Employee Relations 

For people who researched upon the kind of organizational structure that is taken into consideration, there can be a certain amount of change in terms of employee relation.  Till very recently, all these works were carried forward keeping in mind a reference frame. These frames thought that it was pretty normal for unions as well as collective bargaining to take place.  The different questions asked out there and had its primary focus on the organization of the Trade Union as well as different kinds of bargaining. The practices prevalent in the UK regarding employment had also been getting assaulted by both the employers as well as government. From the year 1997, lots of focus has been provided to functioning of the fresh establishments which were established in order to give the trade unions a method by the help of which they would get recognition from the employers and also get the backing of the large workforce. The different agreements between the employers and employees would now be honored at all times owing to the efforts taken up by the government under Tony Blair. Most of the people hence focus upon the formal aspects present in the employment and the manner in which the condition of the trade unions would improve again. Lots of firms exist in the present times which are not managed by any union. Here the employers have been the mainstay for many years now. Hence now you know why the age old reference frames are in use.

Different academics who have specialization in this particular field, have been taking a look at the relationship between employees from completely unique and new perspectives. These people have also been asking many different questions by virtue of their continued research. Many people have often said that the time for the specialists of industrial relationship is up. These people hence should be focusing on working in different modern places. In these places, the very concept of trade unions as well as collective bargaining is completely irrelevant in nature.

The search for the procedures or committees could become a deterrent in the path of those people seeking new forms of practices. In the year 1968, collective bargaining was considered to be one of the main social practices. Tis can be compared to shopping in the supermarkets presently and the kind of effect it has on the economy, life of the common man as well as upcoming institutions. The problem that exists thereafter is that the people presently try to catch hold of solitary log which is getting washed down by a heavy gushing stream of changes of the society and the economy. Some might argue that one has to hold on to a log, but the other new currents in the river need to be tapped in and explored too.

Hence presently one will be able to observe a really great progress in employee relations, which are getting studied. All the big shots in the field, are keeping themselves involved in various issues, and developing new models to follow. The author Guest, in the year 2001 said that the developments which take place in those contracts of the mind between employees and employers can provide with a good insight regarding relationship between employers and employees in the years to come. The authors Rubery along with Grimshaw in 2003 tell in a proper manner about employment institutions which go ahead of the both unions and collective bargaining.

The involvement of the employees in the different jobs has been studied in details by the English researchers for quite some time now. It actually brings about a reference point based on which, the managers in the field of HR can think about. This will be also a frame of reference for the chapters present in the other parts of the book. The main questions that require answers are:

  • Tell about the extent to which the employees should indulge in making decision.
  • Tell whether the involvement of the employees in the company should be made directly or via the unions.
  • What type of involvement should ideally occur?
  • State the level of organization in which the involvement should be taking place.
  • Name the issues that should be brought forward by this type of involvement.

The answers to the above questions will obviously be varied in nature. In some places, the trade unions would not be established at all. In these cases, the managers will have a certain say about the manner in which the employees would come for decision making. In the other companies, the managers do not have too much of room for flexibility, if they wish to bring about a degradation of the relationship between employers and employees. It will be very much possible to continue a business, with minimum amount of involvement of the employees. This option however is not always the best one. In order to accommodate the workers in the management of the company, a really firm case can be framed. This can happen in a direct manner as well as by the representatives or unions.

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