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Learn About the Art of Essay Writing

by Sep 21, 2016Test Help

Writing is a skill that helps one to express their thoughts and idea. From our child hood we all have done different writing work in the name of assignments or homework. Essay writing is one of them. But the boundary of essay writing is not at all limited to school and college.Its expanse is much more beyond that.  The skill of essay writing is required for

  • Preparing research paper

University students need do some research work on a particular topic in their advance stage of study and for that they need to do a lot of writing works for their theses. They need to express their thoughts and ideas by their writing.

  • For media

Journalists need to do a lot of writing work for different news articles, journals etc. Their writings help to create a mass opinion for society and nation and also about politics.

  • For literature

Literature is the mirror of civilization and society; it consists of lots of essay writing in form of stories, novels, dramas, poems and poetries, written by several authors, writers and poets. Every nation has been enriched with literary works of contemporary authors and poets. Their writings satisfied other mind, refresh their souls create some positivity in them and thus a social development can be brought about.
So students, now you can understand that essay plays a very significant rolein our life so we should know the proper way and art of writing essay. Here are some tips to learn about the artof essay writing.
Basic steps

  • First important step for writing a good essay is to make a habit of reading and writing from very beginning. A habit of reading different good books and journals, helps you to explore your knowledge in different segments, increases your vocabulary hence, you can express your thoughts and ideas and create a perfect communication to others.
  • Next step is to select a right topic. If you have a scope to choose your topic then you can select a subject of your choice, which is contemporary and will attract a mass number of people.

If you are forced to write anything which is not your liking or which is not your cup of tea, then you have to take a huge preparation for writing a good essay on that topic.  You have to read lots of documents and writings on that subject to explore your knowledge on the same.

  • Whatever your subject, maybe it is of your choice or not, you have to do a good research on that topic. Need to read the other good writings on that topic. And must go through the reviews of those writing to understand, liking and disliking of the readers.
  • You must analysis those writing on basis of time and environmental condition of the society So that your writing should be interesting for contemporary readers.


Structuring an essay is most important. You should write your essay in a proper manner. To sketch out your essay perfectly, you need to followthese steps.

  • Remember, it is the beginning of your essay. You have to select a perfect title first, for your essay. It should be one sentence title with seven to ten words and a verb must be there. Try to express your idea into this single sentence so that readers can understand the subject matter of the topic, and like to read it. Hence, the title of your theses should be short, attractive and provocative.
  • Introduction

It is the next part of the writing that introduces readers to the authors and the topic. It should be a small paragraph with few sentences that gives a fair idea about the topic. So you must be careful enough for writing the introduction. Keeping the research work that you have done before writing, in your mind and try to make the introduction subject related and more innovative, effective, and interesting so that it can draw the attention of the readers easily.

  • Main body

It is the most important and main part of your writing.The  body should be subjective and you need to provide all information in this part.The body can be divided into two to three paragraphs. Try to write these paragraphs about the key points so that they should be brainstorming and can be understood in the proper context.
You must use some important arguments of contradictions, and the explanation, in the first paragraph. It will increase reader’s interest.
In the next paragraph some relevant examples and quotations can be added for make your writing bold enough. You can share some personal experiences also. It seems to be real to the readers. Remember, all these examples and quotations must be contextual.
In the last paragraph you must try to link your thesis with the contemporary subject, discuses about its impacts and effects on the society as well as on the nation.

  • Conclusion

Like proper starting a proper ending is also required for a good essay.  Conclusion draws this ending line of your writing.So it must be short and will be a summary of the key points of the topic.

  • Reference

To make your writing more authentic you must include some name of reference books and documents, from where you have collected your resources for that work.
Other notable information

  • Language and grammar
  • Your writing should be grammatically correct and language should be easily understoodable by all.
  • Your writing must be innovative to make a good impression in the mind of all readers.
  • Sub heads and bullets

You must make subhead in every significant step, and must add some bullets for notable points. These are required for making the proper steps and divisions of your writing.  It makes the writing easy to read and also gives a better look to your essay.

  • Word limits

All essay writingshave their specific word limits. Try to complete thewriting within that limit, or else it will be rejected.
In a nutshell
Remember, only information does not attract your readers. You have to give all information in a proper manner. And always try to deliver something interesting to grab your readers.
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