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Know Ways to Handle High School Adolescent for a Better Career

by Nov 2, 2016Assignment Help

Adolescence! The toughest time! It is that transitional stage that happens to everyone. From the age of 10 to 21 is considered as adolescence period for students. Adolescence is a period when childhood develops to adulthood.
This time is tough because the teens undergo mental and physical changes takes place. It is a time when there are many excitements and urge to know more about the unknowns. Again, it is a time of disorientation, reckless life also. So parents must keep an eye on their children.
In this stage, the children undergo lack of self-identity and feel unsecured. Some critical stages even cause a severe dislike towards homework schoolwork social life and affinity towards alcohol drugs sexuality. They try to know more about physical changes that they endure.
So let me first explain the three stages of adolescence, so those with least idea about it get to know about it in detail. This is because,in most cases, parents cannot discuss it with others and finally fail to control their child. So the three stages of adolescence are:

  1. Early adolescence
  2. Middle adolescence
  3. Late adolescence

Early Adolescence:
10 to 14 years aged children’s usually face the early stage of an adolescent. Puberty like things begins to occur. This results in an unusual or over conscious feeling. This is the time when they will undergo several body changes, and with that, they will begin to feel shy. They will automatically begin to be more interested in privacy. But the main risk lies when they feel interested in drinking alcohol and smoking.
Not only this they will gain sexual interests which they won’t express in public, but they will try to solve themselves. The other most dangerous thing is they will find friends more important than parents. This will make tough situations for the parents to handle them.
Middle Adolescence:
Then comes the middle adolescence which is 15 to 17 is the age that undergoes middle adolescence. The teenagers become highly conscious about how they look and will always try to be the best. They become conscious that whatothers would say about their looks. This noticeably occurs to the teen girls. They just try to look attractive!
More often, this period becomes tough for the parents because here it occurs a constantdebate between the limitation and independence that they need to get. This results in acute disagreements and problems and they will end up denying even with the little things.
Last Adolescence:
The last phase is the late adolescence that begins at 18 and ends at 21. In this stage,they tend to make physical relationships with the opposite sex. Boys begin to get involved in activities like smoking drinking and even get addicted to it. They start getting distracted from the normal life.
I’m not telling that handling such situations is too easy but if you wish to then you can easily. Speak with your parents or elder brothers and sisters about it. Whatever doubts you have or whatever you want to know, listen to them carefully.It’s okay to clear all doubts and know what is correct. Do not ignore your parents? I know it’s a natural occurring for some students, but it is intolerable.
Of course, friends are important but listen to your parents first. There is nothing to be consciousof all the changes that have been lately happening because it is all natural thing. Even your parents and elders have gone through this phase.
The toughest phase is the second phase! If you always argue with your parents then how they would even help you when you are in some trouble. It is better to make a mutual between the two. Then finally take a decision. A suggestion to all the parents is that if you think that being strict and being rude and stubborn will help, then you are wrong.
Adolescence related issues are to be solved very tactfully with patience. Be a friend with you child and then see the change. They will start to tell you everything and things will come under control. But I know what you are thinking. Yes, parents sometimes when the situation becomes out of control. You will have to be strict. Make sure that your no is a clean no!If you find your child doing something harmful,then you should teach them. Make them clear about the limitations.
Do not think of the result parents. Keep following things and see you will get some more positiveresults. Controlling the children and protecting them in the adolescence nice is important in the long run.
As this is the time, you choose your career for your child. You might be carrying loads of dreams and hopes for your child. If you want to make these things happen to be followed what I say. I am sure that this will work. But it is also okay and cool if you are already following ways of your own. No worries. Share it with other people around you desperate need of help!
Now that you have known how to manage all the issues regarding your teenage studs start thinking different! I know, and I understand the difficulties which most of the students face in daily life during this period. So start these things from now and invite changes in your life. What more? Hurry and enjoy the upcoming bright days!