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Online vs. Physical Private Tutors! Whom to Choose?

by Nov 2, 2016Online Tutoring

Students falling behind their schedules and doing not so good isn’t a new matter to their parents. There are lots of reasons involved for this consequence. Only by finding out those reasons one can solve it permanently. More or less it is either that student didn’t understand any of the lessons taught in their class or they are shy enough to ask what is intangible to them. These are solved very easily if their parents are active to find solutions.
How to solve imbalance in learning:
The fastest solution would be to consult their teachers. After hearing out those problems, teachers can pay extra attention to those children. Faster treatment to this unnatural shyness is better for their future. Memorizing things without understanding them will be troublesome for their future tests. Grabbing some professional support from school counseling classes can also be useful.
Some parents sought a better solution which is hiring a private tutor for their child. This isfor either they want their child to cope up with their delayed schedule or do better than before. But no matter what is the cause, a parent has to pay extra attention to things their children particularly lack. Hiring private tutors for a subject that is already understood by the child is not just useless but also a process to steal away independent thoughts.
Online and Physical tuition:
This heading directly places this post’s subject in front of any reader. Anyone who has decided for a private tutor might have come with this matter. In the recent times, a tutor is now available online to hire. This doesn’t mean physical tutoring has vanished from the context.

  • This situation is unique in a sense that tutor isn’t present in front of that person physically, but through the internet they are ready to guide a student.
  • Here you must remember that these online tuitions aren’t pre-recorded.
  • They are live videos, and tutors are ready to answer a student’s direct questions.
  • It is a distant learning process.
  • Payment options are as easy as simple bank transfers or through PayPal.
  • Usually, teachers use Skype or similar technologies to deliver tuitions.

Students decide on this online process of taking tuitions because they can choose those teachers they want to have guidance from. If it is the distance which was hindering this matter then now through theinternet this problem is solved.
Why would you choose online tuitions?
Even though some parents are quite strict for physical tutoring but the continuous reputation of theonline version is creating a wave of their thoughts. The most commonly known reasons backing it up are:

  • Travel costs are zero. Usually, not all students can find a better tutoring option near their house. So without thinking they have to enrollin a far away option from their house which is costly to travel to.
  • Some families migrate a lot due to their professions or other reasons. Students are catching up with new atmospheres and new schools are quite enough to bear with but if their tutors are also changed that might cause some sure havoc. This situation can be averted through online tutoring.
  • Cost is a matter to think twice for. Tutors charge less for online tutoring where they have to visit the child’s house for a face-to-face tutoring. This is quite a good option for those students who want best tuitions even with a low budget.
  • This online tuition can be recorded while it is live. This way a student can take support from it for their future guidance.
  • This is a short and flexible tutoring option and is possible anytime. I mean, think of a situation that you are unable to reach the center yet you need support at that very moment. Through online tuition, you can contact your tutor anytime and get particular support.
  • With the modern outline everywhere students are comfortable to get online support. Through various assignment and homework help providing websites, they remain in touch with this online world. So basically, online tutoring is in the hot seat!

Reasons why physical version is still popular?
Even with all those reasons I mentioned above, physical and face-to-face tutoring is still a popular option. A large number of parents think that even if online version is gaining reputation, private tutoring face-to-face can never be substituted.

  • Online tutoring has a lack of presence in itself. Students cannot feel that presence of their tutor which is a drawback in itself.
  • After a teacher provides support through online videos, tutors cannot see what their students are doing. Did they get it and what about their practices? Tutors aren’t there to rectify faults afterwards.
  • Online tutoring requires very fast broadband connection to maintain the smoothness of those videos.
  • Tutors themselves are feeling a lack of motivation and communication through online tuition.

There are some other techniques to solve the questions these days. As I mentioned students are quite dependent on internet and that helps through various software. But consider first, should your child use software to solve mathematical equations? These are faster but sometimes are harmful to your child’s own understanding and calculative powers. Here, you will find the difference as tutors are helpful, and they let you practice yourself later.You have to make sure your kids are prepared beforehand for homework or assignments.
“Preparation is the key to success.”
Taking private tutors’ guide is a better option. Both online and physical tuitions have good and bad points. Choosing it is completely up to the person who requires them depending on their convenience.