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Mathematics commonly known as maths is a part of academics which includes number, symbol and their relation with respect to time and space. Like the two side of thecoin, students have two perspectives about it. Either they like it or otherwise, they hate it.

Reason of considering maths as a tough subject to deal with

  1. Orientation and teaching style of teacher –

Many times it happens that teacher completes his/her syllabus. He didn’t even care about thestudent. They also assume that student knows about it beforehand. It causes aproblem for thestudent while understanding and solving problems. If teacher keeps on telling another student, how dumb the student is. It further worsens the situation.

  1. Habit of mugging up things –

In order to get good marks, thestudent has ahabit of mugging their subject answers. They don’t want to know the basic of the subject. This trick doesn’t work in case of mathematics.

  1. Inability to remember –

For solving complex problems, students need to remember some formulae. What formulae to apply when is the basis for solving the problem. But some students are not able to segregate it. It happens because they do not know the basic of formulae.

  1. Lack of knowledge of practical implementation –

As astudent, it is not possible for you to know the practical implementation of subject. This arises because teachers did not pay attention to mention it in their class. But when they grow up, they knew about it and by the time they start hating maths.

  1. More importance to answer –

In exams, if ateacherpays more attention to answer rather than the methods students have chosen, then chances are there that they will get less marks. If astudentfails to get right answer and marks are given on that basis, it may create a situation in which student feel like why he/she is not getting theright answer and they start hating it.

  1. Helpless situation –

Students always feel ashamed to ask another student method to solve problem. They feel inferior from another student as they can solve it and he cannot, so he/she stays dumb in their class.

  1. Start disliking the subject –

As astudent is not getting any help from both teacher and other fellow classmates, they start feeling frustrated and start acting like they hate math to hide this frustration.

  1. Parent’s not involving nature –

Parent treats homework as a burden. They are the first person from whom child learn. If they treat homework as aburden so thechild will. Maths is a subject which requires practice. Child’s nature of not performing homework will hamper practice.

How to tackle the situation?

Parentsneedto make thechild understand sole purpose of homework and why they should complete it on thedue date. They should make routine and help thechild maintain a good time management. They need to understand the topic first to make their child understand the homework.

They should make notes and try to give live example while teaching their child. They can take help from online homework help group. They can also appoint atutor for your child. it will be beneficial for your child as you will get one tutor for one student not like the environment of theschool where one teacher handles many students.The tutor will help thestudent to score maximum number in the class. They will guide student regarding method and formulae usage. There are few more reasons which are discussed below. Let’s check them out.

  1. Change in teaching style –

Teachers should keep in mind that all students are not of thesame IQ. Some students perform their homework and study beforehand and other are not so sincere. The teacher should teach astudent in such a way that even dumb student can understand it.

They should give permission to the student to ask aquestion in the class. They should be very attentive in the class and should avoid usage of the wrong method for finding a solution. A student may follow it and write the wrong answer in the exam.

  1. More concentration on method rather than on answer –

Teachers should give thenumber to the student in exam based on method student is following. This will create a relief situation for the student. Now he need not worried about theanswer. He will feel less dumb in the class as he/she knows the method to solve the problem.

  1. An example of formulae to be used in which type of problem –

If thestudentknows which formulae to be used in which problem, he/she can easily solve thecomplex question. By solving thecomplex question, thestudent will feel motivated and will feel less frustrated. It is only possible if theteachermakes astudent learn the formulae by showing aproper example of usage.

  1. Practice –

Teacher should give proper quantity and quality of questions for practice. Maths is a subject of practice. If student practice more, it is sure they can understand the problem and chances of solving the problems in a right way become easier.

  1. Can do it attitude –

Student should maintain a positive attitude towards maths and problems given by the teacher. It will help them overcome their fear of failure. So the hate thing may change to like thing.

  1. Remove afraid –

If you are afraid of something then it is better that you should face it right away to avoid your fear. Both parent and teachers should work hard to remove the phobia. They should interact and give innovative way to student to make him/her understand meaning of maths.

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