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Strategies to Do Homework during Holidays

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Help

Do you hate the task of doing your daily home assignments? Are you looking forward to the break that is offered? Homework is tedious and extremely exhausting. However, if one is forced to face this perilous task during the holidays, it is absolutely unbearable.
So the question is how to combat this problem and make sure that the break you have been givenis not ruined? Well, the simplest solution is to get it over with as soon as possible but if you are the type of individual who likes to take it slow then follow the plan below.
Strategy to tackle homework
Holidays are a time of fun and frolic and the last thing you want is to sit at the corner and hide your face in books. There are simple ways to avoid this and make sure that you get the best of both worlds. Implying that not only can you get the work done but get entertained too. The strategy to follow is stated below:

  • Make a schedule

The easiest and sure shot way to get things done is by planning effectively. To make a plan one must learn the art of preparing a schedule. Even though most do not appreciate the importance of this task it should not be undermined for its simplicity.
If a person makes a strategically devised schedule and religiously follows it to the tee then they can ensure smooth completion of homework and other assignments. Quick tips to make this planned schedule are as statedhereafter:

  1. Decide the days on which you do not want to study. Keep in mind the times you will be going out for trips and outings with friends and prepare accordingly.
  2. Keep it simple and do not make the plan too complicated. You need not jot down each chapter that one aims to complete instead write down the subject only and allow yourself the choice to choose what you wish to do on the subject.
  3. Know the time in which you are most active and will feel like studying. This can be during the day or night or some other time as per your preference. Then create the study plan accordingly and get the task done.


  • Keep a balance

It is not wise to go overboard and study all day or go out all day and forget completely about your responsibilities as a student and learner. Strike a balance between complete loss of control and fun with alimit.
No one is expected to hide behind a book all day instead if you choose to plan out and establish a balance then you will have the greatest experience where surprisingly you will get work done and not feel the pressure of pending workload.

  • Ask for advice

Are you constantly feeling like you are drowning in paperwork? The easiest way to make that you are able to cope is to ask for help. Yes, ask those who you trust for advice or guidance that can help you cope. The people whom most persons choose to approach for advice are as follows:

  1. Parents – They know us the best and they help us become better individuals and can provide the words we need to hear to cope with stress.
  2. Teachers – Since school is our second home when you are in trouble turn to these individuals to guide you from ignorance to the light of knowledge.
  • Peers– These persons are those who we spend a majority of our time with. They can explain things in a more crude and understandable way that will embed itself in the mind of thestudent.

There are however modern sources of advice now. There are several psychologists and special trainers who can help those with difficulties in grasping and learning abilities. Instead of panicking just find an easy way out.

  • Set goals

The best way to get something done is by setting goals. Now these cannot be set by a peer, parent or authority. The best way to make sure one tries to reach a goal is if they set it themselves. It might seem odd, but research indicates truly if someone sets their mind on a particular aim then they might just overcome all odds to achieve it.
Deficiencies, shortcomings and practical difficulties will hardly matter when these people have decided that no matter what they will reach this aim.

  • Make space for exceptions

Now even if you have made up your mind, set a goal, made a schedule, asked for help there are some days you just do not feel like doing the work. All yourself some leave if you know that there is time to make up for this lost day.
There is no use in keep extending the break if you are on a deadline and need desperately to get something done. However, if the mind does not want to cooperate at all then make an exception and allow yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate.

  • Follow the plan

Once all the points above have been followed there is just one simple step left to make it all fall into place. Following the plan which is devised is the most difficult and tedious task.
Not only does one get tired after a point and wishes to quit but the results are not immediate many times and can discourage those who truly wish to complete their homework on time in the holidays.
Getting help
When all else fails and you are absolutely certain, you will not be able to complete your work you need to turn to the experts. Now the expert could be someone with experience, knowledge or even someone whose presence brings you peace and stability. The conventional sources are:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Friends

These sources may be of help but at times you need something better or someone better. For this purpose a raging trend among young students today is opting for onlinehelp.
Now the question again is what is online academic help and how will it help me? Do you find yourself asking how to overcome the anxiety of mathematics assignments? How to get good marks in an examination? Online tutoring is the answer that you are looking for and here’s why:

  1. When you are in the holiday mood you will not want to study at a fixed time so hiring a tutor is not the solution. But online you can avail assistance at any time of the day when convenient for you.
  2. Unlike other teachers these persons are active in their field of work will be able to provide the latest and most updated advancements in the field, adding richness to your paper.
  3. When you are not under a time restraint you might actually begin to appreciate and like what is being taught to you. Education is now a punishment for students rather than liberation. This technique might change your views.
  4. It is a new idea which incorporates the method of audio-visual aid and adaptation of technology. Hence it is a great way in which younger students may grasp knowledge.
  5. Contrary to belief the tuition fees are very affordable and the benefits which are offered make it a sweet deal to choose for your child.