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To Choose and Write Among the Countless Comparative Essay Topics

by Aug 30, 2018Essay

Writing and speaking are two of the most appreciable, admirable and praise-worthy skills among people. When you speak or write skillfully, you possess the power to make a change in this world. It is through words that one can reach to thousands and thousands of strangers and aliens of any culture, nation, and sex. Not many factors stand in between them. In fact, writing has always been considered to be one of the best ways of moving people’s intellect and influencing them in appropriate directions.
The system is still preached and practiced. It has been an age-old practice and one that continues to run in the present day system. It is for the very same reason that articles, modern-day blogs and journals, newspaper posts and media posts, etc. have immense power in motivating people and directing their interests and mental channels in whichever way it is appropriate.
Essay writing, articles, speech writing, etc were some of the practices in schools and colleges taught to students for building their language and gradually strengthen their writing skills. Journalist or not, writing and speaking is important in every stage of life.
Schools and universities also include comparative essay topics among the various essay topics for children. It is at the budding age, that students tend to grasp faster and quicker. Thus, these life skills when imparted among children at a young age, stays with them lifelong and comes to their use in various fields.
There are different types of essay that we come across as a student as well as a professional. In fact, even when we debate over a topic and argue on the same, it can be summarized in the form of an argumentative essay. The same is in the case of comparative essay topics. True to its name, these essays compare two set of topics based on, more or less, the same subject.
Discussing about the same, we come across many such topics in our day-to-day lives, surrounding us. Be it environmental, political, economical, or related to human nature, emotions, or the general habits and patterns that have been followed for ages together, one can see the pros and cons of any topic he chooses.
Examples of comparative essay topics
As I said, the topics are nothing over-the-top or excavated after careful analysis, instead the topics relate to the everyday lives. Let us look at a few examples.

  • Teacher vs. smart education
  • Teenage life vs. college life
  • Boys’ growing pattern vs. girls’
  • Political vs. democratic state of affairs
  • Education vs. employment

Going through these few topics, one may not find a wide variety of difference between the comparative essay topics. Further, when one digs deeper, one can explore more and more differences and opposing points. That’s what comparative topics suggest. We need to find the differences and similarities between the topics, and explain the points for and against a scenario. Not a complicated task, but certainly not an easy one!
Take any topic and you can see its either side, the behavior, the characteristics, the features, the uses as well as the misuses. Everything is like a two-sided coin, apparently similar on either side; however have their own inherent differences that one can find out only when he tries to research on the same.
Writing is a form of art that is appreciated by all. A pen has power that even the mightiest sword may not have. Both the writers and the receivers are well aware of the fact. Even then, attracting a mass number of audience and making them hear you, listen to what you have to point out, and is not easy.
Comparative essay topics possess the charm to fascinate number of listeners and all kinds of audience. Even the most literate and illiterate personality may fancy hearing you if you have made your opinions, facts and points clear and assuring. That is where the real twist lies! To make a topic interesting, you need to work hard and dig deeper to gather as many resources as possible.
How to deal with comparative essay topics?
Before asking such a question, ask yourselves which topic do you want to prepare?
What do you think of the topic?
What are your opinions?
What all do you know?
Is it true whatever you think you know? If so, can you prove the same?
Once you have the answers to the above questions, know that you have embraced the topic whole heartedly and you are ready to go deeper in its analysis. The deeper you dig, the better you will come up with your presentation.
It is obvious that the more information, the better resources one has, and the more resources, the easier it is to convince people of your theory and make them see and believe to what you have to illustrate.
Choosing a topic among the innumerable comparative essay topics can be pretty gruesome. But once you do, dedication and efforts are the tools to your success. Remember, when you have to deal with oneself, the significant task is to gain their trust, even if it is your own trust. And for someone who’s smart and witty, he should be aware that gaining someone’s trust is not as easy as peeling off a banana!
You can do so by presenting your resources in the form of live examples and scenarios, illustrations and cases that people can easily relate to and thus, get your perspective. Once the third person learns your perspective, it is not too difficult to make them understand your theory and opinion. The main task is to state your point in a way that is clear and precise. Presentation, after all, is everything.
Your hard work, your collected evidences and resources is useless if you fail to present it in the required manner. Presentation is all about relating your collection and theories to people’s senses and presence of mind. Once you keep in mind these facts, it won’t be troublesome for you to deal with comparative essay topics and consequently, put yourself in action.