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Tackling Persuassive Paper Topics in Your Academic Life

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

Having heard of the term persuassive writing from time immemorial, I am quite accustomed to it now. Not exactly, the case with many of you youngsters out there. Every day, in fact every morning either your mother or your father is after your life, trying to cajole you into doing some practice.
You think, what practice? It any way does not help when sitting for examinations or class assignments. The topics that you prepare never ever come in the papers. Hence, there is no point practicingpersuassive writing. Are you one of them too? If you are, we are on the write page.Persuassive paper topics are quite a challenge.
Let us skim through a few persuassivepaper topics
Let us understand, first and foremost the utility of persuassive writing. It is very much present in the domain of advertising and marketing nowadays. Well, in school this style of writing is quite a headache, isn’t it?
The topics that come forth while discussing persuassive paper topics are:

  • XYZ Company mattress will keep you floating in the clouds. Try it now!
  • ABC dog biscuits will keep your dog in good habit. Have a time table for your dog.
  • Capital punishment is the ultimate punishment for heinous crimes on women
  • Voting system – The wannabe minister says “Vote for me today and I shall give you a life without worries, low taxes” and the bribes can go on and on.

If you pay some attention here, you will find all these topics want you take a decision on something or buy something.
Need for persuassive writing in school and beyond
School is the foundation, from where all our learning starts. This form of “Non-fiction” writing needs careful choice of words and sentences. You will have to present your case in a logical manner. Mastery over persuassive paper topics is a skill for life. You learn to write on any topic and can present an argument over it. This is really beneficial in the long term.Persuassive writing helps students find reasons for their choices, and provides an opportunity to dig into facts related to them.
Thereafter, you can develop the ability to understand the various facets of persuassive writing or marketing strategies. This will help you to differentiate between your choices once when you are exposed to television, Outdoor hoardings and other media.
How to learn the nuances of persuassive writing?
The main source of knowledge is reading. Read whatever you can lay your hands on. It can be an old essay book, story books, magazines, leaflets, brochures, booklets. It can be anything. Try to earmark the words and sentences that sound too good to avoid. The stressors need close attention.

  • Try to find out new topics for discussion. You can take part in a debate. Through such activities you will be able to learn, why people debate over any topic. Persuassive writing skills are similar it debating skills. You have to present your case.
  • Develop your reasoning power. Now, that is interconnected with knowledge. More knowledge, more vocabulary, more reasoning power. That is the secret.
  • Persuassive writing has to be passionate. You have to develop a love for language, in order to write persuassively on any given topic.
  • Discuss the positive and negative part of the argument, in your mind of course. You have to appear neutral when handling persuassive writing. Let your reader decide.
  • Ask questions to yourself. These are the same questions; you will be faced with from the reader. If you can answer them correctly, your case is successful.
  • Always, do complete research on the topic. Statistics, percentages, pie charts, pie graphs, use it all. This will be your savior to objection handling.

Tips and Tricks to writing persuassive paper topics
This is what I have mastered over time. In my writing career, persuassive writing was an inseparable part.I also teach English. So, this is a strong area. And being a writer, I always need some persuassive skills to engross the reader.So, I am making you read my blog and you are reading through the ninth paragraph, means I have managed to catch your attention.

  • Checkout samples of persuassive paper topics. That is the first step in persuassive writing. Read through some great writing in this style. Also, read to bad forms of writing and compare both, the good and the bad. This will help you to develop a style of your own.
  • Take part in activities, where you have to take a side. Either this team or that team, there will be a choice. Ask yourself, why you are choosing one team in respect to the other. This is a simple task, which you were born with. However, is stays in your unconscious mind. You need to activate it.
  • Next, opt for an in-class debate on a topic of more social, cultural or political significance. Now, you need to research. This is where you need to find out facts. Find out evidence and pen everything down.
  • Plan ahead. If you have time to prepare yourself, before an examination. Utilize that time. And, if the topic is unseen, then also, plan. Give yourself few minutes.
  • Attend workshops. Workshops assist in self enhancement. You can nurture your skills in a workshop. Listen to the trainer. Exchange your thought with the trainer as well as your peers. You will surely pick up more tip, than you would in classroom setting.

Develop your convincing skills in writing persuassive paper topics. Respect your reader’s view point. If you have a view, so does your reader. He can always choose to differ and present a counter argument. Logically, try to disarm the objections. Define key points with the help of examples. Give a good introduction. This will get your reader hooked. Then move on to the body of the essay. The body should have all the necessary arguments and statistics. Finally, the conclusion allows you to summarize the key areas for your case. Ask questions to your readers and find out more about their thoughts as well.
With this persuassive paper topics will be as easy as writing a learned answer. Just follow these and rejoice.