In the changing market a company or business must constantly adjust their investments and exports. To add to this dynamism there must be also be noticeable variations in planned expenses if the rate of real interest fluctuates. As technology has undergone a rapid innovation since 1990s with the introduction of the modern systems of computerization and technological improvements there is a noticeable change noticed in planning of investments. When Chinese as well as Mexican economies undergo a boost it will have a direct relation or multiplying effect on the US imports, good and services. This is a perfect example to explain expenditure of autonomous form.

There is an undeniable connection between autonomous expenditure, aggregate expenditure, and real GDP and equilibrium expenses. The rise in the autonomous expense leads to rise in all the other components. However the rise in real GDP will be substantial compared to the autonomous expense. Multipliers ensure a change or magnification of the autonomous expense which directly affects the equilibrium and real GDP.

Understanding the concept of multiplier is important so let us begin with a society with no imports and taxes. Once you grasp the concept the external factors can be introduced.


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