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6 Best Ways to Perform Just the Day Before Your Final Exam

by Nov 8, 2016Test Help

Examinations are the most crucial time of any student’s life. Even though many psychologists are strictly against this present system of assessment and believe, each individualis placed under undue pressure.
As a result of these, it is cleared that it is the order of the day. While some people prefer to study all year round or at least few days before the day of exam, there are still others who rather study one day before. There can be many reasons for this lack of will to study but it does not change the fact that performance is key to be successful in life.
Determinants of performance
Even though there is no sure shot method in which one may attain precedence in a test or examination, but some of these more popular methods that can be adopted while getting ready for exams are as follows:

  • Seriousness is a very important determinant of performance. Those who are not serious and fool around all year seldom do well.
  • Preparation can also be considered as one the most crucial ways to ensure good results. If a person does not prepare how can they expect to get top marks?
  • Awareness is another determining factor when it comes to performing in any discipline. If you are aware of what to study and how to study then you are bound to do very well in the paper.
  • Personal capability is a point that must be stressed on. We are all born with affinities towards certain disciplines while we have limited when it comes to others. Some might be good at math while bad history or vice versa.
  • Determination makes up for the lack of personal capability. For example, a man without hands learns to use his feet to write, this is because of his determination to be better.
  • Hard work is perhaps the last attribute and determining agent when it comes to attaining success in any subject and doing really

However, these determinants can only work if you start well before deadline and practice your work regularly. For those who love to study last minute or are just habituated to this regressive system more immediate measures are required to improve performance.
Ways to perform just the day before your final exam
Preparing at the last minute is not at all recommended and can be very tasking and nerve wrecking. However, sometimes a person has no choice but to learn everything in a day. With the exam tomorrow there is not much you can do but to follow the steps given below and make sure you get lucky:

  1. Create stress-free study environment

While you try to absorb maximum information in a day you need to make sure the environment you choose is optimum. The needs for a proper stress-free environment are:

  • Better retention
  • Clearer thinking
  • Less need for breaks
  • Reduced levels of frustration

Now an optimum environment would be one which will be away from loud noises or people. Studying at a quiet and a place of solitude is what the aim should be. Hence some of the ideal study places would be a library or your bedroom. Lock yourself in with the essentials like lots of water, food and your books. To maintain a positive study environment refrain from talking on the mobile phone, in fact switch it off for the day. It can do wonders for your concentration.

  1. Search for effective study techniques

Most might not realizethis, but the best way to retain the maximum knowledge is by adopting some unique and effective study techniques. The top methods to use in the last day are:

  • Mnemonics

When you use mnemonics, it makes remembering easier. The primary cause for this is that it takes only a small part of the memory and is easy to recall, making it ideal for those who want to remember the maximum amount in a small amount of time.

  • Rote memory

If the person is good at rotememory, then there is nothing better than to learn by heart. There is no time to understand and reproduce in the last minute. You cannot improvise just study the class notes and write it in the exam.

  • Reading out loud

When you see and hear what you are reading, it increases the ability of the individual to grasp information.In fact, psychologists recommend reading out loud to ensure students are able to retain knowledge.

  • Flashcards

Flash cards are a fun and fast way of remembering. Prepare a few flash cards and study the information in order to produce positive results in the tests.

  • Learning in point

When you absorb knowledge, it points it ensures you get the crux of information and enables a person to gather most of the data without forgetting.

  1. Make a selective plan

The biggest mistake that can be made for those studying one day before the exam wants to complete the whole syllabus. Go through the curriculum and see which topics were marked important or stressed on the most. Aim to complete only the crucial topics and leave out the rest for this paper.
If you are looking for other related help like top 5 tips to reduce exam anxiety, then starting by making a proper plan is a good way to go.
Advantages of selective study are:

  • Takes off the burden of having to complete the entire syllabus in one night and this can be a relief.
  • The student can now concentrate on thing at a time which means that their chances of performing increase.
  • Gives you a better idea of what you should do in depth and what can be browsed through for future reference.
  1. Take breaks

Often the importance of taking breaks is ruled out especially in the last day preparations. This can be the mistake that costs you from performing well.
Breaks should never exceed study time but taken in small and right amounts will give your mind the time it needs to retain what you are learning and do so without exhausting itself. Imagine how tired you will be if you study at a stretch without breaks. This might cause bouts of sleepiness or even faint in the examination hall.

  1. Keep space for improvisations

As you study, it will come to your notice that some topics are just not getting inside your head. This is the time you need to improvise you can take two approaches:

  • Just study the main portions in point form or mnemonics
  • Leave the topic for later or just glance through

There is no time to waste at this point and there are a million things to do. It is unnecessary to dwell on one topic for hours. Improvisations and use of common sense will help you make it through this test.

  1. Do not keep unrealistic expectations

It cannot be stressed on enough that keeping unrealistic expectations can not only be regressive but can wound self-esteem and confidence. Since pupil finds them in a situation where everything or most of the syllabus has to done in a day, hoping to top the exam or being to remember everything will be a bad expectation.
Instead, the best way to make sure that they make it through this test and are able to perform well enough to make themselves and their happy they need to keep grounded and make the best of the time that is in hand. Realistic ideas are their salvation and shortcut to decent and above average performance.
With the tips stated above you can manage a good performance if you add to them a sense of calm and composure. None of the tips will work if you are frazzled and your concentration constantly wavers. So take a deep breath and start your preparations! This will definitely make your stand better.