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Homework Help – a Blessing to the Students after All

By Phillip L'Hoette
7 Feb, 2017

Homework is important in student’s life or not?

It is a debatable topic.


  1. It helps thestudent to revise the task they have studied in school. Practice makes a man perfect, so as many times they will repeat the topic, they will understand the topic in a better way. Here I want to quote my personal experience. In my school life, theteacher used to assign homework. At that time, it was like aburden to me. But when I repeat the same concept of writing down my notes once again during my college life. It helps me a lot to increase my retention power.
  2. Attentiveness in the class increases as they have to do homework on the basis of their school class task.
  3. With proper help, understanding of the students for any topic will also increase. As they search for the topic more and more, they will gather more information about the topic.


  1. The student does have to spend considerable about of time to complete their homework.
  2. They may lack concentration in the school time because of the time they have to spend each night.
  3. It may affect the efficiency of the student.
  4. The student will not be able to pursue their passion.
  5. A student may get frustrated. According to the survey, more than 50 percent of student get frustrated because of heavy load of homework
  6. Homework should cover the part completed in school task. But many teachers want to complete their syllabus early. They give homework from that part of thesyllabus which is yet not covered in the class. It may affect student’s understanding level.

Does a helping hand make thestudent more perfect?

Involvement is an important part of student’s development. The first step of involvement is done by parents. Sometimes they need to give some incentives like chocolate or ice-cream or any other favoritedish; liked by their child and sometimes they have to treat the child. They need to keep the child under surveillance to understand their problem faced by their child while completing their homework.

Involvement of parent in child’s life helps a lot to increase their concentration and focus. They can develop a routine for homework. It helps a child to arrange time schedule in their life. It will help them to follow their passion and complete their studies as well, so they will feel less frustrated. They need to create the situation like that child is doing their homework by themselves. It will boost their confidence. Parents should think of aninnovative way to change the boring homework task into aninteractive way to follow their passion.

How online homework helps a student

It provides proper guidance to both parent and student regarding theproper way to do child homework.Lack of knowledge regarding the topic of homework is also a reason; parents refer to help from homework assignment sites. Students also refer to these sites for completing the homework and assignment. During my college days, many of my college friends used to refer to these sites to complete their projects. It helps a lot to find good codes for computer programming.

Students also refer to these sites when they lack time. It helps them to complete their homework in time despite any hazardous situation. So it helps to avoid any harm to your studies. I want to mention one such case happen to me during my college days. Suddenly one day my mother got admitted in the hospital. I have to rush to the hospital and I didn’t get time to complete my homework which was very important for my project work. My friend had mentioned to me about the site for homework help. I contacted them. They had provided me the assignment on time and save my day.

These helps in homework and assignment are provided by good tutors who have done Ph.D. and masters in their respective courses. So they have more knowledge and their way of writing the homework will be more precise. Students should refer once or twice to these sites to learn the way of writing and try to adapt themselves to write every question asked by teachers. It will help them to earn good marks in their examination

These sites also provide online tutoring to the students. You can select your tutor. There are many Ph.D. and Master Degree holders who will tutor you regarding the topic. It is helpful for both students and parents who still help their child in their studies. It will give them abetter understanding of the topic apart from the school studies. They can gather more and better knowledge about the topic.

Cons of using online homework help

  • The student will try to avoid doing their homework by contacting these sites on regular basis and parents will not be able to know about this.
  • Their ability to do their homework on time will hamper.
  • Their grades will be down
  • There will be no proper understanding of the topic. They will just note down the notes from theinternet. They will stop using their brain to complete their homework. This will hamper their retention power. They will be just like amachine.
  • They always require help from other to complete their task given as homework or assignment.

So with aproper understanding of the motive of these online homework help sites, students can achieve abetter understanding of the topic and get good grades in their examination.

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