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Persuasive Writing- the Boon and the Bate

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

Human psychology is a miraculous subject. One that appears simple yet is one of the most complicated subjects ever known to humanity. There are innumerable emotions and studying each of them is not an easy job. Psychology is one of the sciences that some of them research while some of them simply adopt while adapting.
You can easily say if one’s joke is genuinely meant to be humorous or is to impress a certain someone. You can easily point out someone with a despaired state of mind and someone who seems sad and lonely. Joy, glee, excitement, sadness, despair, anger, rage, etc. are some of the powerful emotions known to almost all of us.
As strong emotions can be, it is for this reason changing one’s mind is another challenging task. Persuasion can be called as one’s skill if he possesses the art of persuading people. Not most people are gullible, and in today’s world where smartness and precision are everyday surviving skills, it is not smooth to persuade someone.
It is this particular art that educational institutes such as schools and colleges try imparting among children. Children, as we know are young, budding future citizen of one’s nation. Imparting such educational skills will help them learn and adapt the same in their further life. The assignments were in the form of persuasive paper topics and essay writing.
These assignments were more likely practice for persuasive writing which is much appreciated in today’s world. In fact, if we think a bit more deeply, we will see that the world being politically led, journalism is one of the most important fields in action as well as theory.
What do you think journalism constitute?
It shows the unaware people the truth concealed behind the diplomatic curtains and bureaucratic veil. Showing the truth and convincing the general public of the matter is nothing but a form of persuasion.
There are many persuasive paper topics where one may choose to speak or write about through different forms of media, newspaper, magazines or even speak publicly. Persuasion can be through words spoken or written or silently conveyed in a manner that the receiver embraces it quite easily.
Persuasion is, in fact, a smooth process where the fact penetrates in the conscious self of the receiver enough for him to accept the stated facts and opinions. In order to persuade someone, one need to think wisely and act cautiously because what he does, how he does all will somehow affect the other party.
Not so easy, is it?
The art of persuasive writing
As mentioned earlier, persuasion is an art that has been greatly admired and appreciated. It is in fact who has the skill to influence others, holds the reign and has the power to rule. Be it heart, mind or soul, if one has the ability to rule over someone’s mental or physical being, he is no less than a sorcerer.
As a student, we have had experiences in the form of assignments as well as exam paper questions. Facing these persuasive paper topics was never burdensome, but interesting and never failed to accomplish easily. As a matter of fact, for someone who is good at studies and is serious about his grades, he would make sure to analyze deeply and thus, work on the assignments.
Persuasive paper topics are not over-the-top alien topics; rather it is based upon the daily lifestyle and the day-to-day world surrounding us. However, putting a question mark for every little thing you observe won’t be wrong to consider in the list.
There are several routine practices, patterns, norms and cultures followed by both the traditional and non-traditional sects of people. My point is all of them come across numerous events that are questionable, arguable ad debatable. They are nothing but persuasive paper topics.
The topics can be compared with argumentative essays which form an essential part of our school and degree syllabus.  They not only talk for the topic but also against, showing both the pros as well as the cons of a scenario in hand.
Showing the positive and negative sides of a case-in-hand provides more clarity to the audience thus, allowing them to approach the topic on a closer perspective. Further, when you show someone the truth behind a fact and take the same approach to give them a detailed version of the truth, you will find more people attracting towards your formed opinion and considerably, more number of responses to you.
How to proceed with persuasive paper topics?
The important part in dealing with such topics is to know how to handle it, to be aware of how to go ahead with the same in order to achieve the desired success. Persuading someone with brain, and possibly, as witty and smart as you are, or in some cases even more, demands efforts, determination and your dedication towards the very topic.
The first step is to embrace the chosen topic among the countless persuasive paper topics. Once you own it, you will know how to take the next step i.e. to find out more and more information on the same. Information on any topic is an amazing and unending phenomenon. Thus, the more you dig, the more you find and the more you excavate, the more resource you have to support your theory.
Ask yourself why would anyone listen to you? Or read your words, let alone accept it and take it as the inevitable and possible truth? In order to find the answer to that question, all you need to do is research more and more; find evidences and illustrations to support your point. Once you collect the possible data, the next essential step is the presentation.
What you have is of no use if you are unable show it to the people in a way that they get your opinion, your fact and your illustrated point. Once you do, you will see that your point has penetrated deep into their mind and the receiver can now see from your perspective.
As we said, persuasion is no less than a miraculous art!