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5 Tricks to Make Mathematics Fun for Kids!

by Sep 21, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics is a very interesting subject.It is the language of all science so mathematics is involved in every science subject. Moreover it is required in our daily life also. Hence, everyone should learn mathematics from very beginning.But subject is really a terror to the students. It often terrifies the senior people also. If one wishes to make a bold concept in mathematics they must learn it from the child hood by their heart.
Maths and kids
It is really a big challenge for the parents to create enough passion for mathematicsin their children. Special skills and techniques are required for learning this subject perfectly. These can be achieved only by hard working but kids are not able to understand the significance of hard working. They only love fun; love to play games, so parents and teachers need to know how to make fun with math so that kids can enjoy them.
To make it fun
Here are some amazing tricks which make it interesting and fun for your kids and create a passion for the subject. Thus your kids are able to learn all the techniques and skills involve in mathematics. Five important tricks to make mathematics fun are listed below,

  • Start from counting
  • Parents need to involve with their kids to learn mathematics from very beginning. Let your kids start to count number from their fingers. After that make them learn to count by their crayons. Kids are very fascinating about colourful crayons so they can learn it very quickly.

Parents, you can draw different colourful lines or dots in your kids drawing book with your kids and ask them to count those, they will enjoy to learn in this way.

  • Ask them to count the steps while coming up stairs. It will be really enjoyable for the kids.
  • You can help them to learn counting from the calendar, it is an easy and interesting way to learn counting
  • By their toys
  • Ask your kids how many marbles or balls they have? Give few more toys then ask them to count again the toysand make them understand that the number has increased. Thus they can learn addition easily. Similarly you can take away some of their marbles and help the kids to learn subtraction.
  • You can draw some lines circles and triangles with different colours and ask your children to count and then tell them to write the number under the diagrams. Let them draw the similar diagram and ask to count how many circles or triangles are there altogether. Then you can erase few diagrams let them count and make them understand that the numbers are lesser. Thus your kids can learn the addition and subtraction as well as the basic lesson of geometry.
  • Let them know that multiplications are nothing but bigger form of additions and divisions are as like as subtractions. You can also make some innovative way to help your kids to enjoy their learning.
  • Often your kids like to play with an electronic gadget try to download some games on mathematics and involve yourself in playing those games.
  • By house hold jobs
  • Involve them in house hold jobs; ask them to measure the syrup for making some drinks for whole family. Allow them to measure the flour properly for making a delicious cake. Thus they can learn little bit about measuring
  • Ask them to distribute some chocolates evenly amongst their friends. Ask him to distribute his pocket money among few baggers. Ask them to set an alarm just after six hours in your clock. With all these, they will learn the basic things of mathematics.
  • From the market
  • Take your kids to the local market allowthem to purchase something from the market, let them learn how much they have to pay and how much they will get in return. If they successfully complete the job, then give them that amount for their piggy bank.
  • Ask them that if you give them five rupees every day for their piggy bank after one month how much they will get from that. Tell them that if they can give the right answer with proper calculation, you will give that amount in one short to their piggy banks. You can notice a positive energy for doing the job among them. Thus they can easily learn multiplication.
  • Involve a competitor
  • Often try to involve other kids of their age while they are learning mathematics. Involve them in a healthy competition they will learn quickly.
  • Arrange for a lucrative reward. They will happily do their mathematical jobs

These are the basic five steps to make mathematics enjoyable and fun to your kids. But please remember that all the kids are not same by their nature. Their liking and disliking are different so you have to choose the right way as per your kid. You can also make your own innovative way to make them learn all the tricks of mathematics.
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