Macroeconomics is specifically that segment of economics which is concerned with occurrences at the national level, of total aggregate demand and supply. Hence, irrespective of what has been already discovered, it is important to check out those exact forces that are helpful in controlling the changes in the economy, be it increase or decrease.

The degree of fluctuation and economic growth can be controlled and price level and GDP rates provide the differences in fluctuation options. The best way to deal with concepts as these at a detailed level is the AS-AD model. However, there are a number of debates that can be continued for establishing the details.

To understand the details of this economics level, it is best that it is divided into 3 major schools. This division is purely on the basis of its features and chances of any discrepancy are nil.

  • Monetarist View
  • Keynesian View
  • Classical View

A detailed analysis of these 3 sets are required.


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