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Some Tricks to Memorize Studies Faster

by Sep 6, 2016Assignments

Students have to remember many important matters. They have to study different subjects and different types of information. It is not an easy task to remember all the information. Students want to know how to memorise adifficult subject very fast. Pupils go to their parents, teachers and want to know some easy solutions.
I am a student and it is very natural that I also have this question. One day my class teacher tells me some tricks and suggests me to follow them if I want to remember all difficult thingseasily.I always try to increase my memory because I want to spend less time on my studies and at the same time I want to get good marks. Now, I want to share my experience and my teacher’s suggestions to you because I know that you are suffering from the same problem.
Easy solutions to increase the memory:

  • Work your memory:

First, you have to follow some process that will help to work your memory. This will increase the capability of remembering things. For example, after watching any performance you can discuss the entire program with your friends or relatives. It will force you to remember the story. In this way, you can discuss any events with others. This is the process of remembering things and this is a brain fitness procedure. In this process, people have to receive, remember and think about a matter. It increases the functionof the brain.
A student should discuss any event to their parents and friends. In this process, they should try to explain the story in detail. After getting this idea from my teacher, I always do it and I know it, has helped me a lot. Our brain also needs the training to improve its activities.

  • Learn new subjects:

Learning new subject can improve the function of the brain. I know it is quite different. But, students should know that to improve the capability of the brain and to increase the memory, we have to use our brain. New subject helps us to use the brain in a different direction. It improves concentration. For example, if you learn any instrument, it will increase the skill of translating something. Your brain will get achance to work more.

  • Learn a different thing again and again:

Repetition helps us to improve our skill. Learning any new things and practicing it, again and again, is very effective todevelop the capability of memory. It is very important to remember all necessary points of our subjects. For learning a subject easily, you can follow this method. You have to learn anewthing and you should read it again and again.
Students can learn their subject repeatedly. After some days, they will not forget thefactand they can keep it in their mind for a long time. When I get some difficult topic, I read it repeatedly. Within few days, I become expert in that topic. At the same time, I always try to learn something new and try to do that repeatedly. I have tried this method and I experienced good result. Now, I can feel that my capability of memorising things becomes increased.

  • Brain training program:

With the help of the internet, students can improve their memory. There are many types of brain training programs that are very effective to develop their memory. You can try BrainHQ. With the help this, you can remember all important information, you can think faster and you can understand any difficult thing easily. All students should follow brain training process. I was very serious about this matter and I tried it. It helps me and now I always suggest to my friends for doing such thing. It helps to remember important things before exam. For knowing some more tricks, you can search like some memory techniques for exam preparation on the internet.

  • You can avoid crossword puzzle:

We have heard that crossword puzzle is good to improve the function of the brain. It is true but at the same time, you have to remember whether you are enjoying it or you are doing it not for the fitness of your brain. If you are finding fun in this, you can go ahead. But you should find some other activities if you are not enjoying it. I used to play this game, but I did it only for improving my memory. After knowing it, I stopped to do it.

  • Spend your time with your favourite persons:

Fresh mind helps us to remember many things and helps us to understand any difficult matter. So, students should try to lift their mood at the time of learning any subject. Good mood and fresh minds support us to get a clear picture of any difficult matter. For changing their mood, they can spend their time with the dear persons. It will offer them good feelings.
My teacher advised me to spend my time with my loving persons. My mother and father are my favourite persons, so when I feel bad, I go to talk to them. Before sitting for the studies, I always spend some time with my mother. It changes my mind and helps me to get more energy.

  • Do regular exercise:

Physical exercise is very important. This is not only helpful for your body but also, it helps to develop the fitness of the brain. Everybody should do exercise at least for 20 minutes to improve their memory function. You will be able to learn any topic faster and to remember any difficult matter quickly.

  • Eating habit:

Good food habit is very important for increasing the memory function. Fruits, fish and vegetables are very helpful for the brain. Here, you have to remember that dark chocolate improves brain function. So, you can take dark chocolate daily.
All these processes are very helpful and effective if you want to memorise your subject faster. I have experienced great result after following these tricks. You can try them to get effective results.