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Is Your Child Having Memorising Problem? Help Your Child with These 7 Tips

by Nov 2, 2016Homework Solutions

Often, some old experiences and thoughts come suddenly in our mind. But sometimes we fail to remember one’s name or telephone number; we simply forget that information. Do you know why it happens? Our brain helps us to recollect this old information. When our sensory nerves failed to recollect information, we are unable to remember them.
Our brain and the nervous system work together as a central processing unit of a computer. It can store lots number of information that we gather from several experiences throughout our life and later on help to recall them as per requirement. This neurological process of storing and recalling information by human being termed as memorization.
Memorization is required in every aspect of our life. Especially in our student life, when we have to recollect lots of stories, poetries, poems, several questions and answers from these prose and poetries. It also helps to cope up with the toughest subject like mathematics.
Reason of weak memories
I am sure often parents suffer for their children’s forget fulness; they forget to take their pens pencils in a school bag, forget their prepared lesson unable to recollect them in front of their teachers in the class. So they are let down in their class, face problems in the examination and unable to achieve a good grade.
This is a common example of memory lapse, and it is a natural phenomenon in the old age, but for younggeneration, this can happen for different reasons. If parents want to sort these problems out from their children’s life, they must know the proper reasons of their kid’s weak memories.

  • Brain disease

An acute brain disease can be the cause of tour child’s weak memory so never neglect this.

  • Drugs and medicines

Intake of some powerful drugs and medicines on a regular basis sometimes causes memory lapse.

  • Work pressure

Nowadays, involving the children in several activities is a fashion to the parents. So children have to engage themselves in several sectors in different ways, these increases their work pressure and reduce their leisure.
Due to a lot of work pressure, they have to spend a stressful life. Stressfulness can be another reason of memory loss as you know that ‘all work and no play…’ can make your child a ‘dull boy’. So parents need to try for reducing their children’s excess work pressure and stress.

  • Lack of sleep

A proper healthy system can help your child in all over growth. A sufficient amount of sleep is required for maintaining this system. Lack of sleep is one of the most important reasons of your kid’s weak memory.  So let them sleep as much as their requirement.

  • Lack of balance food

You must know that for a proper health and brain growth, proper nutrients is required. Lack of balanced food can be the reason of malnutrition hence, can be a vital cause of your children’s weak memory.

  • Use of electronic gadgets

With the advancement of science and technology children are used to the handling of different electronic gadgets such as calculators, computers, etc. Instead of using their brain memory they like to use these gadgets like these are the easiest way.
So their brain power is gradually decaying. This is the most important reason of weak memory for the children of this age.
Believe me; good memory is one of the ’Top 7 Ways to Master the basics of Mathematics’. A good memory power is one of the best keys to progress in our life hence, it helps us to achieve a sure success in our academic life and our corporate life too.
Trouble faced due to weak memory

Due to memorising problem, your kids have to face lots of troubles every day such as-

  • Unable to store the information for a long time in their memory so they forget to pass the information to the right person at the right time.
  • Unable to remember any fact accurately, some parts can be retrieved from the memory but some parts are not.
  • For example, your child informs you about the next parent teachers meeting that will be held in their school soon, but unable to recollect the exact date and time of the meeting.
  • Unable to remember the prepared lesson so they have to embarrass in front of teachers and get poor academics. Hence, their confidence level is hampered.
  • Due to this poor memory, they are not able to pay full attention in their class. Because in the back of the mind, they are always thinking about some other things.
  • Maybe they do not find their eraser and pencils, or else they have forgotten to bring their notebooks,

If you want to help your child to get rid of these problems you have to identify the exact problem, try to solve that and help them to enhance their memory. Here are some tips for you which will help your child to get rid of all memorising problems.

  1. Be with them

Try to spend more time with your kids and always keep one eye on them

  • Involve yourself in their study and try to find some innovative way to memorise their lesson.
  • Let them read the text loudly again and again
  • Make them learn by writing more and more for maximum revisions. This will help them to keep the learning in their memory for a long time.
  • Help them to visualise the lesson, remember visual memory is the strongest memory.
  • Ask them small questions from their lesson frequently when they are playing and doing some other jobs too.
  • Try to teach them with fun so that they can love and enjoy their study it will reduce their pressure.
  1. Let them do their own job freely (for sometime)

The children, who have a poor memory, are always very absentminded. They cannot do any job in a proper manner. But never try to help them by doing their job, let them do their job on their own. You can:

  • Make a list of their jobs and fix it on the wall for an easy view
  • Give a reminder for checking the list and doing the job properly.
  • Make them alert to take all the necessary goods in their school bag when they are arranging the bag.
  • Give them a reminder to write down all important information in the notebook date wise
  • Cheek their notebook and school diary on a regular basis
  • Announce for are ward if they can complete their all the jobs.
  1. Encourage their imagination power

Children are always very imaginative they want to share their imagination with their closer. But often we avoid them as we do not have that much of time.

  • Try to listen to those and ask them to write it down. You can ask few questions from that. It will enhance your children’s memorising power.
  • At the bed time ask them to tell the story that you had told them in the previous
  1. Memory game

Allow your kids to play memory game which is brain teasing like the chess, dice, crosswords, puzzles, etc. it will increase their memory power.

  1. Proper nutrients

You must be very careful about your kid’s diet. For proper development of the brain, you must give them several vitamins containing food like

  • Pulses
  • Wholegrain
  • Fresh vegetable and fruits
  • Milk and curd
  • Eggs and meet
  1. Sufficient leisure and rest

Your kids required sufficient time to enjoy the leisure and rest. These will help for the physical, mental and neurological development of your child. So let them play and sleep as they require.

  1. Understand your kid’s nature

You need to understand your kid’s type and then find some innovative way as per the type to enhance your kid’s memorising power. You can contact any online service provider they can help you in a different way.
So, does not panic with your kid’s memorising problems. Try to follow the above steps and take the proper, necessary action to sort out these problems.