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How Are Physical Activities as Important as Studies for Students?

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Help

Physical activities are extremely important part of a complete Academic system for more reasons than one. For building a person’s character adequately, academics are simply not enough. Studies may be the prime most important aspect of academics but that in no way can undermine the secondary importance of Physical activities, sports and gaming.
While some might be more interested in studies, the others might, again, feel more tilted towards sports and physical activities which really do have an important position in the Education system as a whole.
Why should the importance of sports and physical activities never be undermined?
The importance of sports and physical activities must never be undermined because it sports play an important role in shaping you as a person.
Sport is not just bunch of games to entertain you. These have a lot more values to teach you individually and collectively than your entire academic books can even think about teaching together. Your studies are extremely important and help you in building a good career for yourself if it is studies and subjects that fascinate you and you wish to continue in.
On the other hand, if it is sports that fascinate you and you see yourself enjoying doing that as a full-fledged career for yourself in the future; you should totally go for it. But neither of your interests should undermine the value of either of them. You must learn to balance the two.
The fact, however, is that sports or physical activities isactually the field or the aspect of education that is usually suppressed or not given the due importance to. But you must always encourage your fellow students or your students, if you are a teacher, to do whatever they wish to do as far as their career is concerned.
How is physical activities an important part of the academic system?
Physical activities are a very important part of the academic system because of more reasons than one. Like every subject tends to teach you different things and renders you different types and aspects of knowledge, the Physical activities or sports, for that matter, does have a lot to teach you.
Not only is sports more relaxing than all the subjects that you are to study but also insanely more entertaining and easier to love and what else do you need for you career to be successful than actually love what you are doing?
The academic system has to be perfectly balanced and to strike a balance between physical activities and studies. You need to give both the due importance that they deserve and teach the students similarly.
Once the students learn to respect physical activities and studies equally, there will be no hindrance in their path to actual success. They will then get a fair share of both-work and play. However, play in sports does, in no way make it any less important because theplay is an extremely important part of life, one without which you might as well turn into a grumpy human being.
How are physical activities as important as studies for students?
Physical activities are as important as studies for students because of a number of reasons. They teach the students the informal aspects of Education which are just as important. However, the top 6 reasons why they’re important are as follows:

  1. Physical activities teach you the value of teamwork
  • Teamwork is something that is just as valuable as any other aspect of studies in individual subjects.
  • When you study history or Physics, you study it alone and all you need to do is learn things and then jot down what you’ve learnt.
  • But when it comes to Physical activities, you have to deal with adverse practical situations where you have to let go of selfishness and play as a team.
  • Teamwork is one value that no amount of theoretical knowledge can teach you and this, in turn, goes on to instill in you the value of selflessness, the value that no subject can teach you.
  1. Physical activities teach you about trust and responsibility
  • Physical activities teach you more about life than the entire set of academic theoretical books ever can.
  • You need to know about all the theorems and the chronicles of your country but what also is equally important is to become a better person, a responsible citizen and a person whom people can count on.
  • Studies chisel your intelligence, but sports and physical activities shape your personality.
  1. Being positively competitive is something that Physical activities teach you about
  • The competitive spirit is something that not just Physical activities but even studies teach you but what is different here, is that you give your all but don’t let ego come in the way.
  • Sports teach you to be competitive but also teach you that to fail once is okay because mistakes and failures are all a part of life.
  • They drive you to work hard to achieve what you want and teach you that what is actually important is that you give your best. This helps you shed off the negative feeling of failure.
  1. Physical activities unite people from all aspects of the society
  • Studies also unite people from all aspects of society but sports and Physical activities tend to unite people from all aspects of society in a closer knit bond than studies ever can.
  • Physical activities unite people without giving the feeling of being not good enough and giving every person a sense of belonging. In sports, every aspect of it is equally important and if you’re a part of it, you are special.
  1. Physical activities give you enough hope to become celebrities, more than studies can.
  • Studies are obviously a major part of the entire system that every country has created but what goes ignored for no reason is Physical activities and Sports.
  • Whenever physical activities tend to be underestimated, you must remind them that excelling in Physics or history may not make you celebrities and popular but sports has the ability to do that.
  • You can be anybody, rich, poor, anything and still be good at sports and completely popular. This is something that hardly happens in studies.
  1. Physical activities refresh you from all the mental stress and keep you fit
  • Now, apart from all the values that they instill in you, sports also go on to relieve you of all the stress that you might have built up trying to study the numerous subjects that you have.
  • They serve as the best kind of breaks and make you feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • The best part, however, is that not only do they refresh you but also help you in keeping fit.

So, the fact is that if you balance studies and sports or physical activities together, there is no stopping you.