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Is Your Child Doing His/Her Homework in the Right Manner? Find Out

by Feb 7, 2017Homework Help

Most of the students consider assignments or homework as a burden. It causes frustration in their life. One of the main reasonsfor this frustration is alack of appreciation. Although they are working hard to complete their task but it is either unfulfilling teacher’s expectation or student is still unrecognized in his/her class.

Causes of failure in completing homework in the right manner

  1. Lack of attentiveness in the class –

Homework is actually the repetition of what you have learned in the class but the perception is, it is the repetition of what mention in thebook. Students who are not attentive in class cannot add some extra points in their homework. So their homework is ajust repetition of words mentioned in the book.

  1. Lack of confidence –

Parents are the first who has very important role in child’s homework completion. If apparent is not playing their part of therole, children will lose his/her confidence.

  1. Lack of appreciation –

As child’s homework is not different from what is mentioned in the book, he/she will not be recognized in front of theteacher. It causes frustration in the child. They remain anaverage student in the class.

  1. Poor writing style –

Spacing in aparagraph, proper punctuation, good handwriting etc. are some good practice. It creates a good impact in the mind of thereader. They feel more motivated to read the whole article and help them to understand the article. It results in afurther good impact of the student’s homework skill in reader’s mind.

  1. Lower grade –

As thereader is not interested in the homework assignment of the student may be because of poor writing skill or lack of extra information mentioned in the homework assignment. He will give anaverage score to the student. It may lead to degradation of the grades of the student.

  1. Lack of schedule maintenance –

Parents should maintain a proper routine to help their child to complete the homework. A child needs to learn time management so that he/she can follow their passion and complete their study as well.

  1. Lack of parent’s innovativeness –

Parents should know how to turn boring homework to an innovative personal goal achievement. A parent should relate the homework completion with child’s personal goal. If they cannot perform their work properly, it will result into damaged foundation of completing homework task in the life of their child.

  1. Feeling homework as burden –

It is an important duty of theparent to understand the real meaning of homework. They are the first person to interact with the child in the task of completing homework. If they feel it as a burden, then thechild will also treat it as aburden.

It is an act which helps you to understand the course, motivate you to research more about the topic and help in thecompletion ofsyllabus in due date otherwise you will be in havoc situation. Making child understands whole syllabus just before exam date is a very difficult task.

How to make your child learn theproper way to complete the homework?

  1. Understanding the need of homework by the parent –

To make your child understand the meaning of homework, apparent needs to understand it first. Why is it important? Why is it given to the child? What is the hidden reason of giving specific topic as homework to child? These are some basic question which parents should know before helping their child in homework.

  1. Gather more information about the topic –

Proper knowledge helps theparent to deliver more knowledge to child. You can add it in their homework. Also, try to makechild understand why they should be attentive in class. Add extra point deliver in class by teacher. It will help the child to understand importance of attending lecture

  1. Homework help –

Try contacting homework help once in a while. It will help your child to understand the writing skill required to perform homework.

  1. The importance of time management –

It is an important part of everybody’s life. If parent maintains time management, it will be easy to make achild learn it. It wills help child to follow his/her passion and manage study as well. The child will feel more relaxed. It will help to control child’s mental pressure.

  1. Early starter –

Make your child an early starter while completing homework task. It will also help him to start his study as soon as possible so he can complete syllabus in time and load of study will be less in last moment.

  1. Try to eradicate the distractions –

When achild is completing homework task, try to tell him to eradicate any sort of distraction. It will help him/her to increase concentration and he/she will have complete focus ontask given.

  1. Don’t copy –

although student feelsbored to complete homework or due to some reason, there is a shortage in time because of which he/she cannot complete homework in due time. You should not copy it from another student. It is a bad habit.

  1. Interaction with proper study group –

Your study group impacts a lot in your studies. Students who score more is not necessary to be a good study group. So try to interact with asincere study group. They will help you to complete your homework task in time.

  1. Re-reading –

Re-reading habit or revising things is very good. If you are done with your homework, read it again. It will help you to improve your work.