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How to Motivate Adult Students to Do Homework?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Homework is viewed as an enemy not only by kids but also by adults. Homework is an idea that no one likes and no one would want to entrain. It’s like one of those uninvited guests at a party who always like to stir up some trouble. Moreover, for adults, they take a backseat as they have other better things to concentrate on like a social life, future career, etc. Plus it is so time consuming that it rarely leaves behind any amount of time to focus on other aspects of a college life.
For adult students, it is mainly the college life that they are interested in. they go to college with a certain amount of expectations. They dream about partying all the time, going out and eating out often, hanging around and having fun in the dorms and studying right before their semester exams and scoring some dates while in college.
But one thing studentsrarely take into account is the amount of assignments the professors assign and the time it would take to complete all those.  Thus, homework is blatantly ignored and many don’t even bother to complete them and it reflects well on their grades.
How to motivate?
Adult students need the most amount of motivation to do homework in college. Primarily because they are so disconnected with whatever happens in the classroom. Because they step into a new world, young adults want to experience everything at once. Thus, the first few months all they do is have fun.
The assignments given the professors rarely see the light of the day and thus, their grades suffer. Also, because of their active social life and other interests they would rather not waste time upon it. Also, since they are away from parental supervision they can do anything they like, even be lazy. Thus, they need to most amount of motivation.
‘Stop wishing. Start doing’
But how can you motivate such adults who do not have interests in it? You simply change the homework into something else and make them appealing! Here’s how:
Take on their interests
One of the best ways to entice the attention of the adult students when it comes to homework is to deal with the things they are interested in. Calling it homework will simply drive away the students as they are wary of the term. Find out what the students are interested in. conduct polls about who likes what.  Like for example, if majority of the students are interested in sports, link their homework with sports which will make them more enthusiastic about completing these assignments.
Use current technology
Adults are completely addicted to new tech and anything related to it. Create groups online and integrate it with other study websites to help them learn. You can even ask them to submit the assignments by mailing, instead of writing it down. Use new teaching methods like ask them to make a presentation on the current book that you have thought, about the characters and tell them that they can use even animation, if they know about it. This grabs their interest and also helps them focus better.
Organize activities
Group activities sis one of the best ways to learn. Create such activities which make the studentsconduct some background research on their own and compare results and share dies. This is a creative way to complete an assignment as the workload is divided and is fun as well since more people can come up with different ideas. It is also a better way to learn any topic and it stays with them much longer.
Study partner
Assigning a study partner to each student also helps them to stay motivated. They check each other and help each to complete the assignments on time. Plus, it gives them a better perspective of what they have to complete and what not and helps them to stay organized better. It also helps them to sort out their own problems as the other one will help explain any portion; the other has a problem with. In this way, they will never miss out on the deadline as they will remind each other the things they have to achieve.
Short study sessions
It is important that the homework assigned is restricted to short study sessions. Students are going to be easily bored or even lose focus fi it involves long hours. Plus, they will get impatient as they have their social life waiting for them.  Also, long hours of study or doing homework really don’t benefit anyone as has been proved by researchers. When I was in college, it is because i had to devote a monumental amount of time is what kept me away from assignments. Also, do not assign a number of tasks at one go. It becomes a pressure situation for the students then.
One thing everyone warms up to, whether it is a kid or an adult is the expectation of rewards. Arrange for a reward system. Reward them with small trophies or with small things like if someone does the best work, give them a day off from assignments and such other things. Everybody loves rewards and this will surely motivate the adult students to complete their homework.
However, it is imperative to note that students lose their focus quite often. Students need to ensure that they remain dedicated to their students no matter how much fun they are having outside the classroom. To complete their homework successfully, even they need to establish a system that helps them combat such situations and focus on their work for just a few hours.
This can be done by locking up yourself in your dorm room and switching g off all sorts of distractions, especially your phone. If you do not sort through that pile of assignments now, then at the end of the year your grades will suffer the most, and successively, so will your career.
Thus, to save your career, you need to focus on your priorities and complete your assignment on time. You can even opt for help if you want to.  Remember,
‘Reward follows work’