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How to Enhance Fluency and Personality Through English?

by Oct 25, 2016English

In the school level, a student is asked to be attentive to every single detail presented in front of them to develop their characteristics and educational foreground. But what if these are only suitable for some students where some are lacking behind due to their improper understanding. In these cases, guidance is necessary.
Teachers are there to help but if that student is shy enough to come forward with his/her problem then this problem has to be handled by their parents.
In the age when that student can understand their situation, this task becomes easier. The reason is internet developments. They can search through browsers and find appropriate answers to solve their problems. English is one those particular subjects which are quite irreplaceable for personality development. For this though, you have to increase your fluency in it first!
“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.”
How can you increase fluency in English?
This matter is the first and foremost important thing personality development in its later stage. You have to admit that some people are born with their personality and some has to build it. English is going to help find one suitable for you.

  1. Reading and reading:

Do you knowthe most necessary step for fluency in English is? The first is reading and the second is Reading a lot! This is how you are going to get help by reading a lot:

  • You can find new stocks of vocabularies. Their different applications and precisions are what anyone will need without any consideration for a confident discussion.
  • Grammar construction is important. Through books you can learn that what is taught in the classes isn’t the only way to speak. I mean who uses so much formal sentences these days? You have to be modern with your language.
  • Being modern means you will build a proper knowledge on formal and informal terms. You won’t go use ‘Hey Buddy!’ with your boss or ‘My deepest apologies!’ with your friends. What I mean is you have to act normal through your language. Just because you know too many words doesn’t mean you will throw them anywhere.
  • Learn the tricks played by same terms. There are puns and there are application difficulties. These are somewhat practically taught through conversational books, drama especially.
  1. Install permanently by writing:

Anyone can install what is learned by reading permanently in their memory by writing. Reading and writing are two inseparable twins. The best way is to write all new words in a notebook. This way you can actually build a customized dictionary with various meaning and spellings. You can also tag original page numbers from the English Dictionary you follow. That way it will be easier to clear all doubts in later times.

  1. Watch news channels:

News channels are best sources for all that you will need for personality development. The confident level necessary to present any sentence and how much strength is required to confront any news are all shown through a reporters reporting style. That is what builds their reputation. Follow their sentence construction and word applications for your own recommendations.

  1. Watch your favorite shows:

It doesn’t matter what type of television shows you love but if there is any then be conscious to grab all knowledge out of it. English TV shows are quite modern in their own sense. Drama, movies, comedy shows etc are all useful knowledge bags for you.

  1. Internet sources for fluency check up:

You can always go online and check your fluency in English through various online tests. These new methods have improved the confidence level of many students. They can actually check their grammar, vocabulary, speech and spelling through these tests. The right or wrong answers are shown after clicking the options.

  1. Online help providing websites:

There are many online help providing websites that are quite useful for any subject improvements. They have homework and assignment supports for students from different parts of the world. Experienced teachers are going to prepare notes for the needy students.

  1. Private tutors for conversation:

This is a teaching policy which is necessary when a student is quite behind the schedule. Parents can appoint a private tutor for improving English and other subjects. But there are few things to look out before opting for private tutor. If you are a parent then after learning the important information, appoint a private tutor for your child.
Personality development tricks:
After increasing your fluency in English which is a necessary step, you can now find some personality development tricks which will be helpful for your future.

  1. Talking in front of the mirror:

This mirror practice is far more useful than finding out who is the fairest of them all! You can actually increase your confident in conversation when practicing a mirror practice. Try bringing up a normal subject and then play the parts of two different characters. This way you will be improving faster than anything else.

  1. Join a group:

This joining a group isn’t limited to any particular group. You can join any group of your liking. This is a place where you have to learn how to be frank and friendly at the same time. From top to bottom, you are going to learn how to initialize a conversation and maintain the rhythm.

  1. Online chatting and social networks:

Not all but few points of the social network will taught you how to make friends and build a friendship. These social networks are popular to connect people from different countries. So if you can actually make friends with unknown people and still maintain your own self then you are moving in the right direction.