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Top 7 Ways to Master the Basics of Mathematics

by Nov 2, 2016Mathematics

Basic mathematics is required in every step of our life. Starting from our daily budgeting, checking all expenditure bills, in thebankingsector, for our monthly and yearly savings, teaching our kids and in several other types of official jobs. So we need to gainsufficient knowledge of the basic mathematics. Hence, we need to learn it properly from the very beginning. But in reality, the scenario is quite different.
The subject terrifies most of the students due to lack of good teaching, theproper explanation they are unable to develop a bold concept on the subject. So instead of doing mathematics students try to avoid it, and insufficient practice and poor confidencelimit them to ‘jack’ of this ‘trade’ forbidding them from becoming ‘master’ in mathematics.
If you want to be the master of mathematics or you want to make your kids a professional mathematician, you need to explore the knowledge on the subject. Try to learn it with fun and enjoy the techniques and tricks that are involved in the subject.
I know it is not so easy so here we are discussing a few easy steps that help to master the basics of mathematics if they are followed by the initial stage.

  • Regular attendance

Students need to attend their class on a regular basis or else they will miss the subject teacher’s explanations, and that may prove to be a real disaster in their maths career.

  • All the chapters and topic of this subject are interlinked in every possible way. So missingone lecture of their teacher means voluntarily breaking that link and welcoming troubles. They will fail to learn the link hidden in this subject.
  • If the link is lost a lot of unwanted, unnecessary confusion, about every next topic will arise. Unable to understand the topic which is discussed in the class, they will be lagging behind for sure.


  • Be attentive

Students must pay their full attention totheir teacherin their math class so that they can learn the topics and the explanation of subject teacher perfectly. Hence –

  • They have to make sure that they can understand the topic well and perfectly in all senses.
  • They need to clear all their doubts and queries about the concerned topics immediately, right there in the class from their teacher, leaving no chance of lagging behind.


  • A student has every right to ask for a second-time explanation on any topic if they feel so.
  • Practice often

To someone, it is a bitter truth that maths is a subject of extreme practice. To develop enough knowledge in basic mathematics students need to practice more and more sums and problems. They must study and work out sums even after their school at home.So –

  • They need to choose a noise free isolated study spot in their house, where they can pay full attention and concentration.
  • They must follow the textbook and the class notes properly.
  • Students can learn a lot from the given examples in the books and class notes. So, they must follow the example in the textbook at least.
  • For more practice,a student can follow few reference books, so they can learn several tricks and techniques of the subject which are not usually taught in general classes. Thus, gradually they can become more skilful in mathematics.


  • Seek helpfrom experts

Math is not a subject to be learnt alone without any aid.Assistance is requiredat almost every stepfor a proper explanation.So,if students require help they can

  • Ask help from anyone in the family who is an expert in the subject
  • Can contact any qualified professional or subject teacher. Because an unprofessional person might mislead them unintentionally creating unwanted hassles.
  • You can join any online mathematics help provider it is the most updated and easiest way of learning. There you will get world’s best-qualified professionals under one roof for your assistance.


  • Group study

Group study is one of the best ways to learn the subject and explore the knowledge of different students with their different queries and abilities, study together in one place. Several questions evolve there, and the students try to solve them right there on their own.So –

  • Students can enjoy more to study with their friends.
  • It enhances their problem-solving ability
  • Increases their confidence level.
  • Makes them bold enough to take further challenges.


  • Real life application

One of the best ways to learn the inner meaning of maths is to understand its application. Simple! Try it for yourself. Wherever in your daily life, you have to make calculations like in grocery stores while making budget,

  • Start to go in the market make yourself involve in daily purchasing, exchanging money.
  • Calculate how much money you will get back from the shopping
  • Add some amount in your piggy bank and ask your self different small calculation about the savings your interest for calculation will be increased
  • Learn in creative ways

Often students get bored with same syllabus, same schedule, and the same way of studying hence, become less interested in practicing more. So to boost up their energy level, they must find some innovative way of studying:

  • Engage yourself to play several math games, chess, cards, a game of dice, etc. It will make you more calculative and enhance your thinking  andsolving
  • Involve in different math competitions and quizzes on maths it will increase your interest, reduces your exam phobia and enhances your confidence level so that you can take any challenge easily.
  • Another good way of learning maths is to get a grip on Abacus. Abacus is perhaps the world’s first calculator. It consists of a frame with several wires and beads mounted on them. Using the beads, calculations become much easier and faster than usual finger calculations.
  • Knowledge of Abacus enhances the computational skills of a student, and this helps him a lot for solving problems when they face maths in home assignments or tests.

Mathematics is a brain teaser subject. It helps to develop an overall brain. Personal understanding is also needed in this. If you start to learn mathematics by your heart from the beginning or you can make your child love this subject. Learn it by heart that helps to enhance the brain power, application power calculation power and the memory power.
So above 7 steps are not only to master the basic of mathematics but ‘Is your child having memorising problem? Help your child with these 7 tips’. These will help your children to be a good mathematician and also enhance their memorising power.What you are thinking about? Think Different! Gain More!