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Should Students Get Homework? Check out Here!

by Nov 8, 2016Homework Solution

One of the most popular and on-going debates is- should students be assigned homework? And, if so, how much? Many parents, students and even teachers feel that assigning homework is pointless. Their viewpoint is that it overstresses the students and creates various hassles in life which can be avoided otherwise.
Whereas, the other school opines that homework is essential for students as it builds and develops life skills in them and allows them to handle life better and make them responsible. So, what do you think? Are you one of those students who are tired of doing homework? Or, you are someone who thinks homework is actually beneficial.
Why should students be assigned homework?
If you are one of the supporters of homework, then there’s good news for you: there are a number of reasons to back why assignments should be assigned. It has been a part of a student’s life for so long that many have stopped questioning the various benefits that it provides.
So, if you are one of those eager learners who are enthusiastic about completing their homework daily, then listed below are some of the reasons that would help support your case.
“Time goes by fast when you are avoiding homework.”

  • Homework helps build skills

It is a widely known fact that doing homework allows you to develop some lifesaving skills. As students, you realize how important it is to be responsible for your own work and work independently on your own, without any outside help unless it is deemed necessary. It also allows you an opportunity to self-discipline yourself. You learn how to exercise control over your mind and how to be punctual and adhere to the deadlines specified.

  • Develops relationships

When you work on your homework, there are certain specific topics where you need some help. This provides you with an opportunity to develop a close relationship. This happens when you seek helpfrom your parents, and siblings and allows you with a chance to bond together over homework and eliminate all differences.
It also presents you with an opportunity to build a working relationship with your teachers as you get a chance to discuss the problems you are facing.

  • Makes you prepared

Working on your assignments allows you to be prepared for thetest in the future. It becomes an exercise where you get to learn and retain information that helps you to score better on any quiz, test or any such other exams.
So, if you work on your homework daily, then you would be prepared to face any situation which tests your memory and learning theability.

  • It improves memory power

It is no surprise that homework allows you to improve your memory and retain information better. When you are writing down your assignments, you actually have to read the material, analyse and specifically answer in accordance to the question.
Thus, some of the information stays back and upon revision, youare able to recall it faster. If done daily, this exercise increases your cognitive performance and allows you to retain information way better.

  • Better time management

Homework allows the students to manage their time better. It allows them to be better organized and use time efficiently and in a productive manner. They tend to prioritize better as they often have to sort through tonnes of homework and complete it as fast as they can.
An effective way to get done with homework faster is to list down all the assignments that you have to undertake and sort through it one by one.

  • Provides a chance to practice

Working on your homework provides you with an opportunity to practice. It allows you to apply all the theories that have been taught in class to practical use and revise whatever you have learnt during school hours. Moreover, it allows you to practice what you have learnt, which is especially required for science subjects.
Why shouldn’t students be assigned assignments?
Though homework is quite beneficial, however, there are side effects of doing it for too long as well. What most schools forget is a student’s life comprises of various other activities aswell which allows them to foster new interests and follow them up later in life. However, with the presence of homework, this is not always possible.
The time taken to work on homework creeps into the time reserved for other activities. Moreover, schools often assign tonnes of homework which really do not help their situation. Also, the homework given out in class is more generalized and not specifically designed for the students and hence, proves to be pointless.
Still wondering why students shouldn’t be assigned nay homework? Well listed below are some reasons to provide food for your thoughts.

  • Extra amount of stress

Homework imparts extra amount of stress into a student’s life and make them less interested in studies. The ton of homework assigned pressurizes them and makes them procrastinate a lot. As a result, they detest studying and would do anything other than sit down and work on their assignments.

  • Provides less amount of time for sleeping

Too much homework, make the students stress a lot and provide with very little time for them to sleep. Sleep is essential during the developing phase and without ample amount of sleep, they turn dull and cannot function properly. Moreover, they stay up night trying to complete their homework and in turn lose out on sleep, which decreases their cognitive performance.

  • Counter productive

Too much homework proves to be counterproductive. It makes the students lose interest in their studies as too much work makes them dull. Moreover, they are more reluctant to sit down and work on it as they feel the duration would take up time reserved for other activities.

  • No relaxation

Homework allows very little time for the students to relax. After attending school for almost eight hours, it barely allows any time for the students to unwind before they are literally forced to take up their books again. This compromises their learning abilities and makes them procrastinate all the more.
Introduction of conflicts
Homework has often been identified as the source of all conflicts. A common scene which prevails in most households is the parent shouting at the child to do their homework and the child refusing to comply.
This is a common scene which has been experienced by almost everyone and has degraded the peaceful atmosphere which prevails at home and barred all communication channels between the parent and the child.
Thus, homework is only beneficial when assigned moderately. It benefits supersedes the disadvantages that it presents. However, as a student, you might encounter certain situations where you are hard pressed for time or unable to understand certain concepts. During such times it is essential that you seek professional help and sort through your problems.
You can avail such help by asking your parents to appoint a tutor or seek out an online educational website that offers such services. With such websites, you can be assured that they would be paying special attention to your homework requirements and help clarify or resolve any problems that you might possess.
So, go ahead and get writing on your homework which is due in school and experience the benefits that it has to offer.
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