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Top 5 Subject Combinations That Are Rapidly Growing Importance and Preference in Students’ Education

By Sarah J Mitchell
8 Nov, 2016

So, you have to choose your preferential subjects at the end of your high school which will determine your fate for college? Are you sure about what you want to pursue? Do you have a specific career goal? No? Then are you worried about making the wrong choices? It is only natural that you do since your entire future depends on the subject-concern.

How do you make choices when you barely know what you want to become in the near future? More than that, how do you do so and ensure that what you choose is the best available option for you. Well, there are a few options which you can try out which are preferred by most students and allow you to explore a wide range of options as well.

Check the top 5 subject combinations that are gaining preference at present:

The last two years according to a student, are the years of having fun. Thus, they barely pay attention to what to choose. In a consensus, it has been seen that most students take up same combination that their friends do, irrespective of whether they have a flair for.

This more often than not turns out to be a huge mistake as the students have to pursue some subjects in college which they have no interest in. Also, some of them are too unsure about the combination and hence face a dilemma when choosing.

Over the years, a trend has developed in which there are some combinations which are being preferred over others and which allow the students to explore their choices in college. They can pursue any of these subjects taken up in the combination and which interests them later in life.

Listed below are 5 such subjectcombinations which are mostly preferred over others:

“Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.”

  1. English

For students who are inclined toward art, this subject is most preferred as it gives them a wide number of career options to explore.

If you are one of those students who love to write and have flair to exhibit your critical opinion on a text, then this subject is right for you. Subject combinations include, English literature and language, along with history and foreign language and Latin, if possible.

  1. History

Another one of the preferred subjects by the high school students, this is appropriate for those who have a love for the past and can analyse the sources.Since this is an essay based subject, other similar subjects help cope with it better and provide you with a range of options to explore.

Combinations include- History, literature and government and politics. Some even take up classical civilisations as a substitute for government and politics.

  1. Geography

This subject has a wide range in itself and provides various career options for students who are likely to take it up. It deals with a range of topics, from demographics, to earth constituents to its processes. Thus, it helps you to judge whether you really want to pursue such a subject later in life.  Some preferredcombinations for this particular subject are:

  • Geography, Economics and Sociology.
  • Geography, Geology and Mathematics.
  • Geography, Economics and Mathematics.
  1. Engineering

For students who have their heart set on engineering, it is essential that you strengthen your foundation for science subjects. It is absolutely essential that you pick a subject combination which includes maths as it is necessary to progress in this stream with its help. The preferred combination or this includes:

  • Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Computer Science and Design &Technology
  1. Maths

If you want to pursue a career in maths or love maths, then it is essential that you pick an all science combination to further your interest in this particular stream.

Many schools offer further maths which enhance your math skills and allow you to understand the subject better. The preferred combination which includes maths is maths, further maths, and statistics. Some even replace statistics with any other science subjects like chemistry, physics, biology and even computing.

However, if you are reluctant to take it up because of the difficulty of the subject, and then be assured that you can avail some professional help to sort through such difficulties.

How are the choices made?

So, now that you know which are top 5 subject combinations which are preferred by students nowadays, you might be wondering how they could choose them, when you are so confused with your choices?

Well, it’s easy as they choose based on different factors which allow them to pick whichever career they think is best suited for them later in life. These include the subjects they like, choosing subjects that allow them to explore and such other factors as listed below.

  1. What do students like?

When choosing a subject combination, it is essential that you pick a subject which you like, or which interests you. If you choose subject combination simply because you would be meeting your friend more often, won’t do as it will hamper your career objectives. So, choose a subject you will study for and have a greater chance of doing well in it.

  1. Choosing facilitating subjects

A facilitating subject is a subject which keeps your options open and allows you to explore in university. In the above top 5 subject combinations, you will notice that each of them have one of two facilitating subjects. Thus, it allows the students to choose from a wide range of options, in case they change their mind in future. These subjects include:

  • Mathematics
  • English literature
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • History
  • Classical and modern languages
  1. Subjects offered by the institution

Some students even choose based upon the subject options that a school provide. All schools are unable to provide a number of options as they might lack the infrastructure to do so. Like for example, some school do not have further mathematics nor do they have classical civilizations. Thus, the options are pretty limited.

There are certain subjects that you need to avoid by choosing your combination in school. These subjects provide very little exposure and restrict your options. Moreover, they do little to add to your learning and academic skills and are hence, looked down upon by many universities. This includes:

  • General studies
  • Media studies
  • Dance
  • Critical thinking
  • Home economics

So, make your choices wisely and think and discuss it before you do. You can acquaint yourself with the syllabus in order to find out how big a challenge it would be for you to take it up. Also, you can discuss the subject combination with your parent or etchers to affirm whether you are taking up the right combination or not. So, go ahead and choose from the preferred combinations and advance your career.

“Self-development is a higher duty than self-sacrifice.”

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