Know Why Students Should Do Their Homework

Homework is a known word that students hear from their childhood. Students are given tasks on different subjects by their school teachers. Most of the students want to avoid their tasks because they do not like to do their homework. Teachers give homework to the students because they feel it is essential for them. So, students have to understand the importance of doing assignments. It will help them to improve their interest for doing homework.
I like to teach and I have many students. As a teacher, I feel that students should do their homework. I have noticed many times that my students try to avoid their tasks. In this situation, I ask them the reason for not doing the tasks. I came to know from them they do not find interest in this matter and they want to spend their time on some other things that they like.
Importance of doing homework:
I am a teacher, so this is my responsibility to help them for growing their interest in their subject. I always try to give some advice and try to motivate them. There are some vital reasons for those pupils should do their task. Students, teachers and parents should know the necessity of doing homework.

  • Improve knowledge:

Students attend a class in their schooland they learn their subject. But it is difficult to remember the matter that they learn from their classes. Here, homework plays a vital role. If they get homework and they start to do after coming from the school, they can easily remember what they have studied in their class. This is an easy process to remember any topic. On the other hand, if pupils do not read the topic they will not be able to remember that subject.

  • Develop the skill:

Pupils have to write many answers to the given questions. For this reason, they have to read the topic and they need to present all answers in the paper. In this way, unknowingly they can develop their skill. When they do their homework of mathematics, they have to practice some equations. This way is very effective to become skilful in any subject. Students have to understand that homework will help them to improve their knowledge and skill so they should not avoid it.

  • Easy to memorise:

At the time of doing homework, students have to find many answers to the questions that are given by the teachers. When they find out the answers, they learn the topic and try to understand the matter. In this way, they read the entire topic very carefully and they can remember the answers easily.

  • Clear all doubts:

Students have to make assignments because these are given by the school or college teachers. They get marks on the basis of their quality. So, they are very serious about the quality of the task. In doing so, first, they have to clear their all doubts related to the subject. If their confusions are not clear, they cannot make error free tasks and cannot do aquality project. In this way, their confusion will be solved before their exam and they can get agood score on their test.

  • Prepare for the coming exam:

Every student has to prepare themselves for his or her exam. Pupils who do their homework regularly and properly do not have to give more time to their studies. At the time of doing the homework, they learn the matter and they can remember the topic easily.

  • Reduce tension:

Doing regular homework helps to improve the skill of the students and gradually prepares the students for their exam. So, students do not have to take much tension about learning any subject. They do not have to take any kind of tension. Doing homework is the easiest way to prepare you for the exam and stay tension free. I give homework to my students so that they do not have to take any burden for their exam.

  • Increase interest:

If a student everydaydoes the homework of a subject, gradually he or she will be able to clear all confusions and doubts. It will increase the interest of the student in that subject. Pupils do not want to read a subject that they cannot understand, but homework insists them to do it and learn it. As a result, their interest and knowledge will grow.

  • Make good relationship with the teachers:

Homework helps to make a good relationship with the teachers. Students face difficulties and they go to the teachers to know their difficult answers. In this way, they communicate with each other and a friendly relationship develops. In this way, students can get help from their teachers and they can ask more questions freely to them.

  • Make students more active:

Homework keeps the students active in the matter of learning their subject. They do not want to study because they want to spend their time in a different way.  If they do not get homework, they will not sit with the book. But when they have homework, they do it. So, it is the only way to connect them with the studies and to keep them active.

  • Help students to understand their weak portion:

Pupils have to do homework on many subjects. This is not an easy thing to do the tasks. Homework helps them to understand their weak portion. Students who avoid doing tasks cannot know which portion they have to learn more carefully.  On the other hand, they can go to take the help of the teachers and they can solve their queries.
My students come to me and say that they do not want to do the tasks. I tell them the importance of doing homework and clear their doubts of the difficult portion. It helps them to improve their knowledge. In this way, they get ahigh score in the exam. I believe that homework is a very important thing and it helps students in many ways. So, all teachers, students and parents should know the value of doing homework.

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