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How to Fetch Higher Grades in Phonetics

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By Sarah J Mitchell
21 Sep, 2016
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With the increase in the number of educated people all over the world, employment rate has gone down considerably. Nowadays being educated no longer ensures employment for a person and there is stiff completion for every main stream jobs. Only students with high percentage of marks are ensured of a job nowadays, and by high it is meant very high.
So career advisors nowadays advice upon studying something different from main stream subjects, a subject very few students opt for as career options. This ensures higher chances of employment than studying a subject pursued by millions. Phonetics is one of them.
Importance of phonetics
Phonetics is a very important subject as it has profound application in daily life. If you study phonetics and learn the International Phonetic Alphabet, language won’t be a barrier for you anymore. Study of phonetics is the study of pronunciation of words in different languages and is quite a unique subject.
Have you ever noticed the unique symbols written in online or book dictionaries written beside pronunciation? These symbols can only be deciphered by a student of phonetics and then he or she will be able to pronounce any word in any language just by following the dictionary. That is why language won’t be a barrier if you have knowledge regarding the subject of phonetics.
Career options
Believe me when I say, studying phonetics can open a wide array of career opportunities for you. Linguists are in high demand nowadays, especially in defense organizations. This is because a student of phonetics can make out the subtle uniqueness in the pronunciation of every individual and hence they can help identify a person through their voice recordings. Also they can provide assistance in whatever language required. All these qualities make them invaluable in defense organizations and also in private firms and multinational firms.
So as you can see, studying phonetics can be a good idea, especially career wise. It will also help you communicate with people globally. But before you jump to take up phonetics in your university, keep in mind that is a very hard subject to master. You will have to be very sincere and diligent in your approach towards studying the subject.
How to get good marks
Studying hard will definitely get you god marks but it is not the only way. Since phonetics is largely an application based subject, only studying won’t be enough to fetch good marks in it. You would have to practice the practical aspects of the subject regularly so that you can master the trickery of this subject. Doing the assignments regularly is also very important in order to get good marks in the subject.
Teachers and professors mark the students greatly on their class performance and hence assignments carry a great deal of importance nowadays. Doing the assignments sincerely and ensuring high quality answers are sure to fetch you good marks in the subject. Assignments indicate a professor regarding the progression of a student in a class and his or her depth understanding in the subject.
Hence scoring top grades in assignments are a necessity nowadays. But it is easier said than done. The assignments are based on applications of that subject and hence they are hard to answer without proper understanding of that subject.
How assignments cause stress
Even though assignments are set by teachers and professors with the intention of improving a student’s knowledge and understanding of a particular subject, it often causes more damage than good. This is because most students treat the homework and assignments a waste of time and something which encroaches upon their leisure time. And it is not completely wrong to state that the huge number of assignments set in almost every subject is something which is quite time consuming to a limit that it often loses its usefulness.
Hence it is the tendency of most students to neglect their assignments and they keep on piling. It reaches to a dangerous limit before the examinations. That piled up assignments and homework then causes great amount of stress in student’s mind. The compulsion of submitting the assignments before examination commences causes the student to panic which ultimately hampers a student’s exam preparations greatly. Therefore the assignments, instead of improving a student’s grades often hamper them.
How to deal with assignments
To deal with assignments the most important task is to pay attention in class and take every note of the professor’s lecture. It will help to understand that subject and will help you in answering the assignment questions. But if you find it hard to follow the things being taught in class, you will require external help. It is quite common to find students who find understanding phonetics difficult to follow. They end up scoring low grades which greatly hampers their future career. So how can you seek external help and avoid that kind of scenario?
You can seek help from the many homework help agencies that have come up with the intention of helping students deal with their homework and assignments. They have experts in their employment who specialize in different subjects. You can seek their services in return of an affordable amount of money. It is now the most popular method dealing with assignments.
How you can benefit from homework help services
The basic advantage of seeking a homework help service is to get your assignments done by experts. This helps in two ways-

  • Allows you to submit your assignments on time leading to reduced stress before exams and providing you ample time to prepare for your exams.
  • Ensures top quality assignments on your behalf since experts use their experience and knowledge in writing the assignment. Consequently you are ensured top grades which help you in your pursuit of a good work career.

Apart from these benefits, you can also seek help of experts to understand a subject better. They provide help whenever required and you can directly interact with them to clear your doubts. Thus, you get a solution to deal with your assignments and at the same time improve in the subject.

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