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Is Homework Necessary for High School Students?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

High school is the best. Once you get out of it, it’s all about combating real world troubles. Life becomes scary, dreadful and monotonous. The carefree times you shared with your friends, the pranks you enacted and the memories you cherished during those times will never come back to you. However, high school is scary in itself. It mostly passes by as you try to get your grades up and apply to college and dread the answer letters coming back from those colleges. It also involves partaking in extracurricular activities and writing excellent application essays just to get accepted into one of those colleges of your dream.
One of the aspects of this high school which keeps lurking behind the curtain like a monster is homework. The tedious, boring, time consuming g homework just adds to the pressure and dampens your spirit and your happiness and refrains you form living it up. With the applications, homework and extra-curricular activities on your list, you rarely have any time left to hang out with your friends or even have any time for yourself for that matter. Thus, the question how necessary is it for high school students to delve into homework.
The argument: how necessary is homework for high schools students?
Many teachers and even parents have wondered is it really necessary for students to do homework, especially high school students. They have pored through the facts and have seen that the schedule of high school students is extremely busy. They are already under pressure. When I was in high school, I had to attend classes, stay back for soccer practice, go back home immediately to write my college essay and also focus on my homework too. At the end of the day, it used to be really exhausting and rarely left behind any time to concentrate on other stuff.  Thus, why do teachers still assign high school students homework, in spite of knowing all these?
‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’
Why is it a necessary evil?
Many teachers consider homework to be a necessary evil, even for high school students. Why? They don’t need to be disciplined; they already have learnt enough about it. They have good work ethics, and they know how to study and when to study. Plus, they have enough burdens to deal with. So why not just stop assigning homework?  Well, here’s why:
Assigning homework helps the students keep practicing what they have learnt through the entire high school year and help cope with the college syllabus, irrespective of whichever subject they choose. It allows them to be in constant touch with the subject, and thus, do not forget about it. Moreover, the more they practice; they can understand the things better and can put in much less effort when in college. The more you practice; the better would be your retentive power.
Problem solving 
Homework allows the students to solve their own issues on their own. It makes them acquire the unique skill of problem solving which helps them immensely in college because of the various challenges college life poses. Moreover, it makes them more organized as well as it allows them to learn how to prioritize in life. This particular life skill is especially required in college. You need to prioritize to survive college. Like, for example, ifyou have a class test and an assignment to complete and there’s a party going on in the next dorm room which you are invited to, which one would you choose? Doing homework helps you to ascertain that.
‘Being organized is being in control’
When you sit down to do your homework, you acquire a monumental amount of information. You review your class notes and what has been taught in class and filter all the information. This is particularly helpful because when you sit down to write an essay for your college application, you have a truckload of information which has gathered over the years in your brain which you can put to good sue. Thus, your essay becomes more informative, well researched and concise and has better chances of getting selected.
Why is it not necessary?
While certainly there are some benefits of getting homework, which support the cause of it being a necessity to be assigned to the students, there are, however, certain ill effects as well. Homework causes a lot of dissension in various households, and right before leaving for college, that is not something any student would want. Other than that, there are other cons of assigning homework in high school, when there is so much to do in so little a time. Listed below are some of those ill effects.
Piles up
It is a no brainer that when a student has so much to concentrate on, the homework is bound to pile up on the table and gather dust until the last minute. Plus, the amount of homework assigned is so much that a student really doesn’t feel like doing it, especially when they should be enjoying high school. After such a busy day, it is really difficult and exhausting to sort through the entire pile and thus it rarely sees the light of the day, until you get penalized.
Stresses out students
With so much of activities and task on their hand, homework just adds extra amount of pressure. It stresses out the students as they fear being penalized in the last year of school and thus, try really hard to escape it. Moreover the amount assigned really burdens the students as it keeps piling up. Thus, it really stresses out the students.
Doesn’t cater
It is no new news that homework exactly doesn’t cater to the needs of each and every student. It is more of a generalized version that is given to all. In the last few years of high school, this is a practice that should be stopped. Almost every student knows what they are going to pursue in college. Thus, homework should be made optional for students, only being applicable for those who want to pursue those subjects or are extremely weak in it.
Homework is neither bad nor is it too good to high schoolstudents. When moderately exercised, it can help the students out but in excess it just dampens their spirit. Thus, homework can be assigned to high school students only moderately and not ruin their last few years in school.