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Writing a University Essay for the First Time? Take Help from Online Essay Writing

By Michelle Johnson
21 Sep, 2016

The major idea behind writing an essay is to compile together a coherent set of ideas that make certain valid points. The essays provide an idea regarding a specific topic. Individual writing of essay must ensure that various ideas he or she lists within the scope of a single essay are in such an order that they are able to convey the right message. It may happen that an essay is misinterpreted in the event that the order in which the ideas are listed isn’t proper. Hence, you can understand how important the presentation of your ideas can turn out to be.
Another thing that an essay must do is attend the logic of the reader. If an essay is unable to do so, it isn’t worthy of being considered as a standard essay.
Well, this article predominantly focuses on helping students out with their essays. However, our blog consists of a wide range of articles that ought to help students with all sorts of problem related to their academics. Yes, academics is important in today’s world and not all students are capable of handling this academic stress by themselves.
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The five paragraph format
In the event that you are in the teaching industry, you must very well be aware of the five paragraph structure of writing an essay. This is one of the oldest structure that teachers would ask you to follow. It laid the foundations structure for essay writing. However, over the years, these structures have undergone several modifications and today, this structure is seldom used by individuals as it has become obsolete.
However, primary schools do use this structure in order to give the children a brief idea regarding who they should go about writing an essay. Listed below are the key components of the five paragraph structure:

  • Introduction: This is indeed a must as far as this or any other essay writing structure is concerned. It gives the reader an idea of what the essay is about and plays a huge role in getting the attention of the reader.
  • Body 1: It describes the topic of discussion.
  • Body 2: It further evaluates several aspects of the argument.
  • Body 3: Give final opinion about the essay.
  • Conclusion: Just as the introduction of an essay is important, so is the conclusion. No reader likes an abrupt end and in the even that you were to do so, then the readers aren’t very likely to turn to any essay of yours in the near future. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you provide a smooth ending to your essay.

Format that you should follow
Various types of essays have various formats but there are certain key components of an essay that individuals must keep in mind at the time of writing one.
Listed below is the standard structure of an essay:

  • The stack and strip set:

One must map out his or her essay in such a manner that it constitutes all the ideas that are important in the event that you wish to prove your point. Once you are done with the final draft you might as well make a small summary with respect to each paragraph that you have written. Once you are done with written down the essay, read is thoroughly and see to it that they convey a meaning and justify your point properly. In the event that they don’t, you may need to consider a few alterations.

  • A proper introduction and conclusion:

The essay is often divided into two fundamental parts. The first is aperitif. You must make such an introduction that it wets the appetite of the reader. You must have come across a situation where in you picked up a book and then put it back on the shelf just because its introduction is a boring one? Obviously you have!
Similarly, in the event that your introduction isn’t as attractive as it is supposed to be, your readers are mostly unlikely to continue reading. Second part is digestive. This is something that ought to help an individual digest his or her meal. The conclusion of your essay should be such that it revisits all the crucial aspects of your essay. The conclusion must bring forth a smooth ending.
Thing you should avoid while writing an essay
It often so happens that individuals aren’t aware of the things that should not be a part of their essay and as a result, then often end up including certain aspects or ideas in their essay that ought to give the reader a negative impression. Listed below are some of the major things that one should avoid while writing an essay:

  • Yes five paragraph structure used to be the standard writing format. However, in the 21s century if an individual follows the five paragraph structure and expects good reviews, he or she has certainly mistaken. This structure is one of the oldest structures for writing an essay and over the years it has undergone numerous modifications.

One certainly can’t expect good reviews by following a structure that is extinct to say the least. Yes, for beginners (at the school level) this structure is a good way to give them an idea of how an essay should appear. However, even the schools are adopting new structures of essay writing as per their affiliation.

  • It often so happens that individuals who are not every experienced as far as essay writing is concerned start off their essay with ideas and concepts that are not related to the topic of discussion. These mostly include ideas of the universe, life and everything else that may not be a part of the essay.

This should be avoided at any cost as it gives the reader a bad impression and as mentioned above if your introduction is a flop, it is highly certain that the reader isn’t going to continue reading the essay.

  • One or two interesting and attractive sentences are all that you need to attract the reader. There’s absolutely no need for you to start off your essay with a funnel type logic.

Once you are done getting attention of the reader, you can very well get to the topic of discussion straight away. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time writing things that won’t be able to put forth your ideas.

  • Another thing that individuals must avoid at the time of writing an essay is to prolong it too much. It is most likely that the reader is going to get bored in the event that you prolong your essay. You must ensure that your essay covers all the aspects that you wish to include and in addition to this, you must not waste time in stretching it too much.

Personal Experience
Initially, I had quite a bit of problem as far as tackling the various aspects of an essay are concerned. I had to struggle quite a bit in order to ensure that my essay writing skills were up to the mark. Well, one major thing to do in the event that an individual isn’t well acquainted with writing an essay is to go through numerous essays on a daily basis. You can’t just expect to go through a handful of tips and then excel in essay writing now can you?
Well, if you wish to excel in the field then you must definitely go through essays or online professional blogs. This will definitely help you give an idea as to how one must go ahead with writing an essay.

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