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Learn About 4 Fundamental Forces in Physics

by Oct 25, 2016Physics

At the classroom, a student has to learn various subjects. Teachers will definitely guide the ways but sometimes doing regular studies and homework will increase the fluency of the gathered knowledge. After all, you won’t be reading a thing and forget. In the examination, you have to apply all your gathered sources and write appropriate answers. For this reason, you have to prepare yourself from an early stage and start with basics.
Same theory to start with basics is applicable for any subject. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and English,etc. are all under the same rules and regulations. Without knowing the fundamentals, you cannot proceed forward in advance stages. In your school, you will be getting all vital information.
There are online academic sources and websites to help you further. These sources are useful either you learn your regular studies, or you can gather information for assignments and homework. Experienced teachers and their support will always be a better source for better marks in the examination.
“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”
Basic idea on 4Fundamentals of Physics:
You should first find out on Fundamental interactions. These fundamental interactions are often commonly known as fundamental forces that are:

  • Gravitational
  • Electromagnetic
  • Strong Nuclear
  • Weak Nuclear

They are called fundamental forces due to the reason that they cannot be broken into a smaller form. But the important aspect about them is that they are all dynamic in their respective fields. Here you must be aware that the Gravitational force is particularly a continuous field whereas the other three fundamental forces are quantum fields.
“It won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.”
Four fundamentals:

  1. Gravitation:

This is so far the weakest of all other three fundamental forces of physics. This is best understood with a simple test of the magnet and a metal pin. The main point is that even with all that huge gravitational power of the Earth this simple and small magnet could go against it and hold the pin using its magnetic power.
There are few important notions on this matter such as:

  • The gravitation is most important thing to hold the small and microscopic objects upon the Earth like mass, energy,
  • The range is immense, more appropriately it is infinite.
  • This force cannot be absorbed. It is also not possible to be transformed or be prevented.
  • This force enabled Earth to attract objects. But in this matter, it doesn’t repel.

Here you should find some similarities with electromagnetism. But even though electromagnetism is far stronger, it cannot attract other planets or equally powerful planets. The equation turns to zero due to their same amount of electron and protons. The electromagnetic is either attractive or repulsive when gravitation is only attractive. This is the exact reason why gravitation is stronger in cases of greater frames, like the universe.

  1. Electromagnetic:

The fundamental force called electromagnetism is basically the force which becomes active between electrically charged particles. This whole matter includes some necessary steps where charged particles create a combination of electric and magnetic field to properly activate electrostatic force.
In this process, those charged particles start moving maintaining their relativities. Read these:

  • When you compare this electromagnetism with gravitation, you will find some commonalities.
  • More or less, it is same as gravitation and infinite, but it is stronger.
  • The commonplace application of electromagnetism by nature herself is in rainbows, lightning and many types of frictions.
  • Humans use this force for the development of the civilization. The common examples are computers, lasers and also the electric current without which you just cannot think anything electrical.
  • Almost all macroscopic elements are dependent on this force. The atomic applications and understandings are also depending on this theory.
  • Different types of chemical bonding are results of this force.
  1. Weak nuclear:

This is also known as the weak interaction. You will find this force to be responsible in some nuclear cases like beta decay. In this matter, you have to remember that a new theory by the name of electroweak interaction has been discovered based on the combination of electromagnetism and weak interaction.
Some opinions support this theory to be the first stepping stone toward the compiled theory by the name of Standard Model.

  • Here you will find W and Z bosons that are the carriers of the weak force in that total process.
  • This interaction is probably the only force which doesn’t conserve any parity.
  1. Strong nuclear:

This is also known as strong interaction and popular to be the most complicated one among all these four fundamental forces. The reason is that it varies from time to time depending on the distance.
Going beyond fundamentals:
There are some homework and assignment help providing websites that will present more valuable information on GUTs or commonly known as Grand Unified Theories. In here you will see that other than gravitation, other three forces are proved to be all different symmetries that are smaller forms of low energy.
As I mentioned above that to increase fluency in any subject, you have to start from basics. Same goes with languages. English is known to be a language which is globally accepted. There are many important attributes found with this language. In this case, do you know how to enhance fluency and personality through English? These points can actually help you in the smart career selections and build high confidence level.
Studying anything isn’t easy for sure but if you don’t gather courage you can’t succeed. Fundamental forces of Physics are those basic grounds any student should prepare before advancing in later stages. These are going to help you not just in your school level but also in your university level. In this case, try to remember the words of Albert Einstein who said:
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”