sentence formation.
For example, elated, happy, joyful are all synonyms because they mean the same thing. Usage of synonyms in your daily writing or communication will enhance the knowledge of different words and their usage in sentences.
Meaning of antonyms
Antonym means a word that is opposite in meaning of the given word. Means, it is the term given for the words that are totally opposite of each other or we can say poles apart. Examples of antonyms are bad and good, ugly and beautiful, agree and disagree etc.
Meaning of homophones
Homophone is used to describe the words that have same pronunciation but different meanings altogether. The sound of these words look like you are hearing the same thing but their meaning and usage is completely different.
For example, new and knew, too and two, know and no etc. We have to understand the context very well so that we can decide which word is to be used exactly when there is a situation related to dealing with homophones.
Let us see how Synonyms, Antonyms and Homophones will enhance language learning

  • You will get a better understanding about English language

You will get much better understanding about English language if you will study antonyms, synonyms and homophones. You will get to know about the usage of different words and their exact meanings.
You will also get to learn about the meanings of the words which you never have even heard before. All these concepts will sharpen your language skills and your knowledge will expand.

  • It will enrich your vocabulary

It will enrich your vocabulary to a great extent. When you study these concepts you learn new words. These new words will be a bundle of some really useful knowledge for you.
A person with a great vocabulary leaves a very strong impression when he communicates with other persons. Also you get a lot of advantage academically because teachers always appreciate the work of those students who are trying to use new words in English subject. You can get an edge over the others if your vocabulary is really good and strong.

  • It will make your concepts about different words very clear

It will make your basics also clear. You will read different sentences where antonyms, synonyms and homophones are used and you will learn the art of framing sentences with all these concepts in mind. Your word clarity will improve immensely. You will gain a lot of knowledge.

  • It will help you to score better in exams

It will help you a lot in exams to score better. There are many questions in exams and assignments that require you to find out antonyms, synonyms and homophones from unseen passages.
If you will be having a thorough understanding beforehand, and then you will not face any sort of problem while dealing with such questions. You will in fact enjoy the process of doing this activity and it will certainly help you to get better marks.

  • You will gradually use them in your daily routine

You will see slowly that by reading on these topics you will slowly incorporate them in your daily communication routine. These words will become a part and parcel of your daily lives. Your communication skills with other people in your group will become far better and refined than before.

  • It will boost up your confidence level

Clarity about these concepts will enhance your confidence level a lot. When you will talk to somebody they will be surely impressed by seeing your knowledge about different words that you will incorporate in your conversation. Such language skills over a period of time will become an integral part of your overall personality.
English is really a wonderful language. There is no need to cram anything. You just have to pay attention and understand the concepts and their usage.
Slowly by practicing and using various concepts in your daily routine of reading, writing and speaking, you will gradually see a lot of difference in your knowledge and you will evolve as a person with really high skills in this language.
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