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10 Evergreen Career Opportunities after Engineering Degree

by Sep 6, 2016Assignment Help

Engineering as a branch of study is extremely dynamic and evergreen to the very core. This is primarily because, it helps in making sure that a person not only takes up a specific subject of his or her own choice, but also makes sure that there is a proper career opportunity against that job.
On a personal front, I have experienced the variety that an engineering graduate gets much in comparison to the other graduates. Whereas, general graduates, or even normal science graduates have a limited number of career opportunities, in case of engineering graduates the options increase to a great extent.
Another very important fact that needs to be kept into your mind is that the range of careers is not just varied but extremely reality related. In this way, while getting a career, a person can also get a well settled future and a host of opportunities in related area that would allow a person to check out the variety of options that are available.
Various opportunities present:
When I heard a friend of mine talking to me about a having an evergreen career, it somehow intrigued me since that person had never really mentioned his happiness to such an extent. That is when the revelation resulted in me knowing that an evergreen career implied that one which has high opportunities in the market. This implies that concept wherein a particular job has extreme demands in the market, and engineering is one such domain.
She clearly mentioned the various branches of engineering and how they are extremely useful in real world. Thus, taking a cue from that, it is time to share the various branches of engineering that are gaining ground in present times and how they present evergreen opportunities in present times. This would help students in getting a ground regarding the whole engineering department and can guide them in choosing the correct option post the degree.
Evergreen career opportunities present:

  1. As an Electronics Engineer, a person can have a great career, with a good pay packet to suit their needs. From designing basic logic structures for various electronic components, to taking care of complete electrical circuit in case of organising bigger projects, demands of an electrical engineer are quite high. Hence, the recruitment in both private and public sector against this vacancy can be seen to be high. With the media communications and need for new styles of electrical components, this provides students quite a lucrative career. The range could be well within 15,000 to 250000 INR for a good engineer.
  1. Coming next in line is the oldest branch of engineering, the Civil Engineering. In this branch of study, one gets the idea to help in construction of buildings and other structures. With the trend of urbanisation increasing to a great extent, one can very well imagine the bright future that a civil engineer can have for himself. The demands of having a well-trained engineer is definitely need of the hour, while the salary range can extend from 6000 to 75000 INR.
  1. Software Engineering is one domain that calls for a huge determination and hard work and a wide range of network. With the developing world and need for computer software at every field, the range of such engineers are increasing with every minute. Being paid within a range of 10000 to 200000 INR per month, this is truly one of the evergreen career options post the degree.
  1. Quite in relation to Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineers are required to design the electrical equipment that are there for a variety of purposes. Their services are extremely important for making sure that a gadget can be used in a specific manner. At normal economic conditions their salary rates ranges from 15000 to 150000 INR.
  1. Another branch that has a huge opportunity for a chemical engineer is Petroleum Engineering. Since extracting oil is one of the most difficult jobs in this department, hence it is very important that there be a proper person with a good academic record to help in making sure that the extract is done in best way. Most importantly, students in present times wish to go for something different and this domain provides one of those evergreen opportunities to them. With a pay packet that could range between 12000 to 80000 INR per month, this is one of those important fields to check out.
  1. Added on this is the job of a Nuclear Engineer, who makes sure that each and every nuclear reaction is performed under strict observations, and notes the final results of this experiment. With increasing energy requirements and nuclear demands, for students this can be one of the best careers post an engineering degree. For a novice, starting comes from 15000 which could match up to 100000 INR.
  1. There are times when certain branches of engineering do not find proper appeal amongst students. However, that very field could definitely provide immense opportunities for students and Agricultural Engineering is one such arena. With growing demands for food security, and patent issues, new varieties of crops need to be developed and this career opportunity provides a wide range in that regard. Most importantly, compared to popularity of this field pay packet is quite handsome ranging between 10000 to 50000 INR.
  1. Flying out into the world with new techniques in terms of aircraft designing, can provide a great opportunity to students. In this regard an Aerospace Engineer has wide opportunities for himself post his graduation. Since new demands for aircraft is needed at every moment, hence engineers in that regard is also important. This bright career gives a handsome pay packet starting from 15000 to 100000 INR per month.
  1. While many people believe that Mechanical Engineering has lost its charm, quite contrarily there is an evergreen space for students in this respect. Designing various machines in factories and making sure that they work out in proper manner draws immense appeal at all respects. With the pay packet ranging from 10000 to 75000 INR, it provides huge opportunities for students in both private and government sectors with a huge amount of added benefits.
  1. Finally if there is a different branch of engineering that has been attracting attention these days, it is Automobile Engineering. Having a pay range between 15000 to 100000 INR, this is truly one field where designing and implementation of that model is of utmost importance. The better the design, it would directly affect the profitability of a specific firm allowing people to actually form a fantastic career in that regard.

Final note:
Thus, for students these evergreen careers post their engineering degree can be immensely helpful and they can get new ideas!