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Things to Look out Before Opting for Private Tutor:

by Oct 25, 2016Online Tutoring

It is not a one night’s journey when it’s about teaching children. There is no guarantee that your kid is ready to grab any information from their textbooks. Come on; even you were a little confused for few subjects at that age. Good parenting will definitely ask for some serious consideration of the things that your child wants. You should think what is best for them.
The same goes for their education and other activities. Just because they are going to school and at the end of the day they are doing homework doesn’t mean they are ready for their examination. Many parents feel devastated when they find their children are doing so-so in their exams. So what is the cause and what can be the solution?
Possible solutions for children having troubles understanding their homework:
“Put the heart, mind, even your soul into the smallest acts! This is the secret of many success stories.”
This heading may be big, but it is rightfully holding its stand in this post. What are the possible solutions when your children are doing not-so-good even when they are doing regular homework and also submitting their assignments on time? In this case, you have to consider few things like:

  • Is your child taking notes at the class?

Taking notes in the class is very important. They can consult with those notes and compile them with their texts when they are preparing for their examination.

  • Are they aware of what they are reading or writing?

Just because they are reading a chapter and writing notes on it, you become sure that they are doing fine? How much awareness they have actually to understand the meaning should also be tested.

  • Test their ability to understand:

Try taking small tests on their chapters they have finished reading and ask them what they have understood. If you find flaws, then be considerate and explain it to them.

  • Take online support:

If your child is small and cannot handle the internet so much, then be responsible and find trustworthy online academic sources for homework and study guide. These websites have expert teachers who prepare current notes on subjects with detailed explanations.

  • Hiring a private tutor:

If you are failing to support your kid in anyway due to some personal reasons yet you want to provide them guidance, then you can opt for a private tutor for them.
Things to look out for hiring a private tutor:
So you have decided that you will take private and professional support for the betterment of your child. But what makes you so sure that the man in front of your doorstep smiling and assuring to do best for your child is actually a good option or not? There are few things you have to be extra careful when taking an outside help for your child.

  • The enthusiasm and ability to teach:

Parents are positively attracted to hire a private tutor for their child’s future good grades. But have you considered how much ability he/she has to teach your child particularly? Not all children are sharp, and not all are dumb either. The sharpness and dumbness also have different levels. A proper private tutor will be able to understand the exact requirement for different children and different subjects.
The enthusiasm is important. If the teacher is not eager to teach and is fed up in small mistakes, then he/she is not the tutor you should hire. You have to find out their enthusiasm level and their interest in sharing knowledge.

  • A good teacher with good track records:

Just because someone has many degrees on a particular subject, it doesn’t ensure that he/she is a good teacher also. Some people are good at learning but not good at teaching. Teaching is a different type of skill that is more like inborn talent. You have to find those tutors who have good track records in their teaching career and are good in interacting with children.

  • Knowledge on the subjects:

When hiring a tutor, you have to find out their knowledge on those particular subjects. As I mentioned before just because they are PhDs doesn’t mean they are perfect for your kid. Be careful as they are quite knowledgeable people so are their abilities on understanding subjects. Their explanations might not even be understood by some adults also.
The best solution is to hire college students who are more down-to-earth people and with current knowledge on subjects.

  • What your child needs?

You have to reconsider the problem your child is facing. What subject needs professional support and what can be handled with some parental guidance are all under this heading. What their strength is and what their weak points is, should be found out before you hire a tutor.

  • Suitable time available:

This is a common issue that a tutor doesn’t have enough time for your child. Ask them first what is their suitable time when they can teach your kid? If you think it is mismatching with your kid’s other schedules, then you have to think of a different tutor for your child.

  • Cost of hiring a tutor:

There are low to high-cost tutors available in any area depending on their knowledge and experience. It is completely upon you what type you want to hire. An average standard is agood option. Try searching for their cost and their reputation. This way you can find faster what is most suitable.

  • Hiring through an agency:

If you are hiring through an agency, this is a faster way. But it is not always necessary. The first thing you should consider is their reputation. The cost comes in the second position right next to it.
Starting with basics is important. It is same for anything in life. Try finding out how they are teaching like when it is on learn about 4 fundamental forces in Physics or grammar portion of English or some mathematical equations etc. You can guide your child on believing that nothing is impossible. This way you can encourage them further onto
“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible, and within a while, you’re doing the impossible.”