The employee relations vary widely throughout the country. It is an area of HRM where in the recent times there has occurred some degree of convergence in order to bring about an increase in the competition. It is quite clear that in spite of lots of completion from around the world, there still exist some differences. Different countries have actually reacted differently to these environmental stresses.

The studies of comparison, which have taken in fully industrialized countries, show the effect that traditional approach of industrial relations has brought. There is a kind of historical experience in the area as a result of the irregular variations. The big dimension through which the system in use nationally varies is provided here:

  • Membership of high and low union.
  • Bargaining by single employer and many employers.
  • Government role of the intervention based type and non-intervention based type.
  • Tradition of consensual type and adversarial kind.
  • The management involving autocratic behavior or involving the employees.

International Perspectives 8You need to make a reference to trends in relations between employees and detect the ways in which the relationship between employees of England has changed ways in the present.

You will observe that there exist lots of variations in the system used in the country as well as that of the other areas mentioned above. It has to be said that things never quite stay still and is always on the move. However you should now that there are certain practices which become quite associated with particular countries. For example you will see in Japan that the level of union membership is especially high. Hence the management practices are strictly autocratic in nature; the unions however work together to a large extent. In countries of Europe such as Germany, social partnerships are often established. You will find lots of people process of decision making bargaining etc. The employers are hence bound to consult the employees through use of the councils. You will find that France has almost no unions. The unions have a big role to play in negotiations of terms and conditions as they have been given that power by the law. The countries of the Eastern Europe have a lot of good interventions form the government side. The government is always involved in settling down some bare minimums such as number of days for holiday as well as the wages that people oil get.

The companies which are multinational in nature will be facing some effects of a variation of the usually followed approach that will be provided out here. The corporate culture in the company is improved upon by the people by adapting to a simple approach. For success to visit the company, they should be working upon the creation of strategy that would work all over the earth. The considerations made in employee relations, hence has a really big to part play to determine the country that would be elected as the place for conduction of the operations.


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