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Why Do Teachers Give Homework over Weekends?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Homework is very important for students as it will serve different educational needs. It forms themain basis of discipline on intellectual part along with establishing the study habits. It will help children to remind the entire syllabus covered in the class. It also helps in developing student independence and initiative which brings responsibility to him or her to carry out the homework assignment.
It is better for students to have their homework over weekends as it will help them to cover extra apart from their class syllabus. Apart from that, during weekends students are having more time in completing the work nicely as they don’t have to rush school on holidays. Homework helps in increasing achievement in academics where students are doing the assignments with full research and trying to make the assignment more informative and brief.
What does Homework include?
Homework will not only cover copy work but it will cover different projects along with term papers that will help students in coming term.Homework includes

  • Preparation part

Homework helps the students in preparation part as it will recall all the work nicely done in the class. They will understand the topic more nicely when he will sit and completes the assignment on such topics done in the class. This way homework helps to prepare the matter in an easy way.

  • Practice part

Homework will help the students in their practice part as there are some special subjects where numerical are involved.  Students will learn the method nicely if they do thepractice of the sums at home properly which are solved in the class.

  • Learning part

Homework will helps the students in learning part as homework involves projects and long term assignments which will help them in the field of learning new things which they will do while completing their assignments.
Advantages of having Homework on weekends
There are many advantages of having homework on weekends; it will cover

  1. Promotes learning

Homework promotes learning as students are engaged in doing the assignments independently which helps then to revise each and every small thing in the best manner while spending more time in doing the assignment. Along with that they will recall the topics of every subject nicely which are done from Monday to Friday.

  1. Revisions of Concept-

Teachers give homework on theweekend in order to know how well students have understood the concept of the topic. If the assignments are completed nicely by following same methods and procedures done in class, then it indicates that students have understood the topic nicely. But on another side, if he fails to follow the steps, then it indicates that he or she was not attentive in class.

  1. Involves initiative by students

Homework involves initiative by students; they will study with interest if they are allotted with regular assignments from the teachers. On the other side, it develops responsibility in them, as they know they have to submit the assignment on time, so they himself responsible for completing the work in assigned time.

  1. Time management-

Homework helps to develop time management in students. They manage their time in abetter way by allotting different time schedule for homework, play and other activities they wish to do in their free time.

  1. Creates self –discipline-

Homework creates self-discipline among students as they are keen in completing the assigned assignment on time and submits soon to class teachers before the deadline.  Students are loyal while completing their task as they don’t want to miss the deadline for submission.

  1. Keeps busy

Homework keeps busy to students where they don’t get any extra time for playing and watching TV. It will help them to understand the matter nicely as assignments allotted by the class teachers will cover minor things on atopic which will help the students to understand the basics of the topic.

  1. Research skills-

Homework involves Science and Maths projects which some research needs work while completing the task. These projects will help to develop research skills where students will search the best matter in order to make project informative. This will help them to achieve ahigher grade in theproject.

  1. Develops aroutine

Homework develops routine among students, after their school hours they know how to manage their time during weekends and try to complete those work which are not to be done during weekends. This way they will concentrate on important subjects during theweekend in which they think they need more time rather than moving for those subjects which take less time.
Thus, you can see above the major points which help your child to develop in those areas in which he is weak. In other words, we can say that homework over weekends is thebest option provided by the teachers for their students which help your child to learn many skills which they don’t get from anywhere. They will learn so many different things while completing their work on time. With that, they will also manage their time in abetter way where they can concentrate on other work.
Today is thecompetitiveworld; everything depends on the internet there are some students in this world who don’t want to do their homework as they think they will learn from online mode. They also think that there should be some kind of app which will do their entire task. But now the next question is what the best homework help app is? For this question, students have to search many options in the internet where they will come across with such kind of app that will do their task in the best manner by taking short span of time.
Homework over weekends is one of the best techniques adopted by Teachers in this field of learning and development. If subject wise assignments are allotted to students every weekend. They will easily grasp the topic and learn minor things in atopic which are forms its basic for further chapters. If they understand the current topic nicely by doing homework, they will get more clear ideas for other chapters.