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Should Your Child Use Software to Solve Mathematical Equations?

by Nov 2, 2016Mathematics

Almost everyone had suffered from momentum forgetfulness when in a hurry for mathematical assignments or exams. These are quite natural as a result of panic or stress. Usually, students are required to finish their homework almost regularly. But these assignments are really some extra challenges which need to be submitted on time. Grades are dependent on the result, so they are unavoidable.
Mathematical software and few of them:
Mathematics is one of the main subjects that have many career options open in the near future. One student majoring in this subject is considered to be a fast calculating machine in human form. In the past that might be 100% truth but in the recent advance age this is not quite so. There is mathematical software in many types that let a student analyze, calculate and solve different models of numerical, symbolical data.
Various geometrical problems are also described and solved in detail through this software. There is commonly used software that has become popular due to their perfect calculating power. They are:

  • Microsoft Mathematics

This isfree software that helps a student solves the complex type of mathematical problems. Its focus is on algebra, but you can use it for drawing 2D or 3D images. This software teaches not just math, but also basics of chemistry and physics.

  • CompliCalc

This is another of the free software which lets a student find solutions of algebra and other similar calculations. It is very fast and quick in its tasks. It has abilities to solve different mathematical problems involving discount, square root, factorial and distance, etc. To use a different task you have to specify it in its main interface.

  • Math Editor

This is quite useful for students trying to create various equations like alpha, beta, square root, Cyrillic, etc. It supports any of the forms namely, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

  • SpeQ Mathematics

This is free software for math students with inbuilt options to carry out calculations involving various constants, variables and functions. You are able to solve trigonometry using it.

  • Euler Math Toolbox

This ispopular math software that helps studentsperform addition, subtraction, algebra, calculus, matrices and many other complicated math functions and equations.This is a very useful freeware.

  • QMental

The name suggests its duties. Doing themath in your mind requires no extra tools or calculators. This freeware is popular among students who believe in their abilities for math problems but need a sure guidance for right direction. It helps in addition, subtractions, divisions, multiplications, etc.

  • xFunc

This freeware helps thestudent find solutions to complicating math problems very easily. It has different functions which have to be chosen first before calculation.

  • JxCirrus Maths

This is a good freeware for students who want to learn mathematics from basics. It is a popular selection for children.

  • MathForChild

This is very popular among children as this is not just fast but also quick in its performance. All general math functions as additions, subtractions, multiplications, divisions and other similar functions are available for your child.

  • Geogebra

It is a common selection among math teachers. This provides a professional guidance for students who want to solve problems of linear programming, vectors, calculus, discrete math, algebra, statistics, graphs, geometry, complex numbers and functions, etc.

  • GeoEnzo

This is another one of that popular freeware for math teachers. It specifically concentrates on geometry. It starts with basics and helps students draw geometrical shapes like acone, triangles, cubes, lines and circles, etc.


It is commonly known for its huge popularity. From basics to advanced stages, this software is the one you should choose.


It has the same abilities as that freeware I mentioned above. This is also a popular selection among math students.
Why are some parents against it?
In the beginner’s level, math teaches some general calculations and functions to children. Some parents believe,“mistakes are proof that you are trying”and agrees to teach their children through their full support. They even hire private tutors for their child’s sure success.
I do agree that depending on software to calculate math problems too much is harmful to children. They lose their natural abilities in calculations. But when it is about advanced level of math, engineering assignments or similar then wasting time for simple calculations can be disastrous in exam hall. People are even trying 7 tips to make Engineering assignments easy. So why not using the math software for basic math calculations?
What is gained through it?
The answer to this question is important as not just saving time, but students are learning math also through them.

  • Various useful and popular math software are free.
  • They are Windows compatible software.
  • There are lots of features unified in them like graphs, matrices, geometry and shapes such as triangle, cone, circles,
  • There are complex numbering, vectors, statistics, algebra, probability that are taught by these.
  • All of these have basic calculating abilities including additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

These are some of those reasons why students should opt for mathematical software. They are fast when you need them and very easy to handle. They are quite useful when you are analyzing some mathematical notes or data from assignment and homework helping websites. All expert and experienced teachers will prepare notes for students.
Although those websites provide all necessary guidance for basic to advance studies but still you will require a support for all time right? That is when math software comes in handy.