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11 Effective Ways to Learn and Achieve Fluency in English

by Nov 2, 2016English

English is the highly spoken language around the world. It is an excellent language which everyone wants to learn. Even though people learn it but they always hold themselves back because they don’t have the perfect fluency. Sometimes, they even stop conversing in public because of their low confidence.
Now, you don’t have to be a reserve and hold yourself. Here are the 11 effective ways to learn and achieve fluency in English to help you:

  1. Understand there is no magic

If you want to learn and achieve fluency in English, it is important that you must understand that there is no magic. It means that there are no super effective or secret ways for learning and speaking English with fluency. There are no sure-fire ways that can assure you to get fluency very fast. It is true that there are a few different methods and some of them are very effective, but there is no surety that these methods will appeal to everyone.
Some people can do well with memorizing. On the other hand, some people hate remembering. Some people can easily pick up from an informal conversation. On the contrary, some people prefer a bit more structured and organized method.
However, achieving fluency in any language or English is a long term process. If you find someone saying that they have a secret method for getting fluency instantly, don’t trust them. They are only making a fool of you for making some money.

  1. Practice speaking English regularly

The best way to learn and achieve fluency in English is just to practice speaking regularly. It hardly matters whether you know only a few words or you are fluent in speaking a language. Conversing with another person is the most effective and fastest method of improving your skills.
Don’t just wait for talking in English when you feel more comfortable in speaking. Most likely you won’t reach that level for the time being. It is important that you must push yourself to come out of your comfort zone and start conversing in English. Soon you will be surprised to see how quickly you have improved your language skills.

  1. Find a native speaker as conversation partner

You can also try being friend with a native English speaker. You can look for a person who is willing to give an opportunity to converse with him in English. You can take it as a language exchange. You can spend some time with them speaking in English as well as spend a few minutes speaking your native language with your friend. There must be some people who are interested in learning your native language. You can ask for some help from online professional Help to finding a conversation partner.

  1. Include it in your daily life

Instead of studying English, it is more important that you have a frequent contact with this language. Rather than spending one hour once in a week, use English for only ten minutes every day. Even if the place you live is not an English speaking country, there are a lot of ways to get the fluency and learning English. Here are a few suggestions that will help you in including English into your everyday life.

  • Read news in English instead of reading news in your native language.
  • Listen to English while you are going to work.
  • Listen to podcasts in English.
  • Read articles in English.
  • Watch videos in English.
  • Practice thinking in English while you are doing something like exercise or your housework.
  1. Balance each area of learning

Another effective way to learn English is to balance each area of learning. The different areas of learning are:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Many people just focus on working on one or two areas which are not correct because this makes them weak in other areas. You must try giving one day to study each area in a week to balance all areas and to get overall accuracy.

  1. Read, listen and watch in many different contexts

As mentioned before there are different methods of learning English. Among them, reading, listening and watching are considered as the most efficient ways. However, these methods also need to be used in different contexts. If you are watching only news and news programs for polishing your English skills, then you will be able to learn and understand the complete formal style. In that case, you won’t be able to understand a typical conversation taking place between two native speakers because this conversation often filled with slang and idioms.
On the other side, if you are listening songs and watching only movies for learning this language then you may not be able to write more academic articles. If you are using English only for work, then you will find difficulties in talking about other topics because you don’t know that kind of vocabulary. You must make sure to learn English in more diversified ways.

  1. Think English

One of the biggest keys to achieving fluency in English is thinking in English. You must be wondering how one could think in English. If you want to use this method, then you have to learn it. You need to follow a process to learn this skill. Here is the step by step process –

  • Firstly, start to think of a single English word
  • Then, moving ahead to think in English sentences
  • Finally, imagine a story or complete conversation in your head

This is also one of the effective methods of practicing English. No one will know even if you make any mistake. At the same time, you can practice thinking in English without textbooks anywhere and anytime. The earlier you adapt this habit, the easier will become for you in speaking fast.

  1. Be creative say things with different words

The two biggest hindrances in achieving fluency in speaking English are hesitation or pause and lack of vocabulary. The reason behind this is you have an idea, but you don’t get the exact word to express it in English. This can be annoying.
If you don’t get particular words to express something while conversing with someone.  Try looking for alternative words or ways to show it. Be creative it will help you in getting fluency, even native speakers use different words to express various things.

  1. Try talking to yourself

You should practice talking to yourself. This is a great way to learn and achieve the fluency. It will also help you in building your confidence. You won’t feel any pressure to be perfect in this scenario and no one else will find out about your mistakes.
You can find it a little silly but always remember that you can do it. You can do it when nobody is there to listen what you talk.

  1. Don’t be afraid of mistakes

For English learner, mental block is also an obstacle in their ways. They are afraid or making mistakes embarrass or being nervous because they don’t have fluency. Don’t think too much. Don’t worry about making mistakes because mistakes help you in being perfect. Don’t just stop talking because you are not so fluent always keep in mind that communicating is much important than being perfect.

  1. Don’t give up

The best way to learn English and achieve fluency is your determination. If you are not getting it correct, even after trying for several times, don’t give up. Always remember that you can do it sooner or later you will get what you desired.
One of the important things is never stop learning. If you stop learning, then there is no way to achieve what you desired. The bottom line is always to be determining for getting what you are aiming at. After learning English, you will also get to know 10 ways to headstart with excellent essay writing. This will be a great help for succeeding in your academic life.