Summary Propositions

20.1 The practice of employee relation, had lots of unions as well as collective bargaining for a certain part of the 1900s.

20.2 since the year 1979, the membership of the trade unions have decreased to a large extent along with the collective bargaining.

20.3 owing to the fact those different trade unions have grown to become marginal in nature. The employee involvement actually contains more influence from the employers.

20.4 The things that the law requires, is made according to the demands of the different employees. These rules actually determine the relationship that exists between the government and the employees.

20.5 You will see that it is quite possible for doing identification of the different categories that allow consenting of providing variations in the involvement of the employee.

20.6 The involvement of the employee in the different initiatives is quite direct in nature. These people of course do not have any kind of representative in the workforce.

20.7 There of course exist some convergences in the present times when it comes to regulation of the system of the employee relation.

General Discussion Topics

  • Name the things that the employees are required to get involved in and what should they be doing after joining?
  • State how much you agree to the proposal that a decline in the state that the unions exist in presently will bring about their decline.
  • Name the forms of direct involvement of the employee which you find to be extremely exciting from the viewpoint of an employee?

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